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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

School Covid Lessons

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School Covid Lessons
School Covid Lessons

Schools are learning and implementing more safety procedures into teachers and students' daily routine.

Our Allie martin has more.

During the press conference, state health officer dr. thomas dobbs gave an update on cases in schools.

He said the health department saw a rise is cases among teachers and students across the state last week.

There were 144 new teacher cases and 292 new student cases.

Almost four thousand mississippi students have been asked to self- quarantine.

Intro the superintendent of the tupelo public school district says it has been a productive first week back in class.

Wcbi's allie martin talked with the superintendent and a parent about the many changes in place in the wake of covid 19 082520-pkg julie gibens has two daughters at tupelo high school.

Both opted for in person classes.

Gibens believes her daughters and other students are safe at school.

"at home,they come home, go to friends house, football, baseball practice, not that that's a bad thing, kids have to get out and have their life, but they're more social distanced at school than they are at home."

Tpsd superintendent dr rob picou says that is just one of the many safeguards put in place as the new school year began.

"all of our students are following issue of masking, don't have a problem with that, hand sanitizing stations, throughout our schools, frequent cleaning of high touch areas."

The district also offers the option of distance or in person learning.

Some high school students are able to mix both options.

Textbooks have also been provided for distance learners.

The district will report its covid data weekly.

So far, 18 students have tested positive, and 197 are quarantined.

One of gibens' daughters is quarantined for two weeks, and is doing all her work at home through the 14 day period.

"to think that quarantining and positive cases are equivalent is a misunderstanding, my daughter is quarantined, she is not positive, was exposed, she's at home, has not had any symptoms, nor has she been tested positive, just an aggressive measure the school is taking."

Doctor picou says contact tracing has shown that none of the positive cases came from the classroom.

"if there's a positive case and we know about the positive case, we go back and figure out which students were in close contact with that positive case,to the best of my knowledge all of the cases we have been aware of have been from community spread, hasn't been contracted in the school, that's our goal."

Standup close doctor picou gives a lot of credit to teachers for being flexible and able to adapt to new policies and safeguards.

He says those policies, safeguards and procedures are being reviewed as part of an ongoing process he calls continuous corrective analysis, with the goal of keeping school open the rest of the year.

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