Clinton fall sports season: so far so good

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Clinton fall sports season: so far so good
Coach and parents weigh in on season return

It's in full swing.

Newschannel2's chelsea sherrod is live in studio with an update on how things are going for one school district.

Good evening jason, for lower risk fall orts coacheand plers, the thout thattheir seasn an instant is looming in the back of their minds every day.

And for parents, allowing their children to return to the field comes with concern and hope that they will finish out the season healthy.

But right now, about two weeks into competition, for clinton high school far so good.

Pkg: nats: miquel grimm (not on cam): when you're out here in sports you know that there's a risk and you're making that risk you're taking that risk to be a part of that sport for the love of that sport.

The clinton warriors low risk fall sports season began on october 3 with boys and girls cross country.

Field hockey, girls tennis, boys and girls soccer kicked off days later.

The warriors, who have not experienced a coronavirus threat or outbreak, are among a reduced number of schools who chose to play this fall, while others elected to opt out.


None .

None miquel grimm: we are very fortunate that clinton has decided to go ahead with sports.

It was a lot of uncertainty at first but once you go through the protocols, you look at the guidelines and as long as everyone's being safe and you're doing what you're supposed to be doing, as long as we can have our season you know we're lucky to be participate in that.

Overall i'm ok with theguideline and we're in we're feeling comfortable with it.

Masks are optional for fall sports student-athletes while playing but they must be worn on the sidelines.

Parents, like stacy butcher had her concerns early on but is happy with what she sees.

Stacy butcher: i guess when first when they were saying that they have to wear masks while they're running i was concerned how is that going to work for the boys but they've been managingt okand the them together not too many apprehensions because it was an outdoor sport.

They are pretty good about not gathering in groups ahead of the games so everybody's really been doing what they need to do to stay healthy with the virus.> spencer will have highlights from today's clinton vs.

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