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Sunday, May 22, 2022

L&H segment 1

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L&H segment 1
L&H segment 1
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C1 3 lee cruse >> well hello everybody welcome to the lead haley show brought you by the kentucky lottery lee cruise along with haley harmon pertaining ... we are rocking and rolling had a adventure earlier today walmart ... explained that in a few days it's one of our favorite things to do ... you will me to explain and ... it is raining ran artistically but i ... i will show you some jones on mckenna ... bridget and what he ... yeah it would enjoy what i did walmart who i met then my job america's new hot couple ... right there there there they are is whether say that is my favorite gal is ... as i was just some rain rain and work over and all that ... woman getting ... renewed is not for you help me with the card ... the is dreaming of wanting to b your friend when you say it like that take a picture of a cardboard cut your really make me feel lonely ... cardboard form ... he watched anyone wanting to mail out to 300 ... okay so today on the show ... it's thursday thursday will celebrate with a blind taste test ... of different beverage ... store and drinks ... okay ... on ... religious shots ... hi guys now.

The law enforcement now they didn't think i was the ... minute they didn't you ... do you want to help ... the show years will meet in ... why that didn't seem fruitful t me i'm at in no you just said you had a problem details out was solved the problem ... is anymore called around this week a lot ... starting 2020 school year with your ... so maybe that is an avid your home are to show you ... all of that is that they can share from our meeting at charlotte and ... when ... i care for this exercise becaus mine was the only one in black and white ... 70 every state these ... for no ... humor before it was ... 70 know it was the 70s it was really only this morning near ... a decade of you might as well say the 70s just like the photo you might josi was taken in the night ... 80 cleanup is a 98 was born in the 90 you might okay something same thing in her it's not fast but it's furious haley i hop in the car for another driving site and to ... any okay orange on the ... the story jill made me feel really bad ones ... i was listening to a cow has moments of joe mccue said ... seattle ... in my great-aunt know a tv morning he was like that out and about and he goes out what you know everybody knew me i was doing great and i decided is this all about is this all i am so i just went for it ... and made it ... here i am and i just i was like as he was he was like i was getting ready to turn 30 and i'm here in this one 40 that i might not show you just slaughtered me body ... man what a loser i will write o account like ... a dedicated father says to really get into community ... when actually ... doing all of you what was the show's community parks and rec in the office very rock 30 rock you all and it was just a reall good i don't want you to know okay but lovejoy ... one thing here is a not fully respect yourself ... in when you did the disney quest with bailey yes ... i fear dancing nanny ... mouse disney found what ... i watch 70s down and provide a review but you return to watch ... off that you do that is that a videotape machine what you do ... when you're looking for an alternative ... with you no one called it a videotape machine you are from seven ... the relic followed him historical society ... enjoy that a good team of engineers at a new record for data transmission over the internet ... fast enough to download everything on netflix and one second now to be enough content to get you through if you quarantines the university college of london team reach th rate of 178 tb us at the fifth faster than the world record se in april by a japanese tea london-based team notes demand from broad bank mitigation services has soared the beginning of stupid pandemic ... saying some operators have seen a 60% increase internet traffic fan testing that some downloadable's been right there i can watch all your stupid show ... why disney plus ... well me give you ... what you can watch the right while you disney plus login that way you can watch all the disney princess movies are ... they were in crime together now is were pirating things ... you're not supposed to do this much less talk about it ... no were not ... you watch the enjoy i saw them they did the other day with what's his name is not jim it's was the goofy looking real names rain wilson like the lighting in ... the kimberly angela ... now camilla guilfoyle is where he is speaking she was way over the top for a there's no edits i don't know why she was doing there was no reaction because it was a virtual pounding the desk in was like okay well as a i an uncomfortable i may out and vision for she was on at the fox are not the five or whatever was she was on the and in you so she knows this is sort of an intimate platform ... that you television small and the ... blow it up like you're in a and arena last booklet screaming right ... we anyway ... researchers identify possibly ... old university warwick ... monomer ... machine learning a machine learning ... all the potential candidate ... there i ... orbit around other stars ... ... live in her ... astronomers a real ... treatment would he make ... hold on a big fan fan comes in the mail every month it's a monthly is a real page turner i'll make another xo planet ... here and there there she was hearing ... i am ... what you thinking know as you is your computer slowing down due to those zillions of tabs you got open you're not alone in our google's got your back so the company is rolling out and up date to its chrome browser it says will make tabs load percen faster not only that you also be able to organize them into groups and expanding collapse several tabs once earlier this week google announced it's also adding the ability to see a preview thumbnail of the page by hovering over the tap just don't hold your breath waiting it's going to take several weeks for these features to rollout ... to everyone ... just ask ... you if you ... disney start closing our closin and locking out ... only two or three really like ... in and ... i am just remembering is ... not yet spoke to they they stop making those i think though drink you now is a i first is life after you die go get tab it was actually in i was a cola and women loved it or at least that's what they try yeah i never drank one does it look nasty to me but when i was a little kid that's what they wer selling you know when you'd be pretty and skinny if you drag a tab and man ... cold drinks like tab maybe that's part of our blind quiz music as a tab tab i know ... is the ... i just had ... a panic attack because ... i don't remember if i paid my tablets might ... we and well but not my fault that was the clerical error but last night i think our attorney paid ... in pretty sure he ... i am so sorry if i've walked ou of the bill i know i'm sure will yell at me and told me i can say no need to anybody i i have service over to you so i'm just telling you what you are you a call sharon feeling how the: is there idea the ring in okay are in is part of the play no one wants to touch them from a japanese airline may have a hands-free solution ... all nippon airways ... the ana are testing a door that i can open with the help low or so works simply press the flat handle and the door opens and were incited from similar locking organism means what the entire experience is hands-free and hygienic ... okay i hope you use your elbow the prototype was conceptualize by japanese company janco i love that group because they brought all the hit out at the precursors not team, could be the primary ninth grade young people with peanut butter you the anyway so far is only available at the anas lounge at tokyo anita airport but if it's there but is popular and easy t use well he could be it could be a thing be more widespread your is used in a watch and wait ... repairs read like grant so closely before the shall ... need memory and she tell ... me one ... you know i've got other things to do ... one ... what you would ... no i got a real lori about ... would you letting me know you'r an owner you don't get joy that starting a funny to be called ... least drink budget ... what a privilege not ... i didn't pay over attorney did ... learn ... since he university in policy research ... the children are more messy level a smaller you know you wish you ... you cannot ... be common sense thing you need a just like plants need carbon the ... you don't have trees to grow very tall ... you don't see winchester's very i at the the end we can get closer to what the ... let that will legacy level is below sea level just yells that way ... when i night i ... you are skin your guessing what what now to do i'll say 300 hour really loves you and ... now i went ... i mean 997 feet i don't know that guy said that ... okay so you know this is price right i could you went over ... price is right ... right now i said i said the price is right ... price for ... there is nothing i don't know equivalent in american already ucl tall is a what would get of their so i am not ... normal natural ... 64 ... i say was when i hit the road for another driver ms. haley that's coming up next as we c1 3 i write so i used to be fat ... c1 3 --today on the show... it's thirsty thursday!

And we're celebrating with a blind taste test of different beverages.

-- and happy first week of school to all the fayette and surrounding county students this week!

-- today we're showing off some of your back to school photos from this year and years past.

-- if your picture is shown today, you have the chance to win a lee and hayley coffee mug --it's not fast, but it gets furious.

Lee and i hop in the car for another driving segment.

--and hot goss starring joel mchale as lee cruse.

Earlier today we were at walmart shooting a segment you'll see next for data transmission over the internet: lh courtesy flag:cnn / ucl/james tye lh l3:researchers can download all of netflix in 1 sec!

It's fast enough to download everything on netflix in one second.

That ought to be enough content to get you through a few quarantines.

The university college london team reached a rate of 178 terabits a second.

That's a fifth faster than the world record set in april by a japanese team.

The london-based team notes demand for broadband communication services has soared since the beginning of the pandemic-- saying some operators have seen a 60-percent increase internet traffic.

Using artificial intelligence, british researchers ideified possibly 50 new planetg:un / naa lh l3:researchers finomers and r scientisxamined old s of potential planet candidatest her any ase 50 exo- planets, which or than earth now that astronomers' findings were notices iety.

Is your computer slowing downoud now, flag:google / cnn lh l3:google browser it says will make tonly.

And expand and s's also adding the ability to hovering over its tab.

Just do going to take several weeks for thesehe part of the po one wants ppon airways co., ltd., andse airline tests hands-free bathrooms all nippon airways - rearthe door ot experience is hands-free and hygienic.

The p and is so far only t if it's poo use, it could become more wid smaller tt lowe to be smaller than those at lower altitudes, lh courtesy flag:cnn lh l3ings of a new study by tood policy research instesiding more believe it may bediet or diseaso cinna of cinnamon toast cruncds / cinnamon toast crunch in today's driving miss hayley, lee catches ues us up on his did his love of che playing that clip already... what'd you do last night?my life.


What'd you have for dinne bread, a little bit of muscle.

Ed, and lonely.

I'm tryi overhat you and i talked d viscus.

Atered all over my sleeve.

And i was like, shake it up first.

I did shake it.

Oh no, perfect.

Just perfect day.

And ted.


I, life is fantastic.


Lee told me,cially at the ase lost.

I've lost e i've be blds.

And because we all see him everyut yesterday you were like, oh my gosh, i sa cheese.


Let mel like lik lic that show, you kno.

Halew thup and legos look how fat i am i at the s thnoticr likill we think it's just a prinshots.

Itl you've lost 20 ponot small.

And she's a fa lot.

When people acknowledge w, if peoplep on solat ?


He waacker ba and they said something to the effect of, oh, you look so much smaller in person, you know?

And they think in their head, no, that's a compliment.


But yeah, they, people say that to me, viewers will say that.

They're like, oh my gosh, you're so much smaller.

Smaller people say that to me all the time.

You look so much smaller in person than you.

You know what they say?

The camera adds 200 pounds.

Well, you are a small person.

You're tall.

I think near you're a shockingly taller than me.

Oh yeah.

When i say smaller people mean like white wise, i think like a little petite person and you're, you're not yeah.

People don't.


The two i get people are like, wow, you're taller than i thought taller and thinner people think i look short and thicker.



No, that's me.

That's cheese boy.

Shortened here.

The clip is again in case the boys haven't already thrown it in there's something about melted jeans when you went it.

I don't know where it goes.

When you take a bite of something and the cheese is hot and melted, it goes inside of you spiritually.

I don't like it.

Doesn't just go down your windpipe.

No, not, but you don't want to ever go down and windpipe stop showing that.

It just feels jeez.

Jeez though, i still eat you.

I still love cheese, but you're stopping the bread.


So the other day, our photographer's baby, seth and adam, they stayed late on after work one night recently to film some stuff for the show with us.

So, but they worked a super long day.

So the next day i told them, i said, hey lee, and aren't gonna buy y'alls lunch today.

They were like, great.

So we bought them, joe ellis.

Well, i didn't think about it until we picked the food up and we're literally walking back into the station.

I was like, oh, i guess we should've asked no one bridget, if they wanted anything.

Well, we just didn't even think about it because we're doing it for adam and seth.

Cause they stayed late.

You're a horrible mother.

I true.

It's not like we were trying to leave them out.

But then it was even worse because joelle is, is literally noah's favorite restaurant.

And we got back and i started apologizing profusely and i goes, i heard you guys talking about it.

And i thought i could ask if they'll get with something.

But i thought no, stephan adam did stay late.

So they deserve it.

I don't know.

So you're about to do the same thing again though.

Adam and noah, adam and symphony thing.

I had to sit in my office.

I've told you guys, my office is directly across from seth adams. i had to listen to them and i'm not exaggerating.

Have a 10 minute discussion on where they were going to get lunch today.

Where are they going?

White castle.

But they went through a list of restaurants.

What sounded good on the menu?

What didn't sound that great today?

How they were feeling about lunch?

What the weather was?

Their pants size, their bra size, how their hair was, what shampooed it.

And then w what's it be one burger what's even in there for, and they're jolly just, just chit chat and chit chatting.

Then they're looking at the white castle menu online.

Like i'm like, why do you need to look at the menu?

You know what white castle has.


It's all good.

So i won't hinder it.

I go, this is the longest lunch conversation i've ever heard.

It's back to school time in the bluegrass and we want to see your back to school photos,--and we'll be giving away a lee and hayley coffee mug to one lucky viewer, next... hicks: we don't have enough members of congress who understand what it feels like to grow up poor.

Hicks: we don't have enough members of congress doesn't understand what it feels like to struggle to put food on the table doesn't understand what it feels like or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. and i know because i was working hard and still poor.

Or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. i didn't feel like somebody growing up.

Or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. and so i joined the military.

Or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. s at the police department.

I went to school all week long at morehead.

I got out of law school, and as it turned out, just having a law degree doesn't make you somebody.

We don't have enough folks in congress just having a law degree doesn't make you somebody.

Who know what that feels like.

And if they ever did know what that kind of stuff feels like, lord, they've been in washington, d.c., too long now, accepted too much of them corporate pac donations lord, they've been in washington, d.c., too long now, to either know or care what it means to the people to be struggling.

And i think we get some representatives like me in congress, and the folks who struggle and i think we get some representatives like me got somebody on the doggone floor shouting, and we're gonna do stuff that helps these people, my people.

That's what i hope to be able to do.

I'm josh hicks, and i approve this message.

C1 3 c1 3 wayne this year or in school an i so here's our crew you can see our guys he got no top left corner bridget horrible will adam and baby says there at the bottom right ... new school school ... guitar strap ... is that there of the backpack you ... rock one share even the ... election ... precious is only ... here to ... surfer dude, on the server do trip to jackson county cr well we ... the other i was alone seen there was only one i think yeah with it because the ... on the team is so senior night was lee cruise night ... nothing my dad still set down ... and blaming you well know that you see you are you doing a all our inventory in not now ... don't get the right really really never been a bob evans a our waitresses dress ... honestly first ... you is the official media as many as we shall your share ... you are injured when we leave ... oh online schooling their birthday card and ... grenade in our own have been a little home school on their.

Pictures like that show the different ages well for him via sarah smith harbison is the photo how date to the online kindergarten is going its face plant time i'm not getting up this address ... alastair ... be it is a lovely photo this is from school days of the past sellers as she sent us this photo lovely love that the ring that says early 70's late 60 yeah you i love that will count for the mothers and a photo of herself as a young and they are i the you cannot tell those two apart at that age a ... works.

She ... looked like under a great ... sheridan can you bed ... i see that but i mean imagine falling out of that bed ... does it mean ... yeah i just don't know if that' not all know that the embedded in would you rather me a ... she mind could be made easily or maybe they use some ... crawlspace or attic space i don't you just surmise it's a bed will be as most other people imagine what what what is about where you be in a locked kind of situation in never seen it before i don't believe are important to me rock ... she is i so beautiful and delilah susan is this picture o little lila grace and her ... favorite classmate ... here ... tammy and last but not least angela bird sent us this photo showing you can have style even with her mask all you have to do is just ... okay junior year starting right is thirsty thursday and we got special edition of our blindfolded taste test just for blind c1 3 the guy is so thirsty thursday to celebrate with another blind taste test this time is beverage producers bridget and brought beverage at no idea what in the ... the losers try to identify musi and ... thank you ... so you go first put on your library your way to make sure we don't knock over everything now bridget are we are it is everything the same old so i different drinks and she so it' okay for me to see what she's okay here we go here she go ... ready have a swig ... go ahead ... and sniff the noun down the going to go swish around and you say that is correct now that it is your correct all right i can drink on right next to ... the dog agreeable memorial to ... reach for ... be careful ... this is all what is this ... they get him on one ... i don't know what this is has long clippings ... but is that horrible ... metamucil ... i don't know what it is bridget what is this print from the nasty ... okay haley next ... now ... what is it what you doing over there ... have you guys ... what ... coffee ... no what is it along long long tea and that i don't know what you mean when shot the horrible i need to do the whole drain it very long tea ... what you got what is about let us know ... when you think anything if you left where are you going very ... all my numbers are not always c1 3 well you and i sort like a christmas thing for you all need be very careful ... is there anything ... we ... the ... that made me that they just like fireable but your choice from ... the religious who ... is this guy get a you tropical sweet smell to it ... i'm is going to be 010 at this is all i am horrible at this game this gap is that you are more swig ... fruity yes you are ... the a oh, and rick and aloe coconut i ... it's my coconut i don't know ho c1 3 write or be ... what is the magic elixir okay what ... she is out next long island and what is bridget from mommy but in an ... late ... main driver is the worst group and ... as new screwdriver ... the okay but what is his ... they were on six ... what we get from you ... it's got a strong odor smell like popcorn ... well ... i don't know what that is i have no clue smell popcorn and take like more here ... nylon is bridget ... mingled ... what you will know all the topics you want to think that ... is this for you like ... all in a to do this ... and here punishment punishment ... see ... c1 3 taste test, this time of drinks.

Our producers bought us a collection of a lot of different drinks, alcoholic and non- alcoholic.

And at the end, they're going to tell us the punishment for the loser.

I'll go first.

Lh l3:pineapple juice lh l3:prune juice lh l3:pineapple juice lh l3:prune juice c1 3 lh l3:bella thorne earns $1m on okay what is that so ... descriptions are ... way to me ... was an aide to the creator ... adult collaborative including riccardi ... norton launch of early ... or verified social media ... to share personal content and or think that is ... what only ... within 24 hours a day to record by earning ... more than ... once ... you currently $20 ... know what i don't understand though is some of these user ... when they screen grab on this content and then just put it out there for somebody to watch for free to keep just for only thing ... i know i'm interested in making some money ... there well i've got to take second submission okay i better think again you ... i had some electronic issues ... you yet but i bet i can rack up tens of dollars ... able to ... will and i will say there is a fellow who is very interested i my shoes ... now ali for your 80 is a miracle ... like ie need them for a job in ... abbott i'm not making on somebody sorry for my delay theaters have started the open backup for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic shut things down in march and my mai man tom cruise is now campaigning to get people back in the city in a video crews post on his twitter cruise goes to a screening in london of christopher nolan's tenant the whole time cruise is shown wearing a mask as the screening in's crew says going to be back in a movie theater everybody i loved cruises top gun sql top gun maverick was delayed twice due to the pandemic is now set to be released ... next july ... i'll miss the movie really ... , nearly not like you and a movie that at least once a week sometimes twice maybe three times ... me once every 39 ... you're missing ... .

I love popcorn the excitement all of any ...

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