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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Noon 9-18-20

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Noon 9-18-20
Noon 9-18-20
Noon 9-18-20

Local exhibit.

Marisa patwa-- for it---are expanding.

L displalay-- the covid-19 pandemic is hardly history.

Yet it's now the subject of a local exhibit.

Marisa patwa-- shares more.

West coast crisis-- we have the latest from on the ground in oregon and california-- as wildfires burn on--into another weekend--and the smoke makes its way from coast to coast.

Thanks for joining us this friday on 44news at noon.

I'm erran huber.

And as we begin this afternoon-- we have updates on the latest covid-19 cases across the tri- state.

In indiana-- 2 new deaths here in vanderburgh county--the latest losses reported by the state.

Along with another death in warrick.

Warrick-- though--leads our area in new cases.

50 newly positive-- to report there.

Kentucky this afternoon- fortunately no new deaths across the green river region--but 62 new cases total.

Daviess--with 24.

18--in union county.

And ten--in henderson.

Hopkins county health--reports 3 new cases as well.

In illinois.... an above normal case count in saline county - as they add 13 cases.... wayne county with five cases - with white county reporting four.... a reminder -- there are several testing centers scattered throughout the tri-state.

Many county health departments are offering free testing.... pharmacies also offer the test and today two more*c-v-s locations will begin testing.

Those include the one on washington avenue -- the other on east- boonville*new harmony road.

For more on a testing site near you - visit wevv dot com.

Thing are changing for the evansville museum of arts history and science-- more and more visitors coming back -- after reopening this summer.

And they're hoping to increase those numbers starting sunday with a brand new exhibit focusing on the pandemic.

44news reporter marisa patwa joins us from the museum with more.

Good afternoon.

You know the curators here at the museum have been working all summer long on this new exhibition -- life in isolation: the coronavirus -- really wanting to make sure that the community has a picture to capture what everyone has been going through during the pandemic.

As soon as the museum shut down in march -- the art and history curators got to work gathering photographs and artifacts not just locally but internationally -- from personal protective equipment actually designed by artists for health care workers, to used masks and closing signs.

And the evansville museum is one of the leading institutions across the county opening pandemic exhibits -- even starting their collection a month before the smithsonian and those behind the local exhibit say they are honored to have the chance to help tell the story of the suffering and triumph that has taken place as communities have come together.

"through visual representation we can have a better understanding of the humanistic experience.

And hopefully the scientific research will catch up at that time too.

And we will have a vaccine and cure but there always is a human component to those types of pandemic.

It has a face, it has a persona and it deserves to be recorded in human history."

Now as the pandemic is still going on, the curators here say they are still open to other artifacts being introduced into the exhibit and for those who want to check it out on sunday, adult tickets are twelve dollars.

Reporting in evansville marisa patwa 44news.

New at noon-- airline executives are in washington, pleading with the white house and congress to extend corona- virus relief.

Airline employees are hoping to avoid mass job cut* if government funding is allowed to run out this month.

Kris van cleave is at washington's reagan national airport.

In 12 days---these flight attendants rallying on capital hill will be out of work.

Furloughed unless congress extends its $25 billion dollar airline payroll support program.

-nats-"$25bn no.

Real people who need to feed our families" pepole like flight attendant arnold ramirez.

Seen in this stunning photo taken as he learned he's losing his dream job.

It felt like a punch in the stomach the arizona native is among the 19-thousand at american airlines alone who will be laid off or furloughed in october.

He thought he had a backup plan working retail...but just learned that store is closing and he'll lose that job too.

I just feel like everything is getting taken away from me// ((sot)) i just hope it gets better soon because i would really love to keep my job.

I, i just i have no words for that (sniffles, wipes his nose).

Passenger traffic remains down about 65%.

U-s carriers lost 11 billion dollars in the second quarter alone.

As many as 76 thousand airline workers could be furloughed next month and service to cities nationwide slashed monica kolb is a widowed mother of two, who became a flight attendant after her husband died of cancer six years ago.

I was setting myself for a, for a new -- a new way, i guess.

A blank canvas to paint my my story again, you know?

As a single mom trying to find that happiness that i thought i had lost.

Last year she beat breast cancer.

Now she's at risk of losing her family's livelihood and health insurance.

Is this scarier than battling cancer?

So although as scary as this might be, i still have hope.// i've beaten cancer, and i am here, to try to beat this situation again.

You know, it's i didn't get over this to be brought down by a virus, that's what i say.

Critics argue - one- airlines were already given taxpayer money and - two - they're bracing for up to a four year recovery so a six-month extension to this program might not actually save any jobs in the long run.

For fliers, no extension likely means longer travel times and fewer options as the airlines will start cutting routes particularly in smaller and medium size cities.kris van cleave cbs news reagan national airport, virginia.

Yosemite national park was shut down because of the dangerous air quality from those still burning western wildfires but there could be hope for cleaner air with thunderstorms rolling in.... in oregon-- smoke still hangs in the air after the fire leaving over 250 miles of roads closed.

Hundreds of thousands of trees burnt to the ground.

Heavy rain is in the forecast but lightning could strike -- causing another spark for the fires.

This--as those-- including firefighters-- continue to deal with an impact--beyond just seeing towns turn to ash.

It's surreal to see your own home o fire // i was just so relieved that my family was okay.

(emotional) meanwhile in california-- the fires continue to engulf the state leaving nearly three and half million acres burned.

Clean up continues in parts of florida and alabama following the destruction of hurricane sally.

Now-- parts of the south are drenched in rainfall... waters brought by hurricane sally are starting to recede but are still too high to travel through safely.

And the storm is being blamed for at least one death in georgi*--a 30 year old man died after a tree fell on his home.

And in florida-- the governor is warning those living there-- that even though sally is churning farther north-- it's not the time--to put your guard down.

"even as it moves through states north of us, remember that widespread river flooding is ongoing and it can continue over the next weeks in different parts of fl."

Another system, wilfred, is developing in the gulf.

Forecasters expect it to become a tropical depression or tropical storm later today here in the tri- state--it isn't officially fall yet-- but it is-- officially starting to feel like it.

Storm team 44 meteorologist griffin glasscock joins us now with a first check of the weather.

Alfarone says, "president trump and his democratic rival joe biden hit minnesota today with two very different debra alfarone reports this afternoon from the white house.

President trump and his democratic rival joe biden both travel to minnesota today for the start of that state's early voting.

Grace wachlarowicz says, "46 days of individuals voting in person or by mail.

Mail is what we are encouraging.

Vote at home, be safe."

Campaigning in wisconsin thursday - the president continued to make claims - without proof - that mail in voting leads to widespread voter fraud.

President trump says, "the votes come in, they have no idea.

They have no idea.

They can't count them.

And i don't mean they're off by a little bit.

They're off by 20%, 25%.

There's fraud.

There's missing ballots."

During a c-n-n town hall in scranton, pennsylvania - the former vice president was asked about f-b-i director christopher wray's testimony earlier in the day that russia was trying to interfere to hurt his chances of winning in november.

Joe biden says, "there will be a price to pay.

There will be a price to pay.

And putin knows the reason he doesn't want me as president, he knows me.

And he knows i mean it.

I don't mean war, but they will pay a price."

Debra alfarone says, "president trump continues to tie the availability of a coronavirus vaccine to election day - even as his own health officials describe a different timeline.

The director of the c-d-c testified a vaccine won't be widely available until later next year...but president trump told the crowd of mostly mask- less supporters at his rally - it's coming sooner.

(sot: president trump)"we have three vaccines right now they're in the final stage, clinical trials.

We worked it for the fda where they approved it fast.

They worked very fast, very quick."

(track 5)biden..

Who had said he'd pursue a nation- wide mask mandate, is now acknowledging a president's authority to do so is limited.

(sot: joe biden/(d) presidential nominee)"i would like to see governors enforce mask wearing.


I can do that on federal propery, as president i will do that."

(track 6)both biden and the c-d-c director say masks saves lives.

Debra alfarone, cbs news, the white house.

Across the tri- state there are a number of options for voting in person on election day.

You can cast your ballot at several places including - the 4- h fair activities building - bethel united church of christ - and the mc- cutchanville fire house.... a number of schools in warrick county - will also be open to voters.... those locations include - boonville middle and high school.... a ballot box will also be set up at castle high school - cross roads christian church - and the ohio township fire department.... in illinois.... saline county will open the independence town house - on november 3rd.... plus - most county clerks offices in our southern illinois counties - will be open as polling locations.... in kentucky - chapel hill methodist church in henderson county - will welcome voters.... plus - bend gate elementary - offers in- person voting*along with the henderson county airport.... hopkins county voters can have their voice heard - at the dawson springs library - the archery complex in madisonville - and elks lodge.... for more information on election day - head to wevv dot com.... it's definitely a chilly start--to the end of the work week.

But will it stick around as we head into the weekend?

Storm team 44 meteorologist griffin glasscock is here--to tell us all about it.

Halfway around the world-- the race for the cure continues.

We have the latest updates from europe's approaches--to a vid-19 vaccine.

Of cases around the world has just topped 30 million.

There are 36 vaccines for covid-19 currently in human trials, according to the world health organization.ho lly williams was given rare access to a facility in britain where a new vaccine could very soon go into production.

This sterile production line could be mass producing a vaccine against covid 19 within weeksãright now, they're training staff& filling glass vials with water.

They could start filling vials with a covid vaccine here as early as november, maybe even before a vaccine has been approved.

And that's because, as soon as they get that final approval, they want to be sending it out to the public.

These are unprecedented times and require unprecedented initiatives."

Managing director of wockhardt uk ravi limaye told us his facility can produce up to 240 million doses of a new vaccine in a year.but if the vaccine they start producing here doesn't get approved for safety, they'll simply have to throw it out.

Is it a gamble to start packaging up millions of doses of a vaccine before it has that final approval?

(sot ravi) i won't say it's a gamble, i would say it's an investment in public health.

The oxford vaccine - arguably the front runner in the race to stop the new virus, despite a recent pause in its trial - will likely be produced here.

(gfx)the us govt has given more than a billion dollars to the drug company behind it astra zenecaãto secure at least 300 million doses.

But the world's biggest vaccine manufacturer, based in india, warned this week that production isn't being ramped up quickly enough, and it could take until 2024 to produce enough doses of vaccine to cover the entire world.

Holly williams , cbs news, london.

Many experts say with a global population of billions, multiple vaccines from different companies will likely to be necessary get people vaccinated against the coronavirus.

I'm amy mcgrath and i approved this message.

It was 9-11.

The white house was deciding whether to shoot down a hijacked airliner.

I was in an f-18 waiting at the end of a runway in case that horrific order came.

I'm amy mitch mcconnell is attacking me over 9-11?

I swore an oath to protect our country.

Mitch mcconnell got out of military service.

And he's done nothing but sell us out ever since.


Griffin glasscock gives us a final check of your forecast..

Thanks for making us your choice in news.

Jessica hartman and brian miller will be back tonight with the rest of

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