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WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 09/26/20

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WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 09/26/20
WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 09/26/20
WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 09/26/20

President trump announced saturday he is nominating judge amy coney barrett to take the seat of the late justice ruth bader ginsburg.

éé the nomination kicks off an effort to have barrett confirmed quickly by the senate before election day.éé cbs news correspondent skyler henry has more from the white house.éé president trump introduced judge amy coney barrett as his choice for the supreme court, during a rose garden ceremony at the white house saturday.

''she is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect, sterling credentials and unyielding loyalty to the constitution.'' ''i pledge to discharge the responsibilities of this job to the very best of my ability.

I love the united states and i love the united states consitution.'' if barrett is confirmed by the senate, the 48- year-old who now sits on the seventh u-s circuit court of appeals would become the youngest associate justice on the current supreme court.

Barrett's conservative legal views stand in sharp contrast to the late justice ruth bader ginsburg, a liberal icon whose seat barrett would fill.

Challenges to the affordable care act and roe v wade could come into play.

With fewer than forty days left before the november election, senate republicans face a tight timeframe for pushing through the nomination.

''i am supremely confident that judge barrett will issue rulings solely upon a fair reading of the law.'' the president's selection of barrett comes over democratic objections that the pick should come from the winner of the november election.

''they are violating the essence of what the founders thought that the voters should have a chance to make if they have a say the election has already begun.'' barrett would be president trump's third supreme court appointment, following justices neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh.

That would leave conservatives with six of nine seats on the nation's highest court.

Skyler henry/cbs news/the white house.

Overcast skies are finally starting to clear up, leaving us with some peeks of sunshine.

A few showers will be possible sunday with rain chances increasing higher by monday.

After that, much cooler air moves in as sunny skies return.

Saturday night: a few clouds will linger overnight, but we will see at least a bit of clear sky.

Temperatures will fall into the mid 60s overnight the mississippi state department of health reports 645 new cases of covid-19 with17 new deaths.éé there are 27 new cases among long term care facilities within the state.

éé the total number of cases is more than 96-thousand with more than 29- hundred deaths.

éé it's presumed that more than thousand 85- thousand mississippians have recovered from the virus.

éé tupelo police department continues to recruit the highest quality individuals to join the force.

éé our chad groening reports on today's career day.éé why would anybody come to gum tree park on a saturday morning for this kind of torture...the kind of young people who want to become part of the tupelo police department.

Chief bart aguirre says they are always looking for the right candidates.

"it's always an ongoing thing so we're always looking for good candidates.

One of the main reasons we're out here a gum tree park is because we're looking to diversify our department.

We're looking for good minority applicants to put in their application so we thought by hosting it here at gum tree park that might encourage some of the minority community to make an application."

Dean bearden is director of training at the north mississippi law enforcement training center.

He says it is important that candidates are physically fit.

"yeah the process we're doing today is to give just a basic pt test to see where folks stand as far as their physical conditioning in our application process and those candidates who do well can be moved up a little bit in the line based upon their physical performance today."

If you think that a career in law enforcement is right for you chief aguirre says the starting salary for a tupelo is over 39-thousand dollars a year, the kind of money they have to pay to attract the right people.

"we have a lot of our applicants that have prior military experience which is great.

We like to see prior military experience come into play here.

We have people who have come from larger departments or even smaller departments.

But once they're certified it's a little easier to come in and get hired with the police department because of that experience."and indeed many of this weekend's candidates have that kind of experience.

Michael johnson of vardaman has been in the national guard.

"at the end of the day you need someone to do the job and with everybody backing down from it it's far and few between people who are going to do it so i think having people to step up and take the call you know it's a big deal.

" lemadrick macon of tupelo is a marine, who just came off deployment three months ago.

He believes the corps has prepared him.

"discipline, pt, more order, organized, more confidence to stay here and talk, public speaking."

Michael gillepsie has worked as a security guard in tupelo.

He believes it is important to serve the community.

"it's important because of everything that's going on in the world."

Art in the park is back in starkville, this time with a twist.

That story after the break.éé an annual event in starkville may have looked a little different this year, but the goal was the same: expose children to art and help them enhance literary skills.éé the starkville area art council held its "art in the park" this morning at j.l.

King park.éé volunteers passed out books and boxes filled with art supplies to children in their cars.

éé they could also get out and visit tables with information from the naacp, och regional medical center, and the u.s. census.éé organizers say they had to think outside the box this time around.éé "flexibility i think is the key for everybody this year.

What do we do?

What do we do different?

And art boxes seem to work out really well because we're all spread out we're all wearing masks.

We give the kids they supplies and they get to go home.

" " it's been amazing because they went through three trunks already.

So the kids have been showing up and showing out.

I mean four and five to a car - wanting the art kits; wanting the books and everything."

The starkville arts council will host another event next saturday at maben park.éé park.éé overcast skies are finally starting to clear up, leaving us with some peeks of sunshine.

A few showers will be possible sunday with rain chances increasing higher by monday.

After that, much cooler air moves in as sunny skies return.

Saturday night: a few clouds will linger overnight, but we will see at least a bit of clear sky.

Temperatures will fall into the mid 60s overnight with light winds and no chance of rain.

Sunday: a few light showers will be possible sunday morning and afternoon as a mix of sunshine and clouds continue.

Any rain should exit by sunset.

Highs will be in the mid 80s.

Monday: we're expecting a cold front to clear through the area on monday, which will bring us rain showers monday afternoon.

Highs will be in the low to mid 80s.

Tuesday-thursday: once the cold front clears the area, we'll be left with nothing but sunshine through the rest of the week.

Temperatures will also be much cooler with highs in the low to mid 70s and overnight lows in the upper 40s to 50s.

Friday-saturday: another reinforcing shot of cold air will approach by the end of the week, knocking temperatures even lower.

Highs will be in the upper 60s in friday and near 70 on saturday.

Overnight lows will be chilly with lows in the mid to upper 40s.

Sunny skies will continue with no rain expected.

To get the latest forecast anytime, download the wcbi news app or visit our website at

You can also get the latest weather updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Overcast skies are finally starting to clear up, leaving us with some peeks of sunshine.

A few showers will be possible sunday with rain chances increasing higher by monday.

After that, much cooler air moves in as sunny skies return.

Saturday night: a instagram.

Boy boy boy.

What a debut for mike leach and the mississippi state bulldogs.....if you weren't watching it live then you missed out on a good one the air raid attack was on full display in baton rouge..... k.j.

Costello finds mississippi state's osirus mitchell for 22-yards...led to an msu fg...3-0 msu 2q, 3-0 msu...costello throws over the middle and lsu's jabril cox picks it off and returns it 14-yards for the td...7-3 lsu 2q, 7-3 lsu...costello throws down the right side, finding mississippi state's tyrell shavers for the 31-yard td...10-7 msu 2q, 10-7 msu...lsu's myles brennan under pressure, throws to the endzone and lsu's arik gilbert pulls down the 2-yard touchdown...14-10 lsu 2q, 14-10 lsu...costello with perfect touch on the pass to mitchell who goes 43-yards for the touchdown...17-14 msu 3q, 20-17 msu...brennan looks deep down the middle, finding lsu's terrace marshall for the 37-yard t d...24-20 lsu 3q, 24-20 lsu...msu answers immediately as costello finds mississippi state's kylin hill, who breaks a tackle and goes 75- yards for the touchdown...27-24 msu 3q, 27-24 msu...brennan hit as he throws and gets intercepted by mississippi state's esaias furdge...27-24 msu 1:50-2:00 4q, 27-24 msu...costello finds mississippi state's austin williams for the 9- yard touchdown...34-24 msu 4q, 34-24 msu...after an lsu interception, brennan throws deep and marshall makes the one- handed catch for the 33-yard touchdown...34-31 msu 4q, 37-34 msu...costello throws to the endzone and finds mitchell for the 24-yard touchdown... and mississippi state comes through with the upset win!

Costello throws for 623 yards setting a school record and sec record.

Here's what the team had to say about the win.

"i thought his composure this game was outstanding.

Our team i felt like offensively and defensively had each other's backs.

We had our share of adversity and slugged through it.

Everybody was in there and stuck with one another.

I thought that was one of the strongest parts we did as a team."

"i'm speechless about everything that happened today.

If you would tell me a year ago today that i would be sitting here, it's crazy.

A year ago i couldn't even throw the football.

I was battling back.

Breaking dak's record, i was able to meet dak this season in souther cal.

He's a guy that i watched workout incredibly hard.

To be mentioned in the same sentence for me is crazy.

Breaking his records doesn't necessarily sit with me."

"accepted my role.

Right now i just want to do whatever to help my team win.

It played out good today.

Kj played excellent to me.

True leader.

A guy that motivates everybody.

Wants everybody to play hard and follow him."

All aboard the lane train!!

Its finally time to see what ole miss looks like after what's been a wild off season to say the least.

Game one.

The rebs take on 5th ranked florida.

If you like points then you defintely enjoyed this game outside empty shot of "the grove" sitting in crowd with cardboard cutouts matt corral passed to dontario drummond down the middle for 46 yard touchdown ...7-7 kyle trask passed to trevon grimes to the right for 22 yard touchdown matt corral passed to dontario drummond down the middle for 14 yard touchdown ...14-14 tie kyle trask passed to kadarius toney down the middle for 16 yard touchdown ...21-14 florida kyle trask passed to kyle pitts to the right for 19 yard gain 28-14 fla fla td--kyle trask passed to kyle pitts down the middle for 71 yard touchdown 35-14 florida wins 51-35 here's what the team had to say after the game.

"i think that's hard because the sides after the game.

"i think that's hard because the sides of the ball are so different.

We just gave up so many big plays on defense so it's hard to say we played with good effort giving up 640 yards.

I felt like it wasn't as much effort today.

It was an execution issue.

We weren't executing in some areas."

"answering when the other team made a mistake.

When we get a takeaway, we left some points on the field on that.

The hold.

The post i underthrew to elijah, he should have scored right there.

The holding i'm talking about on that little slip route.

Stuff like that we have to execute.

We can't leave those points on the field."

"we weren't prepared for how good their passing game really is.

We barely got any hits on the quarterback.

They beat us by that.

We couldn't get no pressure back there.

They just picked us apart.

That's something we have to go in and fix."

And time is running out on the efforts to avoid massive airline job losses set to happen october first.éé as many as 76 thousand people could be unemployeed unless congress or the white house finds a way to expend the government's 25 billion dollar payroll support program.éé kris van cleave has the story.éé american airlines flight attendant phillip delahunty will be out of job, furloughed on thursday.

We got the the furlough notice // it was it was devastating for everybody american started the year as the world's largest airline with about 140-thousand employees.

Covid has devistated it's business.

When the government's payroll support program runs out next week- american will be 30% smaller.

Overnight 19,000 will lose their jobs and 15 cities will lose air service.

Ceo doug parker parker: i just can't believe that we may not be able to the right thing simply because our elected officials can't come to any sort of comprised agreement, we're better than that.

In a show of unity outside the capital this week--airline ceos, union leaders, and employees pleaded with congress for another $25 billion in payroll support to halt as many as 76 thousand furloughs and layoffs thru at least march.

Nelson this is real people moving their stuff into their cars, and trying to figure out how to survive 10;20;47;18 kvc for flyers the furloughs could mean longer travel times and fewer options, critics say giving the airlines more money won't necessarily save jobs, because they're preparing for potentially a four year recovery united ceo scott kirby disagrees we we need support to get through until the vaccine is available and widely distributed there is rare bipartisan support in congress and the white house that something should be done&but a covid relief package remains is a senate bill focused solely on airline aide.

Defazio: americans are hurting.

And we need things to work efficiently to get them help graves: we absolutely cannot let an entire sector of the economy collapse& for delahunty political gridlock means an uncertain countdown to potential unemployment.

Kris van cleave, washington.

We're going to take a quick break but when we come back

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