Lincoln Trail College moves forward with Theater Renaissance Project

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Lincoln Trail College moves forward with Theater Renaissance Project
Lincoln Trail College moves forward with Theater Renaissance Project

"32" people were hurt.

A wabash valley college is going through a "renaisannce" o it's arts program.

That means a new building project.

That project will be the first new building at lincoln trail college in decades.

News 10 bureau chief gary brian tells us what work will begin.

Gar} "a three year planning process is about to turn into construction at lincoln trail college.

The school is about to begin it's theatre renaissance project."

For three years lincoln trail college has been making small updates to it's arts center.

Some new curtains and a sound system were a needed upgrade.

But the school was planning more.

"we looked at the performing arts center.

We looked at what we have.

We looked at what we don't have and we started to cast a vision of how it is we are going to improve the area."

The answer is a 3,600 square foot addition to the arts center.

The theater renaissance project will add a new choral room that doubles as a mid-sized lecture hall.

"we will also have some space for vocal lessons and that sort of thing.

We're really excited because this is going to really free up our building so that it can be more effeciently used for our productions."

More space means productions wont have to work on top of each other.

Helping to build up the school's art department as well as giving the surroudning community something to be proud of.

"it's just one small part of our vision that we have for making lincoln trail the place that everybody in our community, whether you're a degree seeking student or not, you feel like there is something there for you."

If all goes well shovels will be hitting the dirt in mid october.

Giving lincoln trail it's first brick and mortar project since 1975.

"after really four years of work to start to see all these things that were just dreams and discussion points, you know starting to see the shovel in the ground it's gratifying."

Gar} "the facilitiy should be ready for students by the fall of 2021.

Working from home in vincennes, gary brian news 10."

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