Peace, Flowers & The Occult? Led Zeppelin’s Secrets Exposed In New REELZ Doc
Peace, Flowers & The Occult? Led Zeppelin’s Secrets Exposed In New REELZ Doc

The new REELZ documentary Led Zeppelin: Breaking The Band takes viewers behind the scenes of the iconic British rock group and into their Occult fascination and unwavering success, as die-hard fans still hope for a final reunion after the foursome's tragic demise.

With exclusive interviews from music journalist Sunta Templeton, music writer Barney Hoskyns, Creem Magazine co-founder Jaan Uhelszki, Led Zeppelin biographer Mick Wall and radio host Darren Redick, the documentary looks into what really happened between the members of the world’s greatest rock band.

[caption id="attachment_1002213003" align="alignnone" width="1024"] MEGA[/caption] Selling over 300 million albums and headlining 600 concerts worldwide, the rock supergroup had some dark rumors surrounding their inner circle, including paganism and fascination with the Occult — even Satanism.

During Led Zeppelin's rise to fame in the 1970s, people were "getting more and more interested in weird and wonderful things like the Occult," Templeton explained.

People during the '60s and '70s were getting more interested in "the darker side of life," she added.

"That was the flip-side of love and peace and flowers — this new interest in the Occult," Hoskyns noted.


SHOCKING DETAILS EMERGE IN DEATH OF JIMI HENDRIX IN REELZ DOC Zeppelin lead singer *Jimmy Page* even went so far as to buy the mansion left behind by famed occult leader and magician *Aleister Crowley*.

"Why else would you do that?

Is curiosity?" Uhelszki said, questioning why Page would purchase the house.

"It's too much money to just satisfy a curiosity." Zeppelin's rock star excesses became the stuff of legend.

The success of their most legendary track, 'Stairway to Heaven,' was believed to be "due to black magic," according to the upcoming doc.

DEAD AT 27: REELZ EXPLORES THE SHOCKING DEATHS OF KURT COBAIN, AMY WINEHOUSE AND JIM MORRISON Led Zeppelin split on December 4, 1980, right after the tragic death of the group’s iconic drummer, *John Bonham*.

Forty years later, new and old fans eagerly await a final reunion, which promoters say would be the “billion-dollar tour” if it came to be.

Unfortunately, Plant has sworn he will never play again with Zeppelin, leaving guitarist *Jimmy Page* and bass guitarist *John Paul Jones *without a singer.

So what really happened to the once-close members of the world’s greatest rock band?

Why won’t they ever play together again?

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