Veteran Home Renovation

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Veteran Home Renovation
Keeping Veterans in their homes as long as possible

Mph making a house a home.

For the last five months family service rochester's been helping older veterans remain in their homes.

One recipient's home improvement project wrapped up today.

Kimt news 3's samantha soto joins us live... at the home of the rochester vet.

George and amy ?

"* i was here earlier at the dyreson residence as workers were wrapping up the home improvements projects ?

"* the family tells me they are so very thankful.

It's been a week long project at the dyreson home.

Eighty seven year old u.s. army vet , clarence( dearson) dyreson, and his wife are one of family service rochester's largest projects yet ?


"* re?

"*si home they have lived in for forty five years.

(nat pop of them working on house) thanks to the hard work of everyone involved ?

"* squirrels, birds and other vermin will no longer be making dyreson's home their own.

"when seniors are able to have assistance like this, it allows them to stay in their home and live independently that they maybe probably couldn't do otherwise."

After being in and out of the hospital, clarence was put in several nursing homes.

Homeowner bernadette dyreson is thanksful for all the support.

"actually i just got choked up for the first time..

No i'm ecstatic that these people have been able to come out and help me side my house."

It's not just exterior upgrades... the dyreson's also have newly installed basement stair railings, smoke detectors, and new doorknobs.

Bernie tells me the project is a big weight lifted off her shoulders.

Live in rochester, samantha soto, kimt news 3.

Thanks, samantha.

These projects to improve the lives of local veterans and their families are supported through grant funding from meals on wheels america along side the home depot foundation and will conclude at the end of this year.

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