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Monday, January 24, 2022

Scotty Walden calling the shots at USM

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Scotty Walden calling the shots at USM
Scotty Walden calling the shots at USM

When Jay Hopson’s resignation as Southern Miss head football coach became official on Monday, Interim Head Coach Scotty Walden said he had less than half an hour to get his head right before he addressed the team for the first time.

- when jay hopson's resignation a- southern miss - head football coach became- official on monday... interim - head coach scotty walden said h- had less than a half hour,- to get his head right... before- he addressed the team, for the- first time.

- and it's been a whirlwind ever- since, for the 30-year old- walden -- the youngest division- i f-b-s head coach, in- america -- still less than 72 - hours into his new position.- however... this is all part of- the territory, for walden...- who's - already been the youngest n-c-- double-a head coach, at the age- of 26... during his time at - division iii east texas baptist- university.

- known for his high energy - demeanor... walden says he- learned a lot, from coach - hopson... and is ready to bring- it- all full circle.- - "it means everything to me, and- especially- a program like southern miss.

- and i don't say that just - because i'm here.

I'll- never forget when i was in- college, i watched the 2011 - southern miss - conference championship game- against houston.

And i watched- it because -- honestly - i loved case keenum,- i loved their offense and i was- - - - like, man, this is going to be - good game to watch.

I fell in - love with the black and gold- that game - because of the way they played,- man.

When i watched that game i- had known - about southern miss, but when i- watched that game i was like, - man, that's big time- football right there.

So to be- sitting here as a division i- head football coach at a place- like- this, not something i take- lightly - something i take a lo- of pride in.

And i know - the expectations are high here,- and we want to do everything in- our power to uphold - - - - that."- prior to being named interim- head coach... walden was- serving as co-offensive - coordinator... and wide - receivers

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