An incredible ATM that dispenses pizza instead of cash

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An incredible ATM that dispenses pizza instead of cash

An incredible ATM that dispenses pizza instead of cash

We've almost all had the experience of getting money from an ATM that dispenses cash from our accounts.

But the latest development is an ATM type of machine that dispenses pizzas!

Customers insert their cards and make their selections as if withdrawing money from an account.

The machine allows a choice of 7-8 pizza topping combinations.

Within three minutes of placing an order, the pizza has been cooked, boxed and has popped out of the slot, piping hot and ready to eat.

You might think at first that this is some sort of compressed restaurant with a tiny kitchen and a pizza chef inside, but it seems to be a giant freezer with an assortment of frozen pizzas ready to heat and serve.

These customers had never even heard of such an invention and they were very intrigued.

The family had been scuba diving in Tobermory, Ontario and they were hungry and chilled from the cold water.

They were more than ready for a hot meal.

With such a large group of scuba divers invading the town for the Float n' Flag diving event know as the "Tobermory Takeover", the local restaurants were overwhelmed.

This pizza kiosk sprang up like a mirage for a thirsty desert wanderer.

The family eagerly popped in their credit card, punched a few buttons, waited three minutes and then had hot pizzas in their hands.

It turns out Pizza Forno hand makes their pizzas and delivers them to these machines.

The taste experience rivals that of any high end wood-fired pizza restaurant.

Available 24 hours a day in about a dozen locations, these pizzas can be cooked by the oven in the ATM or taken home frozen, to be cooked in your own oven.

With the convenience and high quality, it's no wonder that these machines are quickly springing up all over Ontario.

Originally a concept from France, these machines are a new thing for North America.

The company has plans to rapidly spread across Canada and USA.

The original plan was to assist people like truck drivers who struggled with finding proper food at odd hours in convenient locations.

And when Covid 19 hit, this concept solved several problems that other food providers were facing.

With minimal human touch and minimal exposure risk, these machines provide food and even cutlery in an extremely safe manner.

And without the costly real estate required to run a standard restaurant, these pizzas can be provided for less money.

If the idea of getting a pizza from an ATM seems strange to you now, it won't be that way for long!

One taste of these 12" taste sensations will bring you back for more.

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