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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tippecanoe Co Health Dept: COVID-19 cases rising, no change to restaurant mandate

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Tippecanoe Co Health Dept: COVID-19 cases rising, no change to restaurant mandate
Tippecanoe Co Health Dept: COVID-19 cases rising, no change to restaurant mandate

The county's 7-day percent positivity rate has spiked since the last COVID-19 briefing.

Because of this, the health department is not easing the restaurant/bar/nightclub mandate at this time.

Our top story at six -- the tippecanoe county health department did not announce any new changes to the county- wide mandate on bars and restaurants today.

News 18's anna darling was at today's coronavirus briefing with county leaders.

She joins us now with why there are no changes, and reaction from local leaders.


This is the first time local leaders have openly, and respectfully, disagreed with decisions the tippecanoe county health department is making.

They acknowledged all the tough decisions the health department has had to make over the six months.

But they would like to see more steps towards easing restrictions on food and beverage establishments.

The mandate on restaurants, bars and nightclubs went into effect on august 14th.

The original mandate included capacity restrictions, no bar-top service and all food and beverage businesses had to close at midnight.

At the last meeting on september 9th, dr. adler announced that bar top service could be allowed with social distancing.

But today, dr. adler says tippecanoe county's numbers are trending up.

There are no new amendments to the mandate today.

Dr. adler emphasized that this mandate is about being proactive.

"when we look at what's happened at other university communities, what's happened around the country and around the world with transmission in restaurants and bars, we're trying to stay one step ahead of that."

Mayor john dennis did not comment on this.

But mayor tony roswarski and county commissioner tracy brown urged the health department to look at extending the midnight curfew to 1 or 2 a-m.

They argue this mandate is hurting neighborhood bar's ability to survive.

Especially because they are losing business from late- night workers at local factories.

"we are all committed to protecting public health but that means protecting public health and the public's financial health as well.

You don't have one without the other."

"i personally don't believe adding an hour will make any kind of difference in case situation, but it can make a lot of difference in keeping people's business alive."

Dr. adler says he would like to see our county cases trending down rather than up before making any sweeping changes to the mandate.

Two weeks ago our 7- day positivity rate was 2.6-percent.

Now that number has jumped to 6.5- percent.

Live in lafayette, anna darling news 18.

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