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Thursday, January 21, 2021

10-10 Edition of Football 2 Night

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10-10 Edition of Football 2 Night
10-10 Edition of Football 2 Night
10-10 Edition of Football 2 Night

Night... it's a mec showdown out the dragons hosting a top-10 showdown in class 1 down in east buchanan hosting top-ranked mid- which team will come away still unbeaten... and it's homecoming over at bishop leblond..

The golden eagles going for their second straight win..

All that and much more coming up on football 2 night...)>> welcome into football 2 night..

Thank you very much for staying up late with us... i'm chris roush..

And adam orduna..

It's hard to believe we're in week 7... after this just two more weeks until districts start and we get into the heart of the postseason...thats right chris... two weeks in a row of late night football tonight..

And these games starting to mean more because like you said we are getting closer to the playoffs...let's get to it tonight..

Central game cancelled tonight...the midlan empire conference..

Now to cameron where the dragons === irish kick off, with tanner riley back to return -- he goes up the sideline, cutting back to the middle and he will go all the way to the endzone for the touchdown dragons up 14-13 === lafayette looking to answer -- jaron saunders in shot gun gets the snap and looking deep down the field for a wide open mekhi reed... and he is in the endzone irish take the lead 20-14=== dragons with the ball back marching down the field -- dominic hurst gets the handoff finds a hole and dives toward the endzone..

But he is ruled down at the 1 yard line...=== a few plays later -- ty speer takes the snap and powers into the endzone for the touchdown === cameron would take this one 34-33 in kansas city... the benton cardinals back on the field after covid issues the last couple weeks taking on st.

Pius =====we'll start with right before half pius is up 33-0..

And are throwing the's picked off by bryson brown..and benton not going away yet..===on the ensuing drive for the cardinals..tyler murphy throws up the hail mary..and it's intercepted by jack mosh...who decides to return it..he cuts back accross the feild..he has some blockers ahead of him... and he takes it the distance... thats an 80 yard pick six for the warriorsnot at all what benton wanted before the half...=====kevin keeton for benton needing someting to go right in the second half...==== and this is a good start.... here is pick six for the cardinals...big d-lineman diego barron gets his hands on football and thats a touchdown for benton..=======pius would answer right back...mosh rolls out and finds aiden coons for the toughdown benton loses tonight 47-7..

We head down to chillicothe where the hornets host savannah=== hornets with the ball -- gage leamer drops back and finds tucker wagers --- he picks up a few yards before being brought down...=== hornets forced to punt... savannah in their own territory, evan yount gets the hand off, finds a hole and cuts back up the middle and gets a big gain before being brought down... === savannah would go for the field goal but miss...=== savannah in scoring territory now... yount gets the hand off once again and powers into the endzone... they take the lead 7-0=== savannah would go on to win this one 37-8 back to kansas city...where maryville makes the trip to take on lincoln prep in a non conference showdown...====we will go to right before the half..maryville has a 14-3 lead... and are marching... here is a pass from connor drake to caleb in the back of the endzone for the touchdown...great grab by he kept his feet in bounds and was able to control was close but it was good... ======lincoln prep fans getting a little antsy hoping for something good to happen in the second half...====the tigers fans wouldn't have to wait long because lincoln prep would drive down and big number 9 howard brown rumbles in...he gets upended and the ball comes out but the refs say touchdown...====spoofhound head coach matt webb wanting his guys to calm down and get started back up...====and thats what happens...maryville uses the ground game... they hand it to conner weiss who breaks a tackle and maryville gets the win 49-10 we continue on with maryville forum sports director jon dykstra..

He's down in kansas city... following the spoofhounds... looking ahead to next week..

As of tonight..

And let's hope they do..

Central back on the field hosting staley next friday night..

And st.

Joseph christian at home..

Hosting st.

Mary's academy... lions had a bye this week... while central's game at smithville ended up being cancelled... still plenty to come on football 2night... and coming up after the break... it's the battle of the buchanan's... undefeated east buchanan..

Hosting the number 1 team in class 1... the mid- buchanan dragons... highlights from gower coming up... and later..

Coming off a loss last week..

The mound city panthers..

Looking to bounce back this week in another 275 conference matchup..

Stay tuned..

You're watching football 2 night... east buchananan..

And mid- buchanan..

Two schools separated by 15 miles..

So the rivalry basically built in..

Lots of pride between these two football programs..

Rightfully so..

East buchanan made a state run just a few years ago..

Then in 2018... mid-buchanan knocked them out in district play... and then won both meetings last year..

So plenty to play for tonight..

Oh and both teams enter undefeated... class 1 top-ranked mid- buchanan visting gower and east buchanan tonight..

Dragons 6-0 and the bulldogs 5-0 and ranked fifth in the state...=== dragons start with the ball..

Rawlins brant had himself a good game last week..

And another this week..

Brant around the edge..

Down the sideline the junior goes... drew thompson makes the touchdown saving tackle for the bulldogs...=== but then..

It's the qb..

Javan noyes..

Keeping it himself..

Dragons strike first..

Pat good..

Mid-buch up 7-0 early in the first..=== this one back and forth and tough defense in the early part of the game..=== bulldogs with the ball now under five to play in the first quarter...=== conner musser the junior quarterback..

Dropping back..

And looking down field..

Hooks up with thompson..

And he's gone..

56-yard pitch and catch..

Pat good..

Bulldogs tie this game back up at 7... === mid-buch answers quickly to make it 14-7 though..=== to the second quarter we go... dragons marching... or flying...=== guess who m-b goes to..

It's the junior..

Noyes hits brant on a quick throw... he makes one man miss..

Then it's a foot race to the pylon..

Rawlins brant have yourself a night... 63-yard touchdown pass from noyes to brant..

Pat makes it 21-7...=== but brant's night not over yet..

On defense now..

Bulldogs' thompson sends a man in motion... and thompson doesn't get much of a chance..

Because he's brant..

Messing things up... brant off the gets the sack...=== ensuing drive for the dragons..

Ball going back to brant..

Takes it from noyes..

Gets a block from tj runyan..

And he gone..

Brant again..

Makes it 28-7 second quarter..

Mid-buchanan stays perfect..

Wins 49-21..

7-0 now on the year... so the dragons now 7-0..

And the voice of the dragons dave riggert here to help break it all down tonight... down in weston tonight... west platte topping rivals north platte panthers..

Blue jays winning 48-20... blue jays move to 4-3 and travel to hamilton next week... while north platte falls to 0-7 and hosts lathrop in week 8... down in lathrop we go...the mules hosting the lawson cardinals tonight..lathrop looking for its first win...=== this one is a defensive battle early and often...cardinals with the ball..grant thomas under center...mishandles the snap..bad exchange with the center..ball is loose and the mules recover...===ensuing drive..and next play..nick knight..the running back... with the throw down the field...but it's intercepted by thomas...he gets the ball right back for his squad...=== i told you this game had a lot of defense...let's go to later in the first...cardinals driving..thomas throws the ball down the middle of the field..but it's picked off... mason adwell for the mules with the interception...===in the end though..lawson able to pull out the win..cardinals grabbing the 14-12 victory... not to far up the road from lathrop..

Plattsburg... the tigers hosting hamilton tonight...=== in the second quarter..

14-7 tigers... hamilton's tucker ross..

Finds andrew rich..

He's inside the 10, the five..

Oh no the ball comes loose..

Plattsburg recovers the fumble..=== touchdown saving play by the tigers defense..

Bend don't break works for them here...== but the hornets come out strong... a little later... and it's the feet of sawyer morrow..

He gets in for the score before the end of the half..

And hamilton with a strong finish to this game gets a 35-14 victory... princeton takes down polo 36-6 and milan falls to south harrison 26-7 let's head over to maysville... the wolverines hosting the trenton bulldogs and this one was a real defensive showdown=== early in the first quarter -- maysville deep in their own territory kaleb jestes hands it off to caden israel and he goes around the outside for the first down...=== later in the quarter -- jestes drops back looking to pass but its picked off by kayden spencer... and he returns it for almost 15 yards...=== in the second quarter now... score still 0-0... wolverines with the ball... and this time its jake redman that gets the handoff... he has enough for the first down...=== maysville would go on to win this 22-20 over in gallatin -- the bulldogs defeat putnam county 48-6 next week putnam county hosts maysville while gallatin travels to trenton and still to come on football 2 night..

Coming off a loss last week..

The mound city panthers..

Looking to bounce back this week in another 275 conference matchup..


Bishop leblond..

Back at home tonight..

Taking on northwest nodaway..

Golden eagles trying to build momentum as the regular season winds down..

Highlights coming to football 2 night... the mound city panthers... held the top spot in the 8-man football media poll... until last week... when east atchison knocked off the defending champs..

But make no mistake about it..

Mound city looking for revenge in another 275 conference showdown..

A top 10 battle tonight in graham it's south holt-nodaway-holt hosting mound city.

Spartans start with the football and are making quick work of the opening drive.== 2nd play from scrimmage perfection pitches to alex harris junior scampers down the right sideline for a 6-nothing south holt-nodaway-holt lead.== mound city's turn ideal.

Conner derr is stripped by james herr tommy herr.

The fumble is recovered by tristan steinart.

The spartans are in business.

== what does quinlin have up his sleeve this time?

Fakes the give then pitches to gannon phelan hooked on a feelin!

Gannon goes airborne and into the end zone!

You might see that circle back as a play of the week the panthers aren't going away though.

Derr passing finds gage salsbury senior has some open room to run.

He's gone.

Salsbury cuts into the spartan lead the holts get the ball back quinlin.

Somehow shovels this one to harris.

Harris is tripped up at the 2 quinlin would punch it in on the q-b sneak on the next play.

20-to-6 spartans spartans go on to win 69-24 and to help break down this one... stewartville/osborn hosting east atchison tonight over in stewartsville...=== east atchison started the game with all the momentum with senior tight end ian hedlund leading the charge.=== wildcards able to keep the wolves at bay..

Cain rush with an interception off quarterback josh smith.

However, it wasn't enough with the wolves striking first in the second quarter.

=== east atchison's smith able to connect with sophomore running back braden graves...=== later wildcards down 12-0... keaton martens breaks through the wolves's defense... 75-yard kickoff return for a touchdown... but the wolves too much tonight..

Winning 52-6... taking a look at north andrew as they played albany... the cardinals edge out albany 50-46 pattonsburg falls to east mills 63-14 and king city shuts out schuyler county 52-0 #7 stanberry on the road tonight at #3 north shelby.... ===forced to punt early, north shelby is quick on the coverage and cale stoneburner recovered the fumble to start an amazing night for the raider junior===with two different fake handoffs, cale stoneburner fools both stanberry and the camera person as he take the ball far side for the raider score.=== bulldog quarterback austin schwebach drops back and throws deep cale stoneburner===carson orr takes the handoff and bumps the play outside for the second north shelby score of the game.===another schwebach deep pass, and another cale stoneburner interception stanberry comes away with the win in overtime 36-34 still to come on football 2 night... bishop leblond..

Back at home tonight..

Taking on northwest nodaway..

Golden eagles trying to build momentum as the regular season winds down..

Highlights coming up... and a couple of old platte valley conference foes..

Dekalb hosting platte valley, or south nodaway and jefferson, tonight... it's homecoming..

Can the tigers come away welcome back... despite being oh-and-five on the season...the dekalb tigers battled it out on homecoming night... taking on the oppossing team....platte valley it took some time to get the ball rolling, but zandor matson punched in the first points of the night for the tigers...=== the next score comes from platte valley...who went back and fourth with the tigers all night...===game tied 14- 14...platte valley tries to score one more time to go into the half...the quarterback panics and tosses the ball in the air while being sacked... the tigers catching it in platte valley's territory...=== immediately on the next play, dekalb's quarteback takes it to the house to give the homecoming crowd something to cheer about at halftime.===but despite the back and fourth game, platte valley takes away dekalbs first win of the season, and goes on to win a barn burner with a final score of 52-50... in an top-10 score... number 9 archie defeats appleton city 64-6 now we head over to bishop leblond where the golden eagles hosting the northwest nodaway muskets...=== late in the first landon gardner in shot gun and fires it to fred lageschulte on the out route... cuts up the sideline avoiding two tackles and into the endzone.... the 2 point conversion is good -- leblond up 8-0=== moving on to the second quarter now... leblond with the ball again -- gardner gets the snap and he connects with lageschulte once again and he will not be touched as he gets into the endzone for his second touchdown leblond up 14-0=== muskets looking to get something going.... karson oberhauser hands it off to michael goff and he cuts up the middle and he's like a human pinball machine... bouncing off tackles before being brought down....=== oberhauser in shotgun -- with the quartback keep -- looking to the outside and cuts back the middle and is brought down in the endzone for a touchdown.... muskets trail 14-6=== bishop leblond would run away with this and win 36-14 over in kansas valley heights defeats troy 80-7 and riverside shuts out atchison county 22-0don't go anywhere... we'll announce our anderson ford auto group play of the week... you're watching football 2 night on kq2... and you voted all week for our anderson auto group play of the week... here it is... savannah's ethan dudeck to truman bodenhausen, who makes the catch at the 1- yard line and sets up a savannah touchdown.

Vote every week for play of the week starting monday at 5 through friday at noon... adam, another fantastic week..

Final thoughts... that'll do it for football 2 night this


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