[GamePlay] Taonga: Island Farm (Browser Game)

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[GamePlay] Taonga: Island Farm (Browser Game)

[GamePlay] Taonga: Island Farm (Browser Game)

Play just 1 minute to find out why everyone loves this farm game.

Taonga: The Island Farm.


Nice work, islanders !

We bet you can always find a way out of any difficulties.

Adventures across the Taonga archipelago are much more fun when they are shared with loyal Friends and reliable Neighbors.

Friends – islanders who you are friends with in the social network.

Neighbors – islanders who you’ve invited to be your Neighbors and who accepted your invitation (or vice-versa).

Your social network friends and any other islanders can become your Neighbors.

How to invite a player to be your Neighbor: Inviting a player who is your Friend in the social network to be your Neighbor is very simple.

How to separate from Neighbors: To separate from a Neighbor, find them in the Neighbors panel and hover your mouse over their photo – in the upper right corner of their avatar, there will appear an ‘x’.

Click on it to delete that islander from your list of Neighbors.

How the Butterfly Palace works: To settle a Butterfly in the Palace, you must first research it in the Butterflarium at least 10 times.

Remember, the speeding up production effect only affects items that were queued while it was active.

If an item was queued earlier, and then you received the speeding up production effect, and the item only then reached the front of the queue, then the time for it to be produced will not be decreased.

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