Annual 9/11 prayer breakfast held in different way

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Annual 9/11 prayer breakfast held in different way

Annual 9/11 prayer breakfast held in different way

The annual 9/11 prayer breakfast held by the Genesis Group, went on Friday, without the public due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

That's been fill message remains the same as we remember the lives lost in the 9/11 terror attack.

The traditional 9/11 prayer breakfast put on by the genesis group did not happen this year... but remembering the septemer 11th terror attacks was marked by a special commemmoration ceremony instead.

Nats of bagpipes "never forget."

That's the message put forth as gold star families, area police and fire departments, military and clergy came together... as well as essential workers.

The event was invite only and was not open to the public because of covid-19.

Now, more than ever... it's important to remember those who lost their lives on this tragic day... those who died trying to save lives... and those who live on carrying the memories of that day.

00:16:34 we all take life for granted very often and i think we all need a reminder more than once a year to appreciate our lives.

To appreciate being american, our freedom.

I mean you look at what's going on around us in our world, in our country right now.

We have to remember a day like today, those that put the sacrifice so we can have freedom 17:00 taps assemblyman brian miller was the keynote speaker.

He talked about his battle with covid-19....and about a nationtn terrorists attacked the united states on septemer 11th, 2001.

The vertans outreach

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