Southridge Football Completes First Unbeaten Regular Season

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Southridge Football Completes First Unbeaten Regular Season
Southridge Football Completes First Unbeaten Regular Season

Team has in school the 2017 southridge football team was the first and only squad to win a state championship.

But one thing those raiders did not accomplish..

Was posting an undefeated regular season record..

An accomplishment the 2020 raiders just did.

The boys in huntingburg are happy to reach a level no other team has in school history..

But they tell over very own andrew garcia..

They aren't done quite yet.

Friday's win over forest park was historic in more ways than one for southridge, not only did the raiders complete the first unbeaten regular season in school history, they are also pac champions.

It feels great, it's great to be the first but it just shows that obviously we've had a historic program but the competition around here is tough so to be able to do that in a 9 week span, it feels great.

It certainly was exciting, it's a hard accomplishment.

We play a challenging schedule.

The pac is challenging.

They just want to play as well as they can and i'm glad we've been able to do that and i'm looking forward to the tournament.

If you looked at the raiders schedule and results, you'd think the team's defense that has given up an average of just over 8 and a half points per game was the only reason, but if you ask the team, they'll tell you a balanced attack on both sides of the ball created success in 2020.

It's been great, you know both sides of the ball contribute a lot.

To win games you've got to have both offense and defense you can't just have one but chemistry has been great and communicating has been a big part of it.

The bottom line is we've got guys doing their jobs.

Whatever that's supposed to be and whether it's them setting up somebody else to make a tackle or to cover certain routes, combinations things like that they've just done a tremendous job of doing that.

The raiders open the postseason with mt.

Vernon and hope that it will end with a trip to lucas oil stadium.

Elijah-our goal is to win game by game but the ultimate goal is to go to state like everybody else but, we need to focus on sectionals first and the first game of sectionals and just game by game work as hard as we can.

Camden- everybody in the state wants to make it obviously as far as they can get and that's to lucas oil but you've got to take it a week at a time and so it starts this week with mt.

Vernon and then get the job done and hopefully move on to next week.

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