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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Divorce on the rise during pandemic

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Divorce on the rise during pandemic
Divorce on the rise during pandemic
Stress putting a strain on couples

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"* we've seen it al in this protracted pandemic ?

*- from toilet paper shortages to teaching at home with distracted and frustrated youngsters.

Now there's one more way the pandemic is upending families lives across the country.

Kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki is live in mason city with another grim side?

"*effect of the pandemic.


Yes george and katie ?

"* now marriages are having trouble making it through the pandemic.

The website legal templates dot net says demanddiy 35 percent.

A local attorney says he's noticed the same thing.

"at first i didn't want to acknowledge that i thought that maybe my divorce cases were going up in numbers.

After a while, i couldn't ignore it anymore.

I would definitely say it's been up 30 to 35 percent."

Attorney richard piscopo has also seen more couples heading to splitsville since the pandemic began.

Besides covid?

"*related financial problems, piscopo says family dynamics have changed.

"people are holed up in their homes with each other and they're not used to that.

Not only with themselves but also with the kids and everyone trying to get along."

Counseling and communicating with your partner could help keep you out of the courtroom.

Piscopo says divorce should never be a rash decision.

"a lot of times people are very upset because something happened the night before and they want to get divorced and i tell them i'll talk to them in a couple of days, think about it, cool off, get a more rational head."

Jacob anderson from mason city finds it sad folks are splitting up because of the pandemic.

He also thinks people should wait it out ?

"* because better days are just ahead.

"everyone just hang in there and remain tough.

Just know that there is a vaccine coming because they can't ignore that and once piscopo also tells me a typical divorce can take about 10 months.

But with the pandemic delaying the court system ?

"* some are waiting a year and a half.

Live in mason city, nick kruszalnicki, kimt news 3.

Thanks nick.

A divorce can run from around 500 dollars for the paperwork alone... to ten thousand dollars in legal fees.

And i'm