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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Week 8 Football Part 2

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Week 8 Football Part 2
Week 8 Football Part 2
Thursday night edition

More footballl to get too.

Lets jump out to sand mountain... the stadium was packed as the bob jones patriots travel out to sand mountain to take on the albertville aggies.

Already in the redzone the patriots, rowan jones, takes the hand off and runs in through the aggie defensive line and charges into the endzone to put the patriots up 14-0.

Aggie qb ben allen tosses out a quick pass to trinity bell who takes it down the field behind his blockers and past the defense but is only taken down by himself as his picks up a first down for albertville.

Aggies allen with the ball again but cannot find any openings as he takes it out wide only to be taken by patriots javeon powell with a big tackle in the backfield.

It's bob jones all night.

Final.... bob jones 35, albertville 14 to milton frank where the band is feeling good, and jemison football is on fire... up 34-0 to start the second half... malachi montgomery wants more... he blows pass brewer's defense and its a nice little 41-0 lead for mae jemison.

Brewer ball, and jamiren johnson says nuh uh..

The offense doesn't get all the spotlight, defense out here working too.

Takes down the qb.jemison would muff this punt but able to sit in cruise control... jemison takes this one 47-0.

We pick up the red bay v hatton game at half time.

The band offering up a tribute to "the beatles" during the half time show.

A hand-off to hunter king for red bay who bobs and weaves like he's sewing a button.

He brings it in for a red bay touch down.

Red bay up 28-0.

Hatton looking to respond -- but quarterback briley kerby get wrapped up by brady hardin with this spin move here.

Red bay -- looking to keep the momentum -- jalen vinson with the massive throw down to mason holt.

A little shove doesn't rattle him and he'll take it to the house.

Red bay with the big win 47-8.

Now over to priceville where the game took its sweet time to get going.

The bands having fun performing!!

The wildcats from central walked into the dawg house looking to demand another w to add to their impressive 6-1 record this season.

But, a lot of quiet gains in the first half leave the score 7 all at halftime.

Lets go to the seconf half now.

Out of the gate, priceville receives and makes quick work flirting with endzone terriroty.

Then the snap that could change everything.

Quarterback wyatt hurt makes a quick hand off to william baker and the rest is history.

One quick drive and priceville has the upperhand 14-7.

Immedatley, wildcats are looking to get even.

Jamal ingram grabs the ball and never looks back.a speedy touchdown for central may tie it up.

The crowd goes nuts.

But hold that thought.

Refs aren't too sure.

A flag on the play comes back and says the ball was ran just out of bounds leaving ingram's legwork without reward.

Score stays 14-7, wildcats may be in trouble.

But, not to worry central fans, in the 4th quarter it's all over.

Central comes back and claims their victory.

Your final from bulldog stadium... priceville 14 central... 20.

The band kepts the energy flowing in the stadium as douglas eagles host the boaz pirates in the second quarter.

Pirates qb carter lambert drops back in the pocket and passes deep to keaton kennedy who takes into the endzone for another touchdown putting boaz up 35 to 7.

Pirates lambert with the ball again but this time the pass is intercepted by eagles gabriel lawerence to give douglas the ball late in the second quarter.

With one secodn left in the half pirates lambert tucks the ball and tries to get into the endzone but he is shut down by the eagles defense to end the half.

Final from douglas.... boaz 42, douglas 21 thanks for joining us on this thursday, a hand full of games tomorrow night we will have those


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