Cadets take part in active shooter drill in Tupelo

Video Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS - Published
Cadets take part in active shooter drill in Tupelo
The cadets have been learning how to handle active shooter scenarios.

Law enforcement training academy got a glimpse of how police handle active shooter events.

Wtva's chelsea brown is in tupelo to tell us how they prepared for potentially dangerous situations.

This week is active shooter training week so cadets in class b 65 learned how to handle themselves during these active shooter scenarios.

I spoke with sargent daniel mckinney who told me that the cadets trained with a variety of agencies to be prepared for anything.

Daniel mckinney- sargent tupelo police "this become a big thing after columbine in '99" before the columbine shooting in 1999, officers had to wait for more experienced officers or a swat team to arive before going into an active shooter situation.

Since then all cadets participate in active shooter training.

Now the first officers to an active shooter event can go in.

"so, less time is wasted, to apprehend the suspect or stop the threat" today cadets worked with special operations groups to learn more tatics.

"all sorts of different tactics to do" today is the cadets last day of active shooter training.

Training started on monday.

Sargent mckinney says the cadets have learned quickly.

"the last two days they did really well with alert, and they are doing really well with this."

This friday 23 cadets will be graduating from north mississippi law enforcement training academy.

In tupelo, chelsea brown, wtva 9 news netflix is adding

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