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Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Locker Room: High School Football Week Nine

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The Locker Room: High School Football Week Nine
The Locker Room: High School Football Week Nine

Eastside rolls over Angola, while Homestead, Leo and Southwood all clinch conference titles in this week's edition of The Locker Room!

With that we say good evening everyone, and a warm welcome inside the locker name is justin prince..that's petar hood..pete, one day it's august 21st and the high school football season is blink, and all of a sudden it's october 16th and it's the final week of the regular season...yeah, hard to believe, but we are now just one week away from the start of the state tournament..we'll preview sectionals with our buddy jusin kenny coming up later in the show..but for now, we've got a full slate of games to get to, many of which have conference title implications..we begin though in the ne-cc, where the championships in both divisions have already been decided..eastside the small division champ for a second consecutive year..tonight the blazers traveling to take on big division runner-up angola... it's your game of the week here in the locker room..

Two one-loss teams going at it up in a-town..

Angola trying to keep their record to one loss, but eastside had something to say about that tonight.pick it up late in the 2nd, eastside up 14-7, laben davis calls his own number and he gets a good push into the endzone to put the blazers up 20-7.angola, trying to respond here.tucker hasselman tosses it downfield, unfortunately, that tough eastside d brings the ball down.lane burns is able to claw back some yards to help put eastide in good field position.a few plays later, eastside goes for the quick pass, davis finds gavin wallace who gets into the endzone helping put the blazers up 28-7.on the other side of the half, more eastside,matt firestine punches in from close to extend the lead, and just to put the on things it davis - burns connection paying off again.burns is able to evade the ref and the tackle to add six more to the board.eastside, they bury the hornets tonight, final score of 42-7 ?

Sticking in the necc, up the road in fremont, the eagles hosting west-del, and this was a battle between the two teams early on.

3rd play of frem first drive, quarterback kameron colc number is called and he d disappoint.

He able to evade the d - line and he rips off 59 yards and takes it to the house putting the first points on the board, eagles go up 6-0.

Wes del, going eren away though.

The ensuing drive warrior qb eric harlan finds joel dowling across the midd able to hold on to the ball.

They convert the two pointer to make it 8-6.

Fremont, they try to keep things going tonight, and colclasure was a big part of that.

He produces another big run here putting the eagles within scoring distance and they scored a lot tonight, they top wes del 49-22 your final ?

Fairfield 24, busco 6 garrett 28, central noble 21 west noble 34, prairie heights 0 ???to the s-a-c now... south side hosting homestead... spartans trying to secure their second consecutive conference title..

?sparty was missing six starters offensively tonight, including its entire offensive line, but it didn't matter... late in the second quarter, that's nate anderson taking the short evan ormsby pass to the house... it's 24-0 homestead..???just before the half, archers trying to get something going... but matthew morris is wrapped up by cole etchison and company..

???spartans' d posts a shutout... they win 41-0, and the victory bell will stay on the southwest side... over to shields field... dwenger looking to lock up second place in the s-a-c tonight hosting northrop... pick it up second quarter... after a northrop fumble... you see sam pesa on the return... he houses from what would be 38 yards out... dwenger takes an early 21-0 lead...and that defense was dominant all night long... cole carey... just rips this ball away for the interception... saints take over... and they waste no time...louie tippmann..

Right up the gut for the chunk play... gets dwenger deep in to northrop territory...a couple plays later... brenden lytle looking rocco ciocca's way... and look at ciocca go up and get this one... that's a 19 yard touchdown grab... saints take a 28-0 lead in to the locker room... they win 41-0... they wrap up an 8-1 regular season.... ???we make our way down to wayne stadium... generals looking for win number two on the season as they host carroll..???problem is... to beat the chargers, you've gotta be able to contain jeff becker and that is a tall task... touchdown, one of six on the night for becker, makes it 35-12 carroll in the second quarter..???sherwood haydock not liking that, but he would enjoy this play... on the ensuing drive, aidan meek swings it out shawn collins... and there is nothing but green grass in front of number five... and about 75 yards later, collins finds the endzone..???but carroll comes right back... again, becker... tough dude to stop... this time he puts one in the air... mason englert comes down with it... drags a defender across the goal line..???chargers cruise, 56-12... next stop in the s-a-c comes at spuller stadium... snider wrapping up the regular season hosting bishop luers tonight...and the panthers were riding the back of tyrese brown tonight... third and long... brown breaks off a big gain for the first down... later in the drive... you know the rule... gotta let him finish... number six gets in for six... snider takes a 21-6 lead...luers quick to respond... ensuing drive... carson clark... looking deep for brody glenn... and they connect for the 48 yard score... knights cut the lead back to eight...but snider kept grounding and pounding all night long... what brown... breaks away for another big scamper... and what can brown do for you???

How about five touchdowns on the night.... snider wins big 35-13.... ???final stop in the s-a-c comes at north side..

Legends hosting concordia... no mike brevard, so offensive coordinator ben johnson steps in to the head coaching role..

???thought this would be a shootout, but it was all about the defense actually... you saw dazzman mackenzie stopping amir drew for no game..

???ensuing possession for the legends... a big play for the cadets' on d... duce taylor looking left and he's picked off by james rusher... ???concordia trying to take advantage... down 7-0 late in the third quarter... brandon davis... nice ball... hits jace parnin down the field for a big gain..???chance to tie for the cadets here... but once again, the legends' defense stands tall... trevon redmond & arieon mccarter leading the charge down by the goal line..???north side goes on to win in overtime, 14-7 your final... to the ne8... leo can clinch their first outright ne8 title with a win over dekalb tonight...and it didn't take the lions long to get the ground game going in this one... fourth play from scrimmage... max loeffler takes the handoff... and there he goes..

46 yards to the residence... 7-nothing leo... lions would force a dekalb punt on the next possession and get right back to it... jackson barbour slings it to rylan crawford on the outside for the first down...a few plays later... kaeden miller takes the handoff... he gets outside... and walks in to the endzone for six more... lions go up 14...they hang 38 on the barons for the 38-0 win... and leo is your outright ne8 champ for the first time in school history... ???so this game becomes a battle for second place in the ne8..

3-a #7 norwell playing host to columbia city... eagles trying to snap a two- game losing skid..???and you can't ask for a better start than this... first drive of the game... greg bolt going over the top off the play action... hits t-j bedwell over the middle... 58 yards later, it's 7-0 c-city..???on the ensuing kickoff... knights get an explosive play of their own... lleyton bailey fields it on his own 10... able to spring it out to about midfield... but the knights unable to do anything with it..

???instead, they pin the eagles deep... but it wouldn't matter... it's bolt to bedwell again... this time it goes for 96 yards, and another touchdown...columbia city goes up 14 early..???but norwell rallies to win, 45-34... knights finish the season at 8-1..

East noble 42, bellmont 0new haven 41, huntington north 7 ???meanwhile, down in wabash, three rivers conference championship on the line as southwood hosts tippecanoe valley..???and it was the knights setting the tone early... alex farr looking down field and finding his favorite target... carson rich makes the grab and finds the endzone..

Knights take the early lead..???later in the first half, southwood looking for more... again it's farr finding rich for a big gain... gets 'em inside the redzone..

???and just a few plays later... they hand it off to isaiah sutton on the jet sweep... sutton scores to make it 14-0 southwood..???knights roll to the 32-8 win, wrapping up another undefeated regular season and their fourth straight conference title..

???staying in the t-r-c... couple of .500 football teams going at it as wabash hosts whitko... both 4-4 coming into the night..???but this one was all apches... you saw the apaches swarming for the sack on defense..???later in the third quarter... the handoff goes to antonio grant on the sweep... grant picks up some big yardage...???leads to this later in the drive... a touchdown for cameron green... puts the apaches up 35-10... ???wabash goes on to win, 41- 24..

Peru 43, manchester 14 northfield 69, north miami 20 on to the acac... adams central paying woodlan a visit tonight... jets didn't take long to take off tonight... just over three minutes in... blake heyerly takes the handoff... he plows in from a couple yards out... a-c takes the six nothing lead... later in the first... more from heyerly... he plunges in from a few yards out once again... a-c goes up 14 after the two point conversion...but heyerly wasn't done there... second quarter now... he takes the handoff again... this time he's off to the races from 45 yards out...just gets the ball over the goal line... jets take a 21 nothing lead... they cruise in to sectionals with the 41-6 dub... final stop comes at park field in bluffton... the tigers playing host to lakeland tonight...took a little while to get the scoring started in this one... second quarter... still no score... hayden nern finds cody mittlestaedt in the flat... he does the rest... it's seven nothing tigers... just before half... still a seven nothing game... and the nern-mittlestaedt connection working once again... this time it's a 40 yard pitch and catch for the touchdown... bluffton takes a 13-0 lead to half...third quarter... guess who... it's mittlestaedt once again... this time it's a score of the rushing variety... bluffton takes a three score lead... they go on to win 35-6 the final..

Warsaw 35, concord 17wawasee 37, goshen 21 rocco ciocca touchdown 3

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