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Monday, January 25, 2021

Stimulus Talks

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Stimulus Talks
Stimulus Talks
lawmakers are being pressured to come to a deal about the stimulus package

Day make a deal on coronavirus stimulus relief.

L3: nation view white deadline to strike a stimulus deal closing house speaker nancy pelosi and treasury secretary steven mnuchin continued to narrow their differences..on a nearly-hour-long phone call yesterday.

The pricetag..

And how the money should be used..

Remain key issues.

One source on the call saying pelosi told her caucus: "i don't want to keep repeating that they don't share our values, but they don't."

L3: nation view brian morgenstern white house deputy press secretary brian morgenstern, white house deputy press secretary: "she's laid down this, this sort of artificial deadline... so far she's been playing politics and just wanting to, you know, basically make working people continue to wait and suffer."

/ / l3: nation view rep.

Val demings florida rep.

Val demings, florida: "i believe that the speaker is going to hang in there and try to get the best relief for people who are suffering."

L3: nation view white deadline to strike a stimulus deal closing stocks have begun to uncertainity in a reaching a deal grows.

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