The Game Change: Cheerleading ft. The Tupelo Golden Wave

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The Game Change: Cheerleading ft. The Tupelo Golden Wave

The Game Change: Cheerleading ft. The Tupelo Golden Wave

A weekly segment investigating the rule changes in high school sports during the Coronavirus.

This week we look at cheerleader featuring the Tupelo Golden Wave.

In defeat high school cheerleaders light up the sideline with school spirit.

How they have coped with the coronavirus is the focus of this week's game change with matt st.


Take pkg (stand-up) they've got the rhythm (nat) they've got the chants (nat) they've got the moves.

(cheerleaders stunt through) but how have they adjusted to the coronavirus.

This is the game change.

(nat) "five six seven eight!"

"go wave, go wave" (track) the tupelo coed cheer team knows the affects of the coronavirus all too well.

This summer, the whole team went into quarantine.

(jonah pike) so i did kind of freak out a little bit (lilee rose) i was so upset, i mean i was at lunch and i got that call saying i couldn't come back for the next two weeks and my heart was broken.

(track) lilee rose and jonah pike are seniors on the cheer squad.

Two weeks at home meant no school, no friends, no senior parade, and no cheerleading.

(lille) we missed so many practices which really kind of set us back but we've been able to push through and get back to where we need to be (track) now out of quarantine, the tupelo cheer squad can turn its attention to preparing for those end of season competitions.

However, in addition to the quarantine, the squad is also dealing with the strict guidelines brought on by coronavirus.

They can't interact with any other cheer squads or go into the stands during halftime of games.

They all have to wear a mask while cheering.

(lilee) when you stunt and tumble you're having to deal with either putting them on your wrist or on your shirt so they don't get caught up in what you're doing and putting them back on whenever we're all together talking about stuff and you're already hot and sweaty and so that's just been really weird having to have something on your mouth when you're already sweating and trying to breathe better.

(track) coach anna claire wallace said staff members are taking temperatures, using plenty of hand sanitizer and emphasizing social distance.

This can be hard given that cheer practice requires the cheerleaders to be in close proximity to one another, but she said the group responded nicely.

(anna claire) they have been super great, they are always encouraging and uplifting and making sure everyone is on their a-game and doing what they're supposed to do.

(track) this past friday, tupelo hosted west point for the first home football game of the year.

The cheerleaders finally got to cheer on the golden wave.

(jonah) it felt really good, i was super excited to be there and just so much adrenaline running through my body i was just super excited to be back.

(track) the past two episodes of the game change focused on the atmosphere surrounding a football game.

Next week, we here from the kids playing between the lines.

The football players.

Reporting in tupelo, matt st.

Jean, wtva 9 sports.


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