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Republican senators are already lining up for a swift confirmation of Barrett ahead of the Nov.

3 election, as they aim to lock in conservative gains in the federal judiciary before a potential transition of power.


I'm megan reyna.

And i'm will robinson-smith.

We're just 38 days until election day.

If she's confirmed -- judge amy coney barrett could have a significant influence on the nation's highest court for decades to come.

Trump: i stand before you today to fulfill one of my highest and most important duties, under the united states constitution, the nomination of a supreme court justice in a move hailed by republicans and shunned by democrats for its speed and schedule so close to a presidential election.

Trump: she is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect, sterling credential and unyielding loyalty to the constitution.

President trump --on saturday -- in the white house rose garden -- nominating 48 year old federal judge amy coney barrett to fill the seat of the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg.

Barrett sound "if confirmed, i would not assume that role for the sake of those in my own circle, and certainly not for my own sake, i would assume this role to serve you."

Judge barrett is president trump's third pick to the nation's highest court.

Her nomination sets the course for a bitter political battle in washington ahead of the november election democrats already united in opposing her candidacy senate minority leader chuck schumer calling it a disgraceful process schumer: a vote for amy coney barrett is a dagger aimed at the heart of the healthcare protections americans so desperately need and want, barrett is already well- known in conservative circles as a devout catholic, anti-abortion and pro-second amendement she was one of president?

Trump's finalists for the bench in 2018 -- and once served as a clerk for the late conservative supreme court justice antonin scalia barrett "his judicial philosophy is mine too."

Senator kamala harris -- a member of the judiciary committee and the democratic vice presidential nominee, -- urging the senate to not act on barrett's nomination until after the election saying the president?s pick is intended to destroy the affordable care act, overturn roe v wade and harm millions of americans.

Chair of the commitee -- gop senator lindsey graham -- on the other hand -- praising the nomination on fox news.

Graham: tba sources tell abc news, republicans plan to start a 3-day confirmation hearing for judge barrett on oct 12th.

It's a timeline -- that could put barrett on the bench by election day.

Following today's nomination -- the american bar association will immediately start its independent ...non-partisan peer evaluation of barrett.

It uses information provided by judges... lawyers... and other colleagues about the nominee's competence... integrity... and judicial temperament.

It will not consider the barrett's philosophy... political affiliation... or ideology.

The committee will then determine if judge barrett is well qualified... qualified... or not qualified.

Tonight we're hearing from alabama politicians on the supreme court nomination.

Governor kay ivey says she fully supports president trump's pick.

In a statement -- ivey says in part quote: "based on her proven career and background, i am confident that judge barrett will be articulate and a fair supporter of issues important to alabamians such as protecting the unborn and our second amendment rights, while applying the law impartially."

We're also hearing from u-s senator richard shelby.

He released this statement regarding the nomination.

He said in part quote "our next supreme court justice must be a steadfast supporter of upholding our nation's constitution.

I have no doubt in judge barrett's qualifications and i look forward to supporting her nomination."

Senator doug jones announced his stance on filling the supreme court vacancy in a video statement friday night.

Senator jones said in an a tweet quote "i will not vote to confirm any supreme court justice nominee until after the election is concluded.

The american people deserve a

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