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WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 09/29/20

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WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 09/29/20
WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 09/29/20
WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 09/29/20

Thanks for staying up with us, i'm cash matlock.

Mississippi's covid- 19 numbers increase today, along with a high number of deaths.

State health officials report 589 new cases and 36 deaths.

Hospital numbers remain the same as yesterday, with 601 people receiving treatment for confirmed or suspected covid-19 symptoms. only 12 point five percent of people that test positive require hospitalization.

Lee county is reporting the most new cases with 40.

Lowndes county has 17, itawamba has 15, prentiss has 14, and lafayette county is reporting 10.

Intro covid-19 numbers are lower but the impacts are still huge.

Hundreds of mississippians remain in the hospital with symptoms, often times with few ways to talk with their family of their doctors.

Wcbi's stephen pimpo has more on how some muw students are helping.

Pkg "when you're sick, the one thing you want to do is to have people with you.

You want to call a family member to just communicate that you're scared or frustrated."

Feeling isolated and alone are all too-common side- effects of the coronavirus.

For people in the hospital with the virus...the need for a ventalator or the toll the virus takes...can even....take away their ability to speak.

So mississippi university for women senior sarah williams and the school's chapter of the national student speech language hearing association decided to help give those patients a voice.

"i can't even imagine not being able to have family there and having to struggle to communicate with the healthcare providers that you are able to be in contact with."

Sarah's aunt, a nurse a a southaven hospital, told her about the need for communication boards for covid- 19 patients at local hospitals.

"they have to clean them between each patient and they don't have enough quantitiy to mach the number of patients that they are needing to serve at this time."

So sarah and her classmates made more.

Su: here's what these boards look like.

One side has symbols for specific requests while the other has a keypad to create specific messages.

Janette hreish , an instructor and clynical educator with the w's department of speech language pathology, designed to board to be versitile yet simple and not emotionally taxing for the patients.

"with one gesture or two gestures be able to build a message and communicate effectively and i wanted to include controls for their environment."

Like on, off or get the doctor.

There are also symbols for patients to express emotions, like fear, worry, or love.

"if i'm unable to get my needs met, i'm unable to get my emotional needs met, it might affect their willingness to keep fighting the disease as well."

The school created 200 of these boards for the students to pass out to baptist memorial hospital, oktibbeha county hospital and others acorss the golden make sure their coronavirus patients do not feel alone?

"let our fellow mississippians know 'we are in this together.'" ...without having to say a single word."

Tag for organizations who would like to request boards from the can find that information on our website...wcbi-

First look stinger first look summary: mostly sunny and dry weather is going to remain the theme for at least the next week.

The only exception to the rule is sunday when there could be a few more clouds and showers.

Tuesday night: clear and cool.

Lows in the upper 40s to around 50.

Light wind.

Wednesday: mostly sunny and seasonably warm.

Highs in the upper 70s to around 80.

Winds sw 5-15 mph.

Seasonably warm.

Highs in the upper 70s to around 80.

Winds sw 5-15 mph.

Jury selection begins in a lowndes county murder trial.

Joshua murry is facing a first degree murder charge and conspiracy.

He's accused of killing 24-year-old jarrel ward in july 2018.

Ward was found days later on sand road.

Once murry was arrested, lowndes county investigators say he started making an escape plan with his girlfriend.

Murry was also released from jail on a paperwork mistake at the sheriff's office but was taken back into custody days later.

The murder trial is expected to begin tomorrow.

Gfx vo off top a noxubee county is man is facing a manslaughter in connection to a deadly shooting.

Demarcuies clark was recently indicted by a grand jury.

The fatal shooting happened last december.

Investigators say the shooting happened outside of airport food mart, near macon.

30-year-old jemarcus taylor was found in the passenger seat of an suv in the store parking lot.

He died at the scene.

Clark later turned himself into deputies.

Two state leaders want a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit surrounding mississippi's absentee voting process.

Secretary of state michael watson and attorney general lynn fitch deny claims that mississippi's absentee voting laws create unconstitutional burdens for some people.

A voting rights group, which represents residents with health conditions, believes some in- person voting is risky because of covid-19.

Watson and fitch did not deny that there are health risks during the pandemic.

A judge has not made a ruling on the dismissal request.

Providing food to those in need.

That was the focus today here in columbus as dozens of folks showed up for a food drive.

Wcbi's bobby martinez stopped by the event and has more on the true meaning of food drives during these tough times...... it's events like this food drive behind me that helps those dealing with hunger.

This food drive was set up by southern foundation in the parking lot of 4th street missionary baptist church here in columbus.

And pastor jimmy rick - says these food drives go a long way in helping those searching for food.

---------------------------... ----- being there for those during these tough times... sot - jimmy rick - pastor - 4th street missionary baptist church "a lot of folks need food, they need different things, they just need assistance right now.

Helping has been the primary goal for pastor jimmy rick... and tuesday afternoon was a prime example..

Sot - jimmy rick - pastor - 4th street missionary baptist church "giving away boxes of food and we're doing it for the community.

Just trying to help during these times we're going through, the pandemic and everything that is going on people are without jobs."

This food drive saw a huge turnout.

As dozens of cars wrapped around 4th street north and parts of the soccer complex.

Pastor rick says it has been a tough year for many it is important that we all lend a helping hand.

Sot - jimmy rick - pastor - 4th street missionary baptist church "main thing to try to make sure people have food to eat, they won't go hungry tonight.

There's some that can't eat on past tonight.

So we are helping them make it through until tomorrow.

People are hurting now.

A lot of folks need food and need different things and they just need assistance now."

Reporting in columbus bobby martinez wcbi news.

Folks were given milk, cheese, chicken, and fruits... a north mississippi florist will design this year's christmas decorations at the governor's mansion.

Wcbi's allie martin has more from the historic home.

Start with sot from first lady.

Mentions petal pushers the west point florist shop was one of nearly twenty entries in christmas at the mansion pedal pushers owners scott read heard about the competition from a client and decided to enter.

Read says his designs will be festive and will pay tribute to healthcare workers across the state sot each christmas decorations at the historic residence have a specific theme.

This year, first lady elee reeves says honoring those on the front lines of the pandemic is one way to show gratitude sot read is no stranger to big projects.

He says winning the christmas at the mansion competition is special and he's asking younger artist to help out sot standup close you want to talk about those that you work for the grocery store for the station for the schools i mean there are a lot of people out there that you have time to shelter in place they are working 24 seven from day one is no stranger to the projects he says waiting the christmas at the mansion competition is special and he's asking younger artists to help out were trying to encourage children to be involved this year the candlelight tour when kids call him would ask them to bring drawings or letters taking the healthcare workers in the front-line workers leave those here at santa he will be here that vitamin c has been delivered most of the hospitals and clinics in place as to the front-line workers after that scott read his staff at pressures and a host of volunteers will be working harder the next couple months to get everything ready those christmas decorations mustthe pn house for the design competition takes place the first friday evening in december stinger stinger stinger wx summary: mostly sunny and dry weather is going to remain the theme for at least the next week.

The only exception to the rule is sunday when there could be a few more clouds and showers.

Tuesday night: clear and cool.

Lows in the upper 40s to around 50.

Light wind.

Wednesday: mostly sunny and seasonably warm.

Highs in the upper 70s to around 80.

Winds sw 5-15 mph.

Wednesday night: mainly clear and quiet.

Lows in the mid 50s.

Thursday: mostly sunny and mild.

Highs in the mid 70s.

Winds nw 10-15 mph.

Thursday night: clear and cool.

Lows in the mid to upper 40s.

Friday: mostly sunny and cool.

Highs in the upper 60s to around 70.

High school football weather will be picture perfect but you'll need jackets this week.

Friday night: clear, quiet, and cool.

Lows in the mid to low 40s.

Saturday: mostly sunny and pleasant.

Highs in the low 70s.

Sunday: partly to mostly cloudy.

A few showers are possible.

Highs in summary: mostly sunny and dry weather is going to remain the theme for at least the next week.

The only exception to the rule is sunday when there could be a few more clouds and showers.

Tuesday night: clear and cool.

Lows in the upper 40s to around 50.

Light wind.

Wednesday: mostly sunny and seasonably warm.

Highs in the upper 70s to around 80.

Winds sw 5-15 mph.

Wednesday night: mainly clear and quiet.

Lows in the stinger health experts are pushing for the flu vaccine this year ... so why are many parents choosing ánotá to have their children get one?

We'll tell you more after the break.

Stay with us.

Cash 3 lottery gfx goes here health experts have been emphasizing the importance of getting flu vaccine this year during the covid-19 pandemic.

Now a new survey shows many parents are planning to skip flu shots for their kids.

Nancy chen has more.

The bower family gets flu shots every year&but they're making it even more of a priority now because of the pandemic.

We wanted to make sure that we really made every effort to protect ourselves, at least from the flu.

Doctors say it's critical to get vaccinated this year because the flu and the coronavirus have similar symptoms and a surge in flu cases could overwhelm the health system .

But a new poll finds one in three parents say their child is unlikely to get the vaccine and only one-third believe it's more important this year.

Most common concerns ..side effects, and that the vaccine is not effective.

One other thing that we heard that was unusual for this year // was they're afraid to bring the kid into a provider's office, because they don't want to expose the kid to covid.

Sarah clark is the co-director of the cs mott children's hospital national poll on children's health.

She says parents need to get the message.

One of the benefits of flu vaccine is that it lessens the severity.

In cases where the individual does, in fact, get influenza, vaccinated people are much less likely to have serious complications and hospitalizations.

Thousands of children are hospitalized every year because of the flu and some die.

Children under 5 are at high risk for serious complications.

Lisa bower says her family is taking many precautions during this unprecedented time.

Best thing for my children is having them wear masks when they're outside, they're following the right hand washing recommendations, socially distancing.

She hopes it will keep her family and others safe and healthy.

Nancyt chen, cbs news, new york.

The cdc recommends everyone six months and older get the flu vaccine and it's best to be vaccinated by the end of october.

Stinger the n-f-l faces it's toughest opponent yet as one team suffers a coronavirus outbreak...more information on that when we come back spx open the nfl survived three weeks before being interuppted by covid-19 the nfl announcing that multiple players and staffers on the tennessee titans have tested positive for the coronavirus the titans reportedly will be shutting the team's facilties down until saturday and in- person club activies have also been suspended following the titans most recent match-up with the vikings...minnesota is also suspending in-person activites until further notice as of now, all n-f-l games are still on this week...none have been canceled yet as teams have reportedly still been told to prepare the 2nd ranked alabama crimson tide return to tuscaloosa saturday for a top 25 match-up against 13th ranked texas a&m this season tua tagovailoa is out and it's mac jones that's in at quarterback so far so alabama's opener at missouri jones went 18-24 for 249 yards and two touchdowns in the 38-19 win alabama head coach nick saban touched on what jones does well during game action... saban: "mac is pretty instinctive.

He doesn't look down at the rush.

He keeps his eyes down the field.

He has a good feel in the pocket of how to move and create lanes for himself to throw the ball in and avoid the rush.

He keeps two hands on the ball in the pocket which is really important.

I think he has a really good grasp of the offense.

He has a really good expectation of where people are going to be.

I think he only made one bad read in the game or one misread i would say and the rest of the time he was pretty much on point."

Mississippi state head coach mike leach's air-raid offense is new to the southeastern conference, however the air raid is already paying off for the bulldogs in case you somehow missed this, m-s-u upset sixth-ranked l-s-u in week one of s-e- c play, large part thanks to the 623 passing yards that the air- raid attack and quarterback k.j.

Costello totaled which is impressive simply because leach has had less time to implement his system and costello has had less time to learn it than a normal season would provide turns out the beauty of the air- raid is that is relatively leach talked about the air-raid's timeline earlier this week...take a listen leach: "you kind of want to get that so it's engrained and repped to the point where you can do it over and over without thinking about it so much.

Let's say twelve practices.

You know arkansas' a tough football team and they're a hungry football team and they looked really good against the university of georgia and under the best of circumstances they're going to be very difficult to beat and we just need to focus on that."

A new season for ole miss means some new faces on the field in the rebels home opener to florida, one of those new faces, tight end kenny yeboah garnered some attention in the temple transfer's first performance donning the powder blue and red...yeboah racked up 91 yards on five receptions, also scoring a touchdown in the 51-35 loss ole miss head coach lane kiffin talked about yeboah's performance and future with the's what he had to say kiffin: ""he had a really good second half.

Actually, missed the block on a swing there that would have been a big play, no.


But then came back three straight plays in a row if i remember right.

That was good to see.

He had missed some time also with injury.

We're going to have to have other people, now that we put what we did on film, we're going to have to have a lot of different coverages to elijah moore."

Yeboah: "i've been working real hard all camp to prove to my teammates and the coaches that i can go out there and make these plays.

Honestly, i wasn't really surprised that i made the play just because i've been doing it all camp.

I know if i do it in practice it will correlate to the game."

If you're looking to watch s-e-c football this weekend here's where to go mississippi state at home hosting arkansas...the bulldogs home opener will be live on the s-e-c alternate channel..tune-in there...kick at 6:30 pm ole miss hits the road for the first time this season to can see ole miss and kentucky face off at 3 pm on the s-e-c network 2nd ranked alabama hosting 13th ranked texas a&m...both teams 1- can watch that game right here on wcbi at 2:30 saturday...stay and watch after the game ends for the latest highlights and s-e- c football news still to come..

Chief meteorologist keith gibson returns with tonights last look.


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