LGR's Clint Basinger Reacts To His Top 1000 YouTube Comments

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LGR's Clint Basinger Reacts To His Top 1000 YouTube Comments

LGR's Clint Basinger Reacts To His Top 1000 YouTube Comments

We searched LGR's most popular videos and picked the top 1000 comments based on number of likes, first comments, and frequently asked questions.

From looking back on his earliest efforts to revisiting some of his biggest reviews and unboxing videos, we've woven together Clint's personal history with LGR - and captured his reactions to the whole thing.

Thank you to YouTube user, naswinger for "The 7th Guest" gameplay footage.

- Hi, I'm Clint Basinger from LGR.And today I'm gonna be respondingto my top 1000 YouTube comments.[soft music]The following comments came fromthe most viewed video on your channel.What video is it?I believe it is the Doomon a calculator video.And there we go, Doomon a calculator indeed.5.6 million views.What brought up the Doomon your calculator video,was literally a time crunch.It was one of those situationswhere I had another video.Like 99% complete but that last 1%,it just wasn't coming out in time.And so I literally looked around my roomand I'm like, "Hey, there'sa calculator over there,"that I'd picked up from Goodwill recently.And I'm like, I rememberputting games on that thingback in high school, I wonderif I can still do that.Here is one of the first commentson that most viewed video.It runs better on a TI-84.It's actually kinda playable.The only world I couldsee myself recommending,a calculator Doom overany other kind of Doom,is if you're stuck in math classand you have absolutelynothing else to do,or like me, you are instudy hall and just,you got a calculatorand there weren't cell phonesthat did anything worth anything.I could, yeah, I played it then,[chuckles]but otherwise, no.Stick the Doom on thingsthat Doom is made for,with keyboards and stuff.the second most viewedvideo on your channel.Second most viewed.

Igenuinely don't know.I don't think it's the Sims video anymore.I think it's, I believeit's turbo buttons maybe.What is a turbo button?What does it do?Ah, the other one.So my second most viewedvideo is actually,why did old PCs have keylocks and LGR retrospectives?- [Illustrator] Thepresence of a key lock,is one of those thingsthat instantly dates a personal computerto that time period.- The reason that this videoin particular came about,every single time that Ishowed a computer in a video,that had a key lock or a turbo buttonor something like that,there were a bunch ofcomments from folks saying,"What did that do?"Or "I've never had that."Or "I did have that.

And Inever used it back then."So it just sort of cameabout by reading the commentsand seeing what people were askingthat I honestly neverthought to ask myselfbecause I assumed people knew,but I guess not.- [Illustrator] To answerthe first question.Key locks usually didexactly what you'd expect.They locked the computer with a key.- Here's one of the mostliked comments on that video.For some extra fun,put the turbo buttons wireson the key lock instead.That way you can have it on low speed.Then when you want to wrap it up,you get to turn a keyand make engine noiseswith your mouth.

[bubbling]Yes, that's actually thatwouldn't work, but you could.That would be awesome.I believe one of the strangest,tech modifications I'veencountered was actually,an official thing that was sold in stores.It's a thermal takecigarette lighter.[laughs]Sort of a DC car adapterthat you plug into a fiveand a quarter inch bay,and also pops out as a cup holder.And so those are both on one thingand it was actually sold for computers,in the early mid two thousands.This is the first video postedto your YouTube channel all the year.Clint hates himself.- You know I don't like you.- I guess that's the first videothat's still on my YouTube channel.But the first video thatwas actually on my channel,[laughs] is embarrassing.It was some sort of ridiculous UFOlike clip that was fakedby somebody I knew.And so I'm like, "Let'sjust put this on YouTubeand see if it fools anybody."And I don't even rememberwhat the title was,but it was up there forlike two or three years.And it ended up getting,a couple hundred thousand views I think.It was actually my most successful videofor a long time, but yeah things changed.I've deleted all thatkind of stuff.

[chuckles]I don't actually hate myself.I've gotten a lot of commentsabout that over the years.- I will kill you.

You realize that.- Like what in the world were you doing?But no, it actually sort of stemmed from,I just had a couple of PropAirsoft Gun lying aroundand I felt like making a video that day.So I wanted to experimentwith making clones of myselfin video form.'Cause I had done it in photos a lot,but I wanted to knowif I could do in video.So that was just a test to do that.And I'm like, eh, why notuse these prop guns?

[laughs]And it was sort of using Worms logicfrom like the old computer game Wormswhere the shotgun is more powerfulthan the pistol just naturally.So yeah, that's all there was to that.This is the very first commentever posted on that video.Now that was funny andreally well done too.[laughs] I guess maybe thelevel for what is funnyand really well donehas changed a little bitsince 2006 or seven or whenever that was.YouTube is a different place.This is the very first tech video,posted to your YouTube channel.LGR has a Sega CD GenesisConsole Addon review.- [Illustrator] I got my model 2 systemof eBay for about $25.That seems to be the average price.Of course you will also need a model 1or model 2 Genesis to go along with it.So look at about 40, $45for a complete system with no games.- My feelings on the Sega CD remain mixed.I enjoy the nostalgic look back at it.I just found when I first revisited it,that a lot of the thingsthat I most wanted to playon the Sega Genesisweren't on the Sega CD.So what really was the point?Now I kinda appreciate it a lot more,especially since it's gottenmore support over the years.There's a little addon cartridgethat you can put in Sega Genesis nowthat plays Sega CDs of an SD card.So I've taken the opportunityto revisit the libraryand examine all the thingsthat maybe I didn't get around to.And now I'm like, "Okay, Iunderstand the point of it now."It is pretty fascinating to see,so many like RPGs and fighting games,scrollers and shooters with CD audioand 16 bit mixed together,it's pretty cool.So here is one of the mostliked comments on that video.There's something calmingabout older YouTube reviews.They tend to lack theenergy of stuff today.In a way I find kinda nice.These days you have tohave a lot of energyand character to stand outwhile back then,you could just had tohave interesting material.I get this comment moreand more as time goes on.I didn't mean to make them calmingor soothing or anything.In fact, I get a lot of comments aboutthe VHS Camcorder that Iwas recording on back then,being a comforting.And that was not the intent.It was just something Igot from a thrift store.It was the only camera I had.

[chuckles]I'm glad it's retroactivelycalming or soothing.[chuckles] Happy accidents.Here's the first commentyou made on that video.Oh dear!

I would agreethe system itself is not half bad,but why oh why all those FMV games?They, most of them are what make it suck.Oh, that's harsh.I would not agree with that anymore.FMV games are like myfavorite thing now.[laughs]I guess I just grew out of that.I mean there were a lot of garbage onesbut somehow the older I've gotten,the more I appreciate like B moviesand things where peopleare creating things.Then they're really trying,but they just don'tquite stick the landing.I think that's golden.So I think those FMV games are great,but it's quaint now.But at the time the techbehind it's fascinating.Especially the compression tech.You look into something like "7th Guest",what they were doing thereto get all of these moving transitionsbetween hallways and rooms of a houseand making it look as good as it did,on a 46 is just mind boggling.They invented a whole newtechniques for that stuff.The following comments camefrom your first Sims video.LGR, the Sims 3 quick review,top five reasons to buy.- [Illustrator] Number four,customization and building stuff.[upbeat music]The architectural aspect of the game,has always been one of my favorite thingsabout the SIM games before.But now it's just extreme.- From what I recallthe entire reason I startedcovering Sim's content,was just another one of thoseout of the blue moments,where a new Sims game had come outand I'd played all of them.I was a really big fan of them,but didn't really see anybodyelse doing them at all.In terms of covering the Sims on YouTubeand making videos about Sims content.There was a sort of debate, I guess,among the community of,"Oh, is it really worth upgradingfrom the Sims 2,or is it even an upgrade at all?"Because a lot of folks weren't quite soldon some of the Sims 3's aspects.The open world was interesting,but was it worth the gameplay sacrifices.The tons of expansions to the Sims 2?Was it worth upgrading at all?That's why I titled it topfive reasons to grab it.'Cause I thought it was worth it.Here are some of the most likedcomments on this Sims video.Sims 3 gameplay plus Sims 4 graphicsequals absolute gold.I hear that a lot.

[laughs]And I don't necessarily disagree.I think that there is a lot to loveabout both of theseentries in the game series.And while some aren't quitesold on the Sims 4 graphics,you can pretty much objectively saythat the lighting system is better.And so are the Sims themselvesin terms of their looks.And combine the best of those worldsand a lot from the Sims 2,I would say it is absolute gold.I did not realize the effectthat covering Sims things wouldhave on my channel at all.In fact, I don't thinkthat it even did verywell at the beginning.It was when I startedcovering the expansionsthat really started to take offand shift the channel in another directionor at least add something to the channelthat wasn't there before.And it's become a staple ever since.Are you still as big of a fan of the Sims,as you used to be?Absolutely.

Am I a big a fan as,I used to be about [chuckles]the current Sims experience?

Probably not.I still like the Sims a lot,but it's one of those things wherethe more I like it,the more flaws you start to see,and the more you point out.The directions going this way,and I kinda felt like it shouldhave gone this way by now.So I only feel it's fair asa fan to point out the flaws,as I see them.I have never talked toanyone at Maxis or EA,in any real sense other than,at one point they kindof reached out to say,"Hey, do you wanna joinour game changers program?"And I said, "Nope." [laughs]Because it involved,things that I wasn'tquite comfortable with.The big thing was in thecontract that sort of,messed with my brain was like,they have to have a sortof editorial controlover what you say.And it's not that they're gonna make you,say one thing or the other.It's just the fact thatthey're overseeing everythingand providing early access to thingsand inviting you to eventsand pushing one boundaryor another that for me,it was a boundaryand others sure, theyhave no problem with that.That's cool.But for me, I wanted to remainas objective as possible,in reviewing a big company,providing oversight intoevery Sims video that I do.That just wasn't for me.The following comments,came from the biggest unboxingvideo on your channel.What is it?That's gotta be the IBM PC AT.Brand new IBM PC AT + ModelM unboxing and set up by LGR.- [Illustrator] That was simple enough.Oh, how cool is this?This is the first time thatit has seen the light of day,in almost 30 years.- Next to the Doom calculator video,is still one of the mostsurprising ones I've seenin my channel in terms of responses.Because it was something that I,discovered on ebay one late night.There was a warehouse in New York Statethat had hundreds of IBMmachines still brand new in boxand they were sellingthem for a darn good priceand they were going fast.So I just bought one ona whim that late night.Then didn't really remember.And then all of a suddenit showed up on the porch.I'm like, "Ah, well, I guessI'm making a video now."That was that, didn't reallythink much of it at all.But I suppose somethingis appealing enoughabout seeing a brand newcomputer from the late eightiesbeing unboxed and set up.And there's also the Model Mcomponent that has a whole,the keyboard enthusiast community.You're seeing a brand new Model Mthat was kind of areligious experience for me.I knew that would catch on,but not to this degree.Here is one of the most liked commentson the new IBM PC AT Model M video.What's your nerd level.I smell keyboards.- This right here smellslike an office store.This still smells like a new car.I've gotta let you knowwhat everything smells like.It's important.- Yeah, it's true.I had to smell it, smell everything.If I unbox something that's new old stock,you gotta smell it, man.You're smelling late eighties airand degrading components andpotentially toxic things.And the Model M was crazythat it smelled like a new car.It kinda still does.It's just over there.I still use it and smell it every so oftenjust to make sure.

[chuckles]Is there any retro techyou'd loved to unboxthat you haven't been able to find?Yeah, there's a lot.But it's even harder to narrow that down.I guess if I had to pick one,it would be the Packard Bell Legend 46that I had as a kid,my first computer.And I haven't yet been ableto find the exact model,in probably 15 years of looking.I've had saved searches andeverything on eBay for ever.And it's never shown up,not the exact one.If I could find that inthe box and unbox that,and sort of relive that firstmemory of seeing a computerin my house for the firsttime.

I'd probably cry.Speed round.Answer the following commentsas quickly as possiblebecause otherwise we'll be here all day.So what if I want some moderngames on a monochrome monitor?Is there any way I canplay Fallout: New Vegas,on an amber monitor?Yes, there is.In fact I've done thaton my channel I believe.I know I've done it on monochrome TVs.That is a little differentthan a monochrome monitor.So it really dependson the monitor itself.But if you have a monitorwith composite input,that makes it extremely easy.There are some ambermonitors that have that so,New Vegas, totally possible.I wonder why it took solong for touchscreensto become widely adopted.If you've ever used touch screenfrom the eighties or nineties,you'd probably figured that out.Multitouch, wasn't a thing, typically.But even then a lot ofthose touch screens,especially on earliertablets required a powered,almost like a Wacom tablet pento get anything on there.And otherwise you could do some things,but others you couldn't in terms of,being able to move a mouseor actually click on a device.Also just because theinterfaces weren't there.A lot of those earlier computersand tablets and things,were essentially desktopsshrunken down with a touch screenthat you had to use a battery powered pen.So not fun.Does it run Crysis?That can be a literallyany video I've ever made.And the answer is almost always no,except for the Crysis video.Yeah Crysis, if it's running,it runs Crysis.

[chuckles]I don't know.

It was a fun thing, I guess.Just to sort of.Somebody needs to developCrysis for MS-DOS.Just so I can say it runs Crysis.To conclude, we found these commentson your most recent Q&A video.What backup plans do you haveif YouTube suddenly hits the crapper?It depends if the entire,video creating ecosystemalso goes down the crapperbecause that would be trouble.So I'm not really sure what I would do.I would probably start sellinga lot of this stuff that I have.Otherwise.

I'd probably go into,doing what I've always wanted to doin terms of creating likea tech museum of sorts.I've got some folks that I knowthat have done themuseum thing themselves,and I'd love to either joinon with them or start my own.That would be fun.But otherwise, I'd probablyjust try to find some other,video creation service.'Cause I kind of liked doing this.Well, I suppose that is it forthe questions and commentsthat we went through here.If you got this far,thank you very much for watching.

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