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Monday, May 17, 2021

Unofficial "the walk" planned could set Vigo County back

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Unofficial 'the walk' planned could set Vigo County back
Unofficial "the walk" planned could set Vigo County back

An Indiana State University homecoming tradition has been canceled.

But some bars are participating anyway.

The Health Department worries it could put Vigo County back into a lockdown.

Good evening and thanks for joining us.

An indiana state university tradition has been canceled this year.

That's because of the covid 19 pandemic.

But -- some local bars are still trying to keep the tradition alive.

News 10's sarah lehman is live in our newsroom in your top story tonight... she has more from local health officials who are worried it's going to cause a big spike in covid 19 cases in vigo county.

We saw this flyer circulating social media.

It says "unofficial the walk" schedule and specials.

The vigo county health department and some bar owners say this could backfire on the entire county.

Na} you won't hear the marching bands at a parade... nat} nor the cheers of the crowd at a football game... nat} and driving down wabash avenue in terre haute...there won't be a sea of sycamore blue walking toward memorial stadium.

That's because indiana state university's homecoming and fesitivies have been canceled.

But -- that's not stopping some bars from doing their own thing.

"i'd heard about the walk being canceled and then i started hearing rumors that some of the places were going to open up early."

Connie wrin is the owner of the verve.

She says for her business... it's just not worth the risk!

"i get it why places are opening.

Trust me i get it.

We all are just trying to survive this but personally for me it's just not gonna work out."

Roni elder with the vigo county health department says large gatherings like this one could throw the county back into more of a lockdown.

"we think it might be detrimental to our community especially with how our numbers are we're on the verge of being in a red county."

Elder says if the county gets flagged red... they'll start talking about closing down bars and resturants again... even potential school closures.

She says even though the state is at stage five.

Local leaders can put stricter lockdowns on their county if they see a rise in case numbers and hospitilization rates.


It's important to note the important to it's it's important to note the university has no ties to the "unofficial walk" this weekend.

I did reach out the the ballyhoo bar and bar 3-65.

Two of the bars we know are taking part.

As of air time -- neither was available for comment.

The health department urges everyone to keep wearing a mask and social distancing to help our numbers.

Reporting live in the newsroom.

I'm sarah lehman news 10.

Back to you.


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