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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


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a new justice will take her seat on the bench of the us supreme court

Potts tells us what this means and how it could impact the election... and health care.

:00 :13 :47 :57 (nats of wh swearing in ceremony) a late-night unofficial oath at the white house - followed by the official swearing-in today confirming amy coney barrett as the latest justice to the u-s supreme court.

(sot: amy coney barrett/ new supreme court justice) "i pledge to you and american people i discharge my duties to the very best of my ability."

Justice barrett, promising to be impartial after a bitter, partisan fight over her confirmation rushed in record time...before next week's presidential election.

(sot: president donald trump/ no super) "throughout her entire confirmation credentials unquestioned, unchallenged, and obvious to all."

The timing drew objections from democrats.

(sot: senate minority leader chuck schumer/ (d) new york) "the american people will suffer the consequences of judge barrett's far-right, out of the mainstream views for generations."

(sot: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell/ (r) kentucky) "our colleagues cannot point to a single senate rule that's been broken.

Not one."

One republican - senator susan collins with maine - joined democrats in the closest supreme court vote in decades... 52 to 48.

Legal experts predict this will be the most conservative court since before world war two.


Demonstrating against her appointment.

Justice barrett - the first mother of school-age children on the high court the first not to graduate from yale or harvard joins just in time to hear arguments on


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