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WCBI NEWS at 10 - 10/21/2020

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WCBI NEWS at 10 - 10/21/2020
WCBI NEWS at 10 - 10/21/2020
WCBI NEWS at 10 - 10/21/2020

Show open show open show open show open police in bruce are investigating an afternoon shooting that injured one man.

Bruce police chief tony sockwell says officers were called to a house on bailey street around 1 this afternoon.

Chief sockwell says 18 year old kanias white and 22 year old quindarvin davis were arguing at the residence when both men began shooting at each other.

Davis was shot in the hand and taken to nmmc in tupelo.

White was not injured.

Chief sockwell says it appears the men were arguing over a facebook post involving a woman.

Both are expected to be charged with aggravated assault.

Davis' injuries are not life threatening.

Chief sockwell says a nearby school was not put on lockdown because both suspects were contained at the house and did not pose a danger to the public.

A man is dead and investigator in lee county are trying to find out who shot him.

Sheriff jim johnson says deputies were called north mississippi medical center shortly after midnight when a gunshot victim was brought to the er.

21 year old arlandus shack died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators found shell casings in the car that brought shack to the hospital.

Interviews with people at the emergency room revealed the shooting happened on county road 590.

The sheriff says investigators collected more evidence was collected from that area.

He also believes the shooting was an isolated incident.

"we know they were acquaintances, or well enough acquaintances they felt comfortable around each other, the reason i say that is anytime you have a situation like this or a shooting, general public begins to get on alert, wondering , if they will be next target, if there was a home burglary, what was motive, i want public to know, this was an instance where individuals were together inside or around this car, some incident took place, shooting occurred and resulted in a fatality."

Investigators recovered a weapon and have detained someone.

The victim was out on bond for a 2018 homicide in verona.

He was awaiting trial on a murder charge.

Centered two students could be facing charges after weapons were recovered today at corinth middle school in two separate incidents.

Administrators were alerted that a student may have a gun on campus.

Once they went to confront the student, along with police, the student ran but was later detained.

The school district issued a statement on district issued a statement on t on social media this afternoon.

After the first incident, the district says it was alerted about a second student that may have a weapon.

Educators did find a student with a weapon.

Both students were taken to the corinth police department, where the investigation continues.

The school district did not release the ages of the students or what type of weapon was recovered.

A mississippi state freshman is missing and police are asking for your help.

19-year-old nicholas smith is a computer engineering student.

Msu police say he was last seen on october 16th.

Investigators did not say where smith was last seen but he does live in university house on campus.

An msu spokesperson says the university is consulting with smith's family but did not have any additional details to release.

If you have any information about where smith is tonight call msu police.

Centered it was just over one year ago that tuscaloosa police investigator dornell cousette was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Today, his hometown of aliceville dedicated a piece of their city in his memory.

5th avenue southwest of the alabama city was re-named investigator dornell cousette street during a ceremony this afternoon.

Cousette died chasing an armed suspect last september.

Aliceville mayor- elect terrence windham says he hopes the re- naming serves as both a solemn reminder and an inspiring tribute.

Police chiefs form various agencies and members of cousette's family were all in attendance.

First look stinger first look summary: warm, late summer-like weather is on tap for the end of the work week.

Higher odds of rain and thunder exist on friday with an incoming cold front.

A stronger cold front next week could usher in more fall-like air for but it remains uncertain.

Wednesday night: mostly clear and quiet.

Lows in the 60s.

Winds ese 0-4 mph.

Thursday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

Just a slight chance of a shower.

Highs in the mid 80s.

More starkville high school students and some instructors are staying home this week.

It's all part of a routine quarantine.

As wcbi sports reported this week, several people close to the starkville high football team have tested positive for covid19.

Today, another student athlete has a confirmed positive test.

That means that students who ámayá have been in contact with someone who tested positive will quarantine from home for two weeks.

This week that may be as many as 100 students.

Class for students who are under quarantine is online.

Covid-19 cases and deaths have increased across the state.

The mississippi state department of health is reporting 801 new positive tests across the state, along with 21 deaths.

25-39-year-olds continue to have the most cases of any age group in the state.

Health officials report a slight decline in the number of positive patients that require hospitalization at 11 point eight percent.

In our area, lee county has the most cases with 3- thousand 490.

Choctaw county has the fewest cases with 203.

You've probably noticed more tv ads and mailers for those both for and against initiative 65.

Something interesting to note when you sort through all the politics at play?

Many of those who oppose initiative 65 don't oppose medical marijuana.

Courtney ann jackson explains.

More than 100 thousand mississippians have their names tied to the push for medical marijuana.

That's how it ended up on the ballot.

Jamie grantham, mississippians for compassionate care communications director: "it's compassionate.

We want patients and their doctors to be able to make the medical decisions, right?

Not our government."

That compassion is what prompted many to sign the petition.

"i'm one of those people."

Radio host jt williamson says watching his father die of als played a big part in that decision.

Jt williamson, jt show host, opposed to initiative 65: "it's the worst possible way you could ever see someone pass away and if anything could've helped him be more comfortable, i would've absolutely been 100 percent for it.

And that had a lot to do with my decision to sign the petition.

But then i started unpacking it."

Williamson since received a lymphoma diagnosis and has been battling it since january.

Williamson: "i still am in favor of medical marijuana.

I'm just not in favor of initiative 65 because there is no overreach.there is no way that we can change any bad part of this constitutional amendment and that's the part that i don't like."

Lawmakers argued the measure was too lenient and put legislative alternative 65a on the ballot.

Those who helped gather signatures the last few years say... jonathan brown, u.s. air force veteran, initiative 65 supporter: "it's a low down dirty trick to split the vote because the people have already spoken.

See we saw the inaction of our leaders and we stepped around them using the ballot initiative process and in mississippi that means amending the state constitution."

That's the answer to the question of why the constitution---the group says they were tired of waiting on the legislature to act.

102120-intro you'll get to decide about on initiative 65 on november 3rd and we want to help you make an informed decision.

Wcbi's cash matlock begins a three-part series "breaking down the ballot" with a closer look at initiative 65.

102120-pkg on november 3rd, there's a chance mississippi could become the 34th state to legalize medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is prescribed by doctors and used to treat debilitating illness.

But the ballot may be a little confusing.

Voters will be faced with two questions as well as two different initiatives.

Both initiatives 65 and 65a will legalize medical marijuana, but the difference is in the details.

Here's a sample of the ballot.

You can see the first question will ask for your approval of either initiative or if you're against both.

If you're against both, you can stop here.

If you approve of medical marijuana being used in mississippi, you will be asked to choose between initiative 65 or initiative 65a.

Initiative 65 was put on the ballot because over 200 thousand mississippians petitioned to put it there.

According to medical marijuana 2020 dot com, initiative 65 outlines a detailed distribution plan including 22 qualifying conditions, a program start date, and regulation guidelines.

65a is an alternative option placed on the ballot by the mississippi legislature-- it prioritizes restricting medical marijuana stinger keith wx tze wx open summary: warm, late summer-like weather is on tap for the end of the work week.

Higher odds of rain and thunder exist on friday with an incoming cold front.

A stronger cold front next week could usher in more fall-like air for but it remains uncertain.

Wednesday night: mostly clear and quiet.

Lows in the 60s.

Winds ese 0-4 mph.

Thursday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

Just a slight chance of a shower.

Highs in the mid 80s.

Thursday night: variably cloudy.

Lows in the 60s.

Friday: increasing clouds with a 40% chance of showers and t- showers.

Highs in the low 80s.

Friday night: partly to mostly cloudy.

Some showers are possible.

Lows in the 60s.

Saturday: clouds and sun.

A few lingering showers are possible but the rain chance is just 20%.

Highs in the 70s.

Sunday: partly cloudy and warm.

Highs in the 80s.

Monday- wednesday: confidence is low due to data being all over the place with a possible pattern shift .

We're going to keep mild air in the forecast along with the chance of some rain.

Temperatures could trend colder but it's too early to tell.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app stinger raising awareness about breast cancer -- one step at a time.

We take you to the event on the mississippi state campus next.

Cash 3 lottery gfx goes here video in monitor students and faculty were seeing pink today on the mississippi state drill field.

This is the pink dawg walk to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Msu health education specialist juleigh baker says students and staff could get their steps in, grab some healthy snacks and learn about early detection.

Students and staff could walk a lap and win prizes.

October is breast cancer awareness month.

Each year, an estimated 6-point-8 million people in the u.s. donate blood// we learn more about blood donation in tonights health talk// no script available stinger preparations continue for the mississippi state men's basketball team with the season just about a month away...more on m-s- u men's hoops, next in sports open one of the best ways to jump start a struggling team is to welcome back a key player to the field.... that was the case for the oak hill raiders last friday the raiders welcoming back quarterback cameron dill from injury to show off and earn our player of the week honor in his return, dill threw for 271 yards, rushed for 105 yards against central holmes christain.....he also had 5 passing touchdowns and 2 rushing in the process..

Dill and head coach bill rosenthal were both happy with the team's play friday night... "our line was very physical.

Our receivers caught basically every ball that i through to them.

All praise to them.

I couldn't do it without the line.

They stepped up."

"first of all, it was good to get cameron back.

He broke his hand in the tunica game so we haven't had him at quarterback for four weeks.

I think in three games he's rushed for over a thousand yards, rushed for three hundred and has 16 or 17 touchdowns for the season.

Missing that much offense hurt us a little bit with those weeks he wasn't here so it was good to get him back."

The raiders take on winona christian this friday.

Mississippi state men's basketball's conference season still remains unknown // however, the s-e- c/big 12 challenge match-ups have been released and now we know how the bulldogs will round out non- conference play m-s-u men's hoops will host it's first sec/big 12 challenge as iowa state will come to starkville for the meeting the cyclones and the bulldogs will match-up inside the humphrey coliseum on january 30th the bulldogs going through a decent amount of turnover this season losing players such as guards robert woodard, tyson carter and nick weatherspoon along with forward reggie perry m-s-u head coach ben howland talked earlier this week about filling those holes, take a listen howland: "we lost a lot.

There's no question we lost a heck of a lot in those four guys.

I feel good.

Getting jd, javian davis late was a big boost because we have an experienced guy who has played in the sec, who has put up some pretty good numbers in sec games.

Picking him up late was a big boost.

Between him, quinten, abdul and tolu we have four guys there who are big and have size."

While ole miss football's week four match-up to arkansas featured a more tame performance from the rebels offense, the game also featured a better performance on defense right now, the landshark defense is allowing 579 yards per game and 7.7 yards per play, also ranking 76 out of 77 teams overall for total defense against the hogs, ole miss' defense allowed 394 yards of total offense and about 4.8 yards per play ole miss head coach lane kiffin says he hopes to see that defensive improvement hosting auburn this weekend kiffin: "i think these guys are a little bigger up front, more physical in the run game which is a challenge for us.

I think our players practiced with a little more confidence after doing some things last week.

So hopefully we build on that, but we're struggling with numbers over there for whatever reason that's where the injuries and covid have hit us."

The missisisppi the missisisppi state football team is in need of a much needed reset the bulldogs bye couldn't come at a better time following three straight losses and before the team has to head to 2nd ranked alabama halloween weekend right now, the bulldogs issues on offense are evident the bulldogs rank 52 out of 77 team's in total offense, averaging 5.08 yards per play and 386 yards per game with 12 total interceptions in the first four games played mississippi state head coach mike leach saying improvement boils down to personal responsibility "it's really about as simple as that.

If we all do that then we'll keep improving.

If we continue to improve we'll get better from one practice to the next, one play to the next, one year to the next, so it goes.

That's all we really have control over is just worrying about ourselves and being the best.

If you want to improve the team as a coach or a player, you know, improve yourself."

Still to come..

Chief meteorologist keith gibson returns with tonights last look.

You are watching wcbi news at ten.

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