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WCBI New at Six - 09/30/2020

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WCBI New at Six - 09/30/2020
WCBI New at Six - 09/30/2020
WCBI New at Six - 09/30/2020

Open good evening everyone... governor tate reeves' statewide mask mandate expires today and some social distances guidelines have been loosened.

In today's press conference, reeves issued a new safe recovery order that no longer requires people to wear a mask in public.

The new order still prioritizes social distancing, but some of the restrictions have been eased.

Outdoor attendance for 5- 12 extracurricular activities has been increased to 50 percent.

Group gatherings will be limited to 20 people indoors and up to 100 people outdoors.

Masks will still be required for schools and close contact businesses like salons and barbershops.

"i am not extending the statewide mask mandate, but i want to be clear, i still believe that masks work.

I think the facts and the data in our state and across this country bare that out.

I still plan to wear one, and i expect that most people in our state will still wear them often."

Dr. dobbs suggested some counties continue their mask requirements.

Lee county has seen a 5 percent increase in covid-19 cases over the last few weeks.

é you can view the new executive order on our website, wcbi dot com.

The mask mandate is gone but one county surged in new covid-19 positive tests today.

Statewide... there are 552 new cases today, along with 12 deaths.

564 people remain hospitalized across the state with confirmed or suspected coronavirus symptoms. 138 of those patients are in i.c.u.

And 67 are on a ventilator.

Lee county reported 131 new cases today.

The most we've seen in a single day in north mississippi.

Lowndes and union counties both reported ten new cases.

No other counties in our viewing area reported more than ten new cases.

Alabamians will be required to wear a mask another five weeks.

Governor kay ivey extends the state's safer at home order until november eighth.

Ivey pointed out this extension will allow for a safe environment for poll workers and voters during the november third general election.

In another change, long-term care facilities will be allowed to admit one visitor or caregiver at a time for a patient or resident.

Cares act money is changing the way students will learn inside and outside the classroom.

We told you how west point high schools are receiving the first shipment of chromebooks in the state... today they arrived.

Wcbi's bobby martinez was there when students first got them and tells us how this technology will make a big impact.

Pkg the excitement is just like christmas morning..

Nat sound "wow, look at this.... these are our new chrome books the reaction from dozens of students wednesday afternoon after receiving their new chrome books was universal.

Braysen krier, 4th grader at southside elementary says these new chrome books will be a game changer.

Sot - braysen krier - 4th grade - southside elementary " i have been using a computer that is not a chromebook it's an old computer so it's kind of slow.

Chromebook you will be able to click just a few things and you will already be in canvas checking your agenda for what you got to do."

Sot - burnell mcdonald - superintendent of west point schools "you get a chrome book, you get a chrome book, you get a chrome book."

More than 22 hundred chrome books will given to students and teachers in the district.

Superintendent burnell mcdonald says the technology is crucial during this pandemic.

Sot - burnell mcdonald - superintendent of west point schools "once covid hit, it was a very difficult time for everybody not only for west point and school districts across the state, but across the country.

We were not prepared to provide what students needed to be totally virtual.

And of the key things that every student and every teacher would need would be a device."

Nat sound/video "wow look at this!

I love this"" west point high senior ajascia brooks... says this school year has been quite challenging for several reasons..

However, she believes these new chromebooks will help her continue to adapt to a new way of learning... sot - ajascia brooks - senior - west point high school..

"the different challenges is transitioning from being in school every day and then going home and being virtual.

Sometimes at home we can be a little lazy, but the chrome books helps a lot because using canvas and stuff we can stay up on things."

Sot - dontavian ivy - 7th grader sot - "i feel very good about getting a new chrome book.

It is like it'll be a better experience from our old chrome book.

Have more speed and don't load up slower."

Reporting in west point.

Bobby martinez wcbi news..

State lawmakers set aside two hundred million dollars for the mississippi connects program.

Where fifty million dollars from the money will provide school campuses with wifi and internet connectivity.

First look stinger first look summary: plan on more sun than anything else over the next week.

The only chance of rain will come sunday when a few showers are possible.

Wednesday night: clear and quiet.

Lows in the 50s.

Sw winds 2-6 mph.

Thursday: mostly sunny and mild.

Highs in the 70s.

Breezy nw winds 10-15 mph.

Thursday night: clear and cool.

Lows in the mid 40s.

Friday: mostly sunny and seasonably cool.

Highs in the upper 60s to around 70.

High school football weather will be picture perfect but you'll need to pack a former aberdeen assistant police chief quinell former aberdeen assistant police chief quinell shumpert is suing to get his job back.

Shumpert, a long- time aberdeen police officer, claims police chief henry randle retaliated against him.

Shumpert and randle have both ran for the police chief position, which is elected in aberdeen.

The former officer claims randle forced him to prepare a criminal complaint, in a separate politically motivated move from mayor maurice howard.

Randle told city leaders that because shumpert gave the suspect copies of the charging information it violated police policy.

That's when shumpert was fired september first.

He wants his job back and 90 thousand dollars.

Shumpert is suing randle and the city of aberdeen.

A woman accused of operating an unlicensed daycare in lowndes county is charged with child abuse.

29-year-old kelsey perry was arrested at her shirley drive home yesterday afternoon.

Investigators say perry was operating an unlicensed child care facility from her home back on july 23rd.

The daycare was reported to the mississippi state department of health on september 24th.

A cease and desist order was issued to perry by the state agency.

On september 28th a report was filed with the sheriff's department that kids under perry's care were allegedly mistreated and abused back in july.

Today's press release did not say how perry allegedly abused the children.

Top tupelo police are looking for new clues after a shot was fired into history.

Witnesses at relics antiques say they heard a loud pop and then a window broke at the business on tuesday afternoon.

Police believe someone shot through the store's window.

No one was injured and no suspects were identified.

If you have any information call crime stoppers of northeast mississippi.

A starkville cyclist is dies after being hit by an suv.

Oktibbeha county coroner michael hunt says 34-year- old arial wang died this afternoon at a tupelo hospital.

Wang was hit by the vehicle on stark road, near abernathy road, just after 10 tuesday night.

Hunt believes wang had been at work, just before the crash.

The accident remains under investigation.

A vernon, alabama company is expanding bio-tech line, which includes cbd products.

Bama bio tech hosted an open house this afternoon to show off their products.

The company extracts cbd oil from the hemp plant and make hand sanitizer.

Today they announced a new line of cbd products under the name bio-vern.

The expansion comes after a new partnership with eco chem pro.

"they're moving operations into our facility here in vernon, alabama, and we'll be manufacturing the product here, and we do have a united states wide distribution for the products that we make here... right now, we're running about 30 something employees.

In the first year, we're going to have at least 100 under this roof."

The company is also partnering with motion industries to package a new cleaning solution product that will also be sold in vernon.

Stinger we talk with north mississippians about last night's presidential debate... that story is next..

Stay with wild... a circus... two toddlers fighting... and disappointing... that's how many described last night's presidential debate.

Then today... the commission on presidential debates says it will change the debate format "to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues."

Wcbi's stephen pimpo talks with potential voters today and some say they would welcome a more civil discussion.

""they're going to dominate you, you know that joe."

"will you shut up man?"

That is just a taste of the verbal fireworks during last night's first debate between president donald trump and former vice president joe biden.

Questions surounding issues like the coronavirus, the supreme court and social justice seemingly took a back seat to insults, interuptions and finger-pointing.

And north mississippians have some strong opinions about what they saw... "just terrible...unique...l ike two men arguing outside a gas station...wonderin g last night if it would come to blows."

Mississippi university for women political science professor dr. brian anderson says president trump may have accomplished more of what he wanted...he called the debate an ugly draw.

"i'm worried that many americans would walk away from that not feeling very informed and not feeling very inspired."

That was certianly the case for muw sophmore alicia jefferson.

"i don't know what to say...i am scared.

Personally i am very scared."

Jefferson says she was particularly disheartened by trump's refusal to directly condem white supremacists.

Henry may of brookville didn't mince words about the president.

"well he's racist.

That's all.

He's stump down racist.

He can't help it."

Samuel houston...who says he supports president trump, believes the situation is not that simple.

"in order to bring the country together, why do you continue to devicivley talk about that there is an issue."

Samuel's mother linda called the question a no-win situation for trump.

"no matter what his answer is, someone's always going to attack it."

The two say they believe trump showed off his big personality that will help at the ballot box.

"he's fighting the mediator, he's fighting the media, he's fighting everyone on all bases."

However, dr. anderson believes the candidates vying for the oval office should focus less on fighting and more on the issues.

"is it going to add more acid to the mix or will it be something that helps clarif these candidates stand for."

The next debate will be in miami in a little over two weeks.

The vice presidential debate is next wednesday in salt lake city, utah.

Stinger weather open summary: plan on more sun than anything else over the next week.

The only chance of rain will come sunday when a few showers are possible.

Wednesday night: clear and quiet.

Lows in the 50s.

Sw winds 2-6 mph.

Thursday: mostly sunny and mild.

Highs in the 70s.

Breezy nw winds 10-15 mph.

Thursday night: clear and cool.

Lows in the mid 40s.

Friday: mostly sunny and seasonably cool.

Highs in the upper 60s to around 70.

High school football weather will be picture perfect but you'll need to pack a jacket with temperatures quickly falling into the 50s after sunset.

Friday night: clear, quiet, and cool.

Lows in the mid to low 40s.

Saturday: mostly sunny.

Highs in the low 70s.

No issues are expected for the college games in starkville and tuscaloosa.

Saturday night: variably cloudy.

Lows near 50.

Sunday: partly to mostly cloudy.

A 20% chance of showers.

Highs in the 70s.

Next week: mostly sunny and quiet weather looks to hold on through at least wednesday.

Plan on mild days with highs in the 70s and low 80s.

Cool nights with lows in the 50s continue.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app summary: plan on more sun than anything else over the next week.

The only chance of rain will come sunday when a few showers are possible.

Stinger ole miss travels to kentucky in search of a win.

Hear from lane kiffin on what the rebs have to do to come home victorious next in sports!

Spx open mississippi state and quarterback kj costello prepare to host arkansas saturday night as the bulldogs come off their upset win against lsu.

Heading into the matchup last week, costello mentioned how the team had their best practice of the season.

After an upset road victory, costello's words seem to ring true.

As the dogs gear up for the razorbacks, costello touches on why it was important for the team to find that rhythm before the lsu game and what it means for them moving forward.

"you'll see splashes or spurts of greatness here or there.

If that doesn't happen on tuesday or wednesday, i don't think my mind frame and everyone else's is quite the same.

We were trying to find it ourselves i think.

Everyone talks about focusing on the process rather than the outcome, but we were legit doing it.

I can't really describe it.

We were just doing that.

That's really where i'm going to try and stay the whole year."

Ole miss looks to get its first win this season as the rebs hit the road to play kentucky.

Last saturday, the defense struggled to slow down a high powered florida offense that scored 51 points.

Gators qb kyle trask threw for a game high 416 passing yards.

But head coach lane kiffin is optimistic that the defense will bounce back to have a better showing in lexington.

"i think our guys have done a good job this week.

A very different opponent from scheme standpoint.

Hopefully, we matchup better with that too.

You work on obviously tackling like we do every week, but we even tackled in our service periods yesterday which isn't always the case.

We felt we tackled poorly so it's basic football.

You know where you got to lineup, supposed to be, and make the play."

Week 4 of endzone was filled with plenty of action!

Close games.

Comeback wins.

Speaking of comeback wins, one player helped will his team to a win friday night making him our player of the week!

Eupora sophomore quarterback ty murphy was a man unleashed as he rushed for 174 and 3 touchdowns in the 2nd half helping the eagles come from behind and win in overtime against pisgah.

Murphy is grateful for the big game!

However, there's one particular play he says that stands out above the rest.

"two point conversion that won the game!

That we won the game.

That's what sticks out to me the most.

I just felt like i had to lead the team.

I thought we started a little slow in the first half.

The second half we started getting it going together.

Just trying to be a leader for our team.

Get our guys going and make a comeback in the 4th quarter.

My guys up front and receivers did a good job blocking inside and outside.

They really paved the way.

They're really the reason i had the rushing yards that i did.

They made key blocks and really just opened things up for us."

Eupora starts district play at home againist bruce friday!

Here's a quick look at the ap mississippi high school football poll.

Starkville remains the top team in 6a.

Oxford is 5th.

West point and lafayette hold their spots in the rankings at 1st and 5th.

In 4a, louisville...the powercats....are now the top team in the state!

In 3a, noxubee remains the 3rd ranked team in the class.

2a, calhoun city....the wildcats now enter the top 5 at number 5.

In 1a, nanih waiya remains atop at 1.

Biggersville 3rd.

And tcps is back in the top 5 as well.

Nanih waiya hosts noxapater tomorrow in the cross creek rivalry!

Last look stinger last look stinger last look stinger

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