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Monday, May 17, 2021


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Winter has come early, at winter has come early, at least for some of us.

I'm tracking the snow, the rain, and what you can expect to see on the roads if you're heading out./// now that the snow is falling you need to start parking on the correct side of the street.

I'm kimt news three's jessica bringe live in stormtracker for a look at the current road conditions and a reminder of where you should be parking.

"the number of drivers that we've stopped from last year has increase 149 percent.

Fatalities on minnesota roadways are on the rise.

Hear from the minnesota department of public safety about what's driving up the while the wheels on the bus go round and round you need to pump the breaks i'm kimt news three's annalise johnson live with what you need to keep in mind when driving around buses.

Kimt news three first at four starts right now.

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 first at 4.

I'm katie lange stormteam 3 first this afternoon?

"* all eyes are on a lively early season snow system that's moving into the region today.

You can see from our live eyes in rochester and mason city (( katie ad libs )) kimt stormteam 3 meteorloigist sara knox joins us now.

Sara how much snow do you think we'll see?

Live tonight: snow becoming rain then ending lows: low to mid 30s winds: se 5?

"*15 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy highs: low 40s wind: wnw 5?

"*10 mph wednesday night: mostly cloudy, scattered showers lows: mid 30s winds: e 5?

"*10 mph as the snow continues to fall outside..

We're getting a live update on road conditions.

Kimt news three's jessica bringe joins us from the streets of rochester in stormtracker.


Katie ?

"* we're currently driving on highway 52 ?

# and the snow is continuing to fall consistently.

We're even seeing accumulation along the side of the road.

I'm going to switch cameras to give you a better look at the conditions..

The speed limit is 65 along this stretch and we're being cautious driving around 60 miles an hour.

It does look like other drivers are watching their speed as well.

I also want to take this opportunity to remind drivers that rochester alternate side parking is in effect right now.

What that means is you should park you car on the side of the street with even house numbers when the date is an even number..

Follow the same guidelines with odd days.

The goal is to allow for more effective snow removal to reduce the need to declare a snow <if we can't clear all the way to the curb the streets are going to get narrower and narrower throughout the course of the winter.

So, being able to clear right to the curb from the beginning of winter really helps keep our streets nice and wide for emergency vehicles, delivery vehicles and the general traveling public.

Now if you are ticketed for an alternate side parking violation it will cost you 25?


Live in rochester?

"* jessica bringe kit news 3 thank you jessica.

If you're interested in seeing all the alternate side parking guidelines we have a link to the requirements on kimt?

"*do*- com.

Red lights mean stop... it's national school bus safety week.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson joins us live ?

"* reminding us how to drive safely and ?

"(legally around buses.


Katie ?

"* i'm here in front of the first student rochester headquarters.

You may not be seeing as many kids getting picked up and dropped off from school this year ?

"* but it's still just as important to drive safely around buses.

Nationally ?

"* more school buss are on the roads now as an increasing number of students return to the classroom because of schedule changes from covid?


Here in rochester ?

"* only the district's smallest and youngest kids are taking the bus right now ?

"* but first student manager jon goetz tells me it's critical to protect them.

That's why it's so important for drivers to notice and respect the yellow school bus.

There's not as many kids going to school.

The middle and high school kids aren't going to school, but the elementary kids, the most vulnerable kids, are going back so we need to be careful.

Always be on the look out for kids getting on and off the school bus when you see the red lights on a school bus ?

"* you need to stop.

That means the bus is loading or unloading students ?

"* which is the most dangerous time.

Live in rochester?

"* annalise johnson thank you annalise.

All states require traffic in both directions to stop on undivided roadways when students are getting on or off the bus.

Fatalities minnesota roadways are on the rise.

Today the department of public safety shared the disturbing numbers at a news conference.

Kimt news 3's maleeha kamal has more on the story.

I'm at solider field and right behind me there are 314 chairs that symbolize the number of people who've died this year on minnesota highways.

The death toll made a huge jump over last year.

October 2019 data shows 288 fatalities on minnesota highways.

Lieutenant colonel rochelle schrofer(shhh ?


"*frer) with the dps s right now troopers are seeing a lot of aggressive drivers, driving too fast.

Schrofer says speeders contributed to the dramatic increase in highway fatalities.

"from april 1st to may 21st last year the state patrol stopped 93 drivers or something for a speed for speeding an excess of 100 miles per hour.

This year we've stopped 232 drivers for driving an excess of a 100 miles per hour.

" 77 of thid year's fatalities were unbelted motorists.

Last year 58 unbelted motorists died on minnesota highways.

New developments in a southern minnesota double fatal crash.

We now know the names of two people killed yesterday morning.

According to the minnesota state patrol ?

"* 59?


"*old richard banid goodhue and 28?


"*old b barjesteh of northfield were killed in the rice county crash.

It happened just after 7:30 a.m.

Monday morning.xx the rochester police are working on tracking where a false ?

"* but concerning phone call came from.

Police say they responded to the 51?

"*hundred block of duvall place northwest around 5:40 yesterday evening.

A male called the police department saying he shot his ex wife ?

"* the gun was still in his hand ?

"* and he planned to kill his daughter and himself.

When police ?

"* state patrol ?

"* a the county arrived and forced entry ?

"* they didn't see anyoe shot.

Two males in their thirties today's the deadline to reach an agreement on a new stimulus package.

We'll break down what's being proposed.//// nursing students are lending a helping hand this flu season.

We'll show you how they'rethe cd healthy.

President trump heads to one of the biggest battleground states of the presidential race.

I'm natalie brand with why the first lady is no longer traveling with him today.

Plus ?

"* what the president is saying about the new rules for the presidential debate.