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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Virtual learning is making teachers learn new things

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Virtual learning is making teachers learn new things
Virtual learning is making teachers learn new things
Teachers are adapting to the new virtual teaching style.

Is now including virtual learning.

But how do they manage this hybrid teaching schedule.

Wtva's chelsea brown is live in tupelo with to tell this means extra work teachers.

Here at milam junior high school, one 6th grade teacher is teaching math online.

I spoke with mrs. davis about how she set up her virtual classroom.

As smooth."

Pkg laketia davis- 6th grade teacher "i came in with an open mind because i knew that where there is a will there is a way."

Laketia davis is a 6th grade math teacher.

She teaches 148 virtual students with 40-50 students per class.

She teaches in a typical class room but with no desks .

It's just new technology and a dry erase board.

"i can see in the camera their facial expression who gets it and who doesn't that is the part that makes me miss it the most."

Davis uses webex for her class meetings.

She ran into a few technical difficulties.

Some students had problems accessing the online classes.

She and her students have learned the new technology together.

Davis likes webex because it allows her to talk to students one on one if they don't understand the classwork.

"i do it day by day because i want to walk them through it even though i am online."

Davis wants to keep the class work as traditional as possible and not rush into the next topic.

"our student find a way to help socialize during the lesson whether it is helping me or helping each other."

Webex users can chat with each other and help other classmates find the answers to the math problems. "with out the parents i don't think distance learning would go as smooth."

Mrs davis is grateful for the administrative staff at the school for helping her work though the new learning procedures and new technology.

Live in tupelo, chelsea brown, wtva 9 news today started

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