City of Austin designates Racial Justice Day

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City of Austin designates Racial Justice Day

City of Austin designates Racial Justice Day

Several group discussions surrounding racial equality are happening today, including one at Riverland Community College.

Decision to create the position./// .

Earlier this week on daybreak... we told you how this week is "welcoming week" through the organization "welcoming america."

The goal is to help communities become more inclusive and diverse.

The city of austin is taking it a step further by dedicating today as "racial justice day."

Kimt news 3'smadelyne watkins joins us live this morning to tell us why they felt the need to do this and how you can participate.

She joins us brooke and tyler.

Community members in austin are wanting to put an end to systemic racism and one way they're encouraging you to take part is to visibly show it.

Such as posting something like this on social media or on a sign in your yard.

Issues surrounding racial inequalities have been happening for decades.

And following the recent unrest across the nation... people in austin want to discuss how they can move forward as a community and hold those tough conversations.

Many local organizations are taking part in "racial justice day" in support of ending systemic racism.

Diversity officer at riverland community college, danielle heiny, tells me it's going to take the participation from everyone to really make a change.

She says it's also important to listen to others during the process.

"we have a lot of different conversations happening.

So what we encourage is for people to be patient and respectful and listen.

Take that time to get to know someone that maybe has a viewpoint different than your own or comes from a culture different from your own.

Take it as an opportunity to learn from each other."

There will be group conversations surrounding racial inequalities happening today here at riverland community college and everyone is invited to attend.

Live in austin.

Madelyne watkins kimt news 3.

Thank you madelyne.

The discussion is focused around "justice, equity and what it means to be welcoming."

It's today

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