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Friday, July 30, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 7, 2020 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 7, 2020 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 7, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 4) With many colleges shut down or accepting only a limited number of students, many people are finding refreshing alternatives to traditional learning.

And Regal Cinemas is closing hundreds of their theaters under the strain of the pandemic.

>> take it easy.

A very specical midmorning starts right now.

Many colleges campuses are shutdown or only allowing a limited number of students during the pandemic.

That has millions of students taking classes on the web.... and many are finding a new way to learn remotely.

Nancy chen explains.

Exercise among the trees, nature walks in the woods and studying in the fresh air.

A company called "a place beyond has converted this camp into a college campus.

"there's going t be weekend back packing trips, there's going to be white water rafting, you can go dirt biking, you can take cooking classes, gardening classes."

Tatiana wells goes to college in california.

Her childhood friend correia borba is a sophmore at columbia university in new york.

When the coronavirus pushed their classes online, they decided to come to arizona's prescott national forest for the fall semester.

There are three dozen students from more than 20 colleges nationwide.

All were tested for covid and have now formed a self- contained environment.

"even though yo are contained or in a bubble, you don't feel restricted."

Students across the country are looking for alternatives to logging-on at home.

This group of friends left new england to rent a condo in the rocky mountains.

Hanah yun and her classmates from yale found a house in barbados near the beach.

Nc: why did you have the idea to go someplace to do your fall semester in the first place?

0348 h: so i thought, you know, why not take this time to, you know, go go live with a group of friends somewhere and, you know, have a different kind of college experience while i, while i can.

14:15 "this is th first one, we're doing the pilot right now."

Back in arizona, the co-founder of a place beyond is already looking to expand.

"we're hoping nex spring to do a couple of sites, we're talking to some folks in colorado."

He believes this model of learning and living could become a popular option for college students even after the pandemic ends.

Nancy chen, cbs news.

The second- largest movie theater chain in the u-s is closing its doors, again.

The parent company to regal cinemas says it can no longer weather the financial strain due to the pandemic.

Elise preston reports from new york's times square.

James bond won't be on the big screen this fall.

Producers pushed the release of the latest franchise installment, no time to die, from november 20 to april 2021.

The move is forcing the second largest theater chain in the u-s to go dark.

Cineworld announced it will temporarily close its 536 u-s regal cinema theaters on thursday.

"we were bleedin much bigger amounts when we are open than when we are closed.

We'll be like a grocery shop with no food.

Most movie theaters across the country reopened in august, promising a safe experience for customers.

Christopher nolan's tenet tested the waters with disappointing domestic box office results.

And the new live action mulan stayed on the small screen.

With nothing new to offer, disney re-released á1993'sá hocus pocus and this weekend, it was #2 at the box office.

"but none of thos movies are playing here in new york where the governor has refused to allow theaters to reopen.

Industry watchers say if the city does not loosen restrictions soon, other big titles slated for this year..

Like wonder woman 1984 and pixar's soul, could get pushed to next year."

"a lot o journalists live in new york, a lot of film critics live in new york, a lot of culture influencers live in new york and without new york open, the major studios are reluctant to give us their big movies.

And without big movies, we can't get people back in the cinemas.

Last wednesday, industry executives and actors sent a letter asking congress for covid-19 relief specifically for "our country' beloved movie theaters."

They said without it, theaters may not survive.

Elise preston, cbs news, new york.

Cineworld group also has 127 movie theaters in the u-k.

In both countries, some 45-thousand employees are affected.

While some businesses continue to struggle, one indiana woman took a leap and started a business during the pandemic.

Darla hernandez has the details on how her little business has seen big success.

"charcuteri boards are super popular in big cities like la and chicago but during the pandemic when many people weren't going to restaurants one woman decided to bring these amazing boards to customer's homes."

Erica "i love it, i'm reall passionate about it i started doing this a just for my family."

Erica schnippel says what was just a hobby has turned into a "cheesy business.

Erica "i would post the on facebook showing them hey this is just what i made and i would just get dozens of comments people saying you should start a business, asking do i sell them, can i buy that from you and i would say no and after doing a little bit of research i thought i can do this."

Just six weeks ago she officially launched graze by erica.

Erica "graze by erica is custom curated charcuterie board based in elkhart but i serve all over michiana and michigan.

The perfect platters that can be customized look like works of art delivered right to your door.

Erica "i have 4 size small, medium, large and extra- large and the price start at 65 up to 250 dollars and i also have add-ons that you can add to the board as well."

Graze by erica has picked up a huge customer base and strong social media following which she believes is due to covid-19.

Erica "a lot of peopl feel more comfortable staying indoors and having family and friends coming to them instead of going out to restaurants or public places so i found business has been great during this time."

Erica says her future is full of sweet success.

Erica "i would love t see myself open up a store front and maybe grow this into a franchise of some sort that would also be fun."

Tag: erica says she tries to support local businesses and much as possible.

Her honey wood boards are all locally sourced and her fruits and vegetable are all from local farmers market.

For more details you can log on to our website at and click on first at 4pm in mishawaka i'm darla hernandez wsbt 22 news.

Lynne cheney writes about four former presidents.

She talks about them next on mid morning.