10262020 CNN Covid

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10262020 CNN Covid

10262020 CNN Covid

Officials are worried we will not be able to control the record number Covid Numbers

Meanwhile cases are rising across the united states as well.

On friday the u-s recorded its largest single-day number of infections since the start of the pandemic.

Some health experts warn that trend is likely to continue throughout the holiday season.

John lorinc has more in our nation view.

#### l3: nation view white coronavirus cases rising l3: nation view white dr. peter hotez baylor college of medicine ..

L3: nation view white coronavirus cases rising l3: nation view white dr. celine gounder cnn medical analyst ..

L3: nation view white coronavirus cases rising l3: nation view white mark meadows white house chief of staff l3: nation view white coronavirus cases rising l3: nation view white olivia troye former wh coronavirus task force member l3: nation view white coronavirus cases rising l3: the coronavirus isn't showing signs of easing its grip on the u-s.

Dr. peter hotez/baylor college of medicine "the reality is that the worst could be yet to come and that the beginning has been more or less the warm up act for what is about hit."

At least 35-states are seeing a rise in new week-to-week cases, according to johns hopkins university.

Dr. celine gounder/cnn medical analyst "some of the worst-hit places in the country right now are rural areas and those health facilities are very quick to be overrun."

As for the white house..... mark meadows/white house chief of staff "we're not going to control the pandemic.

We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigation areas."

Sources tell cnn at least five members of vice president mike pence's staff have recently tested positive for covid-19.....pence, who the white house said tested negative for the virus on sunday, spent the weekend on the campaign trail.

Olivia troye/former wh coronavirus task force member "covid is a reality that they don't want to face.

This has been a failure and they're just not going to talk about it now and they'll just pretend that it's not happening."

The university of washington's institute for health metrics and evaluation predicts more than 100- thousand lives could be saved through february if 95-percent of americans wear masks while in public.

Dr. rochelle walensky/cnn medical analyst "we know that it's easier to wear a mask in the winter than it is in the summer.

And i think that it would be very reasonable

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