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Thursday, May 6, 2021


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All the scores from all the sports (in action) from Friday, October 24, 2020.

Teams ithe area re looking to keep their records blemish free.

Plus... hello, utica college hockeyans!

You mighbe seng your favoritteam bain actiu think.

We have an update from u-c's athletic director on a potential return to the ice.

(((2-shot))) hello everyone and welcome to sports presswhat a be outside and a we had some great games because of it.

Speaking of perfect - have some teams in actionhat havyet r one of which - holland patent field hockey.

Secon chas the last three yes they'reare 5.

They host 5-1 litlfalls - section iii class d runner up last year.

--- teams traded chances throughout the first half - here's the best one for the golden knights.

The shot from anna healey - keeper emma dooley gets a foot on it and then play is whistled dead - we stay scoreless.

--- chelsea that'd last until more than midway through the third quarterpenal corner fholland pa.

Alivia alexander towards the goal - maggie cummings makes sure it gets in.

Jams it to the back of the cage.

H- p goes up by one.

--- spencer late in the frame - little falls looking for the equalizer.

They had some chances.

Allyson nichols fires - stopped by ella buchanan and booted out of trouble... (((score))) ...the golden knights able to put two more on the board from madison oliver in the fourth.

To six-and-oh they go with a 3-0 win.

Chelsea over at clinton high school -also unbeeat 5 and 0 - the warrio hosted theand 3 p 1-0 and have a penalty corner, finley davignon sends in a pass, it bounces across the net and finds senior gianna trunfio who taps it in to the goal.

2-0 clinton.

-- spencer about midway through the second quarter, trunfio takes a shot, its blocked by goaliemao follows it up for the reboundan4 goals and one assist.

-- chelsea five minutes to go in the half, trunfis dribblingup ts blocked, the ball gets passed across the goal... this was a battle in front of the cage,butd of it and score.

She finished with a hat trick on the dayand ) the section three class c leaders would hold a 4-0 lead at the half and go onto win 8-0.

Also..shout out to sauquoit's goalkeeper marley inglis, she put up a great fight today making 26 saves.

Spencer in boys soccer - holland patent 3-0 d lookito kee a tough task with 5 pand - the reigning class d section champs - in town.

--- in the second half - tornadoes with a 2-1 lead.

Kade ozog sent on a run - he shoots...jonathan tolpa makes the save10 stopon tn knights keeper.

--- chelsea with about nine minutes left - poland is looking for some breathing room.

Ozog he doealree game - with the turn...he stays with it and has a wide open net...finishing with the left he puts the tornadoes up by two.

--- spencer five minutes later - off the ball from ben deragon.

Ozog - pushes forward with the header.

Again sticking with the play he reaches back and buries it.

The senior completing the hat trick and putting this one away... (((score))) ...poland handing holland patent its first loss of the year with a 4-1 final.chy from the field hockey game,clton action hosng thuticaacademy of .

Start of the second half, clinton with a 1-0 lead.

Junior samuel butcher advances the ball to senior defender dan frank who takes one touch, shoots and scores.

That looked like a set play there.

The warriors go up 2-0.

Spencer about midway through the second half, u-a-s gets a free kick off of a hand ball violation.

A chance to get on the board and it goes right over the goal.

(((score))) clinton would maintain theirleae from their meeting earlier in the season winning 2-0.

(((2-shot))) (((start music wheneco anchor stas talkg))) that'll ke us tothe fin orts express.

Sll to ce - this wk's featureathlete of the week.

But coming up next... we have an update on utica college pioneers hockey... plus... a priew of tomorrow's syracuse football matchup against the number nationally ranked team in the country.

Now - let's check out other scores from around the area.

(((change))) ((change))) (((change))) (((2-shot))) aboard the seemslia college hockey game - but there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

U-c athletic director dave fontaine sent a tter toeason tickeholders todase united collegiate hockey conference - in whichticawon fon three years th past marchhad prt will not begin conference play until january first.

The letter suggested u-c could schedule some non- conference games following turkey day prior to u-c-h-c games beginning.

Chelsea fontaine's update said that the program is hopeful to play a full confen slate - whh consisted of 18 games last season.

U-c's quest for a national title was cut short by the pandemic.

They finished last year with a 25-2-2 record.

Spencer the battle of david versus goliath is often cited to describe a sportsamebetween e tomorrow's syracuse football game against number one clemson.

Chelsea at 5-0 - the tigers come off a 73-7 stomping of georgia t- the lone team syracuse has beaten this season.

Meanwhile the orange come in struggling at 1-4 and dealing with injury trouble at key positions.

Spencer currently - s-u is as high as 46-point underdogs.

They're also the last team to beat clemson in the regular season back in 2017 - so...despite the odds - they're embracing the david role.

Dino babers: you get an opportunity to play the number one ranked team ithcountry, whee injured free or not, whetheryoun opportunity compe and noone exe that to measure up in a situation like that, we will see.

We saw with the team did last week and we saw with the final score was last week and that was a team that fortunately we beat but it was a close game and it wasn't a close game with those guys so we understand how tall the task is but we will be there.

Spencer the orange the chance for a victory of epic proportions...kick- off fromclet noon.

(((2-shot)))(((start music when second anchor speaks))) thattaks express.

After the break we will feauture this week's athlete of the week.

This westmoreland/ oriskany junior forward prides himself on consistency and you can see it in his game.

Bumpback & athlete of the week ingerwelcome back to sports expr athlete of the week... this juor consistency in his game has helped lead his team to a 6-1 start.

Nats: caleb miller ((not on cam)): it feels great to know that there's that they put their trust in me and i fe like im worthy ofn awarlike this.

Wemoreland- oriskany boys soccer junior forward caleb milleiso joke.

Gil palladino: do you know his work ethic is ridiculously high.

S leadershipt tremendous effort t entiretime.m midfielder to forward, in justss season, miller has tallied 10 of the team's 22 goals, scoring in every single match and leading his team to a 6 and 1 start.

Caleb miller: i feel like i've just been getting started i have a lot more left for the rest of the season.

But i feel great i feel like i'm able to get a lot of curveballs in for my teammates.

One of our other forwards trevor tamburrino hehas maybe he's doing a great job just distributing the ball.

His goals are going to come too.

I feel like in the first half of the season i've really fallen to the group and i feel great about what we've been able to do.

Even though there are currently no playoffs toloo, westmoreland- oriskany attacks every game as if there are.calen every game that we played so the goal is not to go undefeated the goals to take every game one at a time and try to win every game we play so that's what we want to accomplish.

Gil palladino: oh i love it i love that place.

We've approached the season like it isn't a different kind of season.

With approached itlil like we all got to oseniors.

A l palladino calls him a born leader.

Gil palladi: he is greas involved i'm sure it's aboutsomu would think from sophomore year junior year because hecamee three-sport athlete says he's keeping his options open when it comes to playing soccer on the collegiate level...but coach think otherwise.

Gil palladino: no i don't because he's a phenomenal baseball player.

Ok so i know he can play at the next level i've tried to convince him he's asgos a baseball player but i see him playing baseball in college.

Spencer if you know of a high school athlete who deserves to be athlete of the week, here's our contact info- n social media!

Just send us who you would like to be nominated and why.

All featured athleteswy of c-n-y awards and apparel.

We're winding down here on srts expre - but bere we go - an update on game threeof s angeles dodgers.

This one just going final from globe life park in arlington, texas - it's the dodgers taking it 6-2te series.

Los angeles opened these first - and never trailed.

Game four tomorrow at 8:08 p- m.

(((2-shot))) one cities guaranteed two champonshithis y.

We'll see you back here next