MSU volleyball home opener sees changes amidst the pandemic

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MSU volleyball home opener sees changes amidst the pandemic

MSU volleyball home opener sees changes amidst the pandemic

Fans saw a few changes at the Mississippi State volleyball home opener against Arkansas on Saturday.

Football wasn't the only sport kicking off on mississippi state today... m-s-u volleyball hosted its home opener against the arkansas razorbacks... wtva's rhea thornton was in starkville to learn about the changes fans can expect for the rest of the volleyball season... wtva 9 news."

I'm on mississippi state's campus outside of newell grissom arena because today marked the first day volleyball was back in starkville... but fans saw a few changes to their normal volleyball game day experience... james robinson: "we could have 10 people there, we're still excited to support our girls."

The coronavirus has changed the look, but not the feel of volleyball in starkville.

As fans entered the arena, mask required signs hung throughout the complex and sanitzer was available at every entrance.

Seats were sectioned off in the bleachers allowing a max of four people seated together in one location.

But even with the spacing, volleyball dad james robinson said the atmosphere was untouchable.

James robinson - msu volleyball parent: "even though we were spaced out, it looked as if we had a lot of people in the gym.

The gym was on fire.

It was packed.

We were making noise.

I was excited.

I'm ready for tomorrow."

But it wasn't just the fans environment that saw adjustments.

Players and coaches were required to wear masks while on the sidelines.

Teams also stayed on one side of the court for the entirety of the game.

The biggest difference though is how the schedule is laid out... being cut down to less than half of a normal schedule.

James robinson - msu volleyball parent: "it's a little hard having a smaller schedule.

Playing back-to-back for the girls is going to be kind of rough.

We're still excited though to get to be here and at least the sec is playing."

Even with all these major changes, robinson said the pandemic can't change the grit of the bulldog.

James robinson - msu volleyball parent: "couldn't feel a difference.

The girls brought the energy.

Fans bringin the energy.

We were packing the griss out."

Tag: now these changes continue for the remainder of the season... and state will be back on the court tomorrow to take another swing at the hogs.

Reporting in starkville, rhea thornton wtva 9 news.

It was a busy day in clay county.

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