No sign of negotiations as Silgan strike enters 15th week

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No sign of negotiations as Silgan strike enters 15th week
No sign of negotiations as Silgan strike enters 15th week

Workers at the plant, despite nearly four months of striking, those workers and their union say the company still isn't listening to them.

Kq2's ron johnson spoke with those on strike today as well as the union that represents them for an update.

<<ron johnson reportingthe passage of time since the first day workers at silgan containers first went on strike can perhaps be best described by their union secretarywe've gone from sunscreen to burn barrels for 15 weeks union workers have been on strike at the plant, demanding the company provide better working conditions it is not about money, we've never been out here about money, our problem is our time with our families, our problem is the amount of work that we do down here.

The workers union says the company is forcing them to work for long periods of time with little to no breaks in between they have language in the contract that makes it where they can work them 365 days in a row, they work them four months straight at a time.

Strikers say the unwillingness from the company to budge is both sudden and unprecedented.

They were happy with us and then they pull this.

I've been here 45 years, and i've never seen anything like this they aren't even trying to negotiate with us.

The drawn out process of the strike has taken it's toll on strikers, some more than others some of them have left, they've found full time jobs, they've gone and done what they needed to do to take care of their families and we've been fully supportive of that.

I'm not dealing with what a lot these younger guys are having to deal with they have kids.

The union says they've filed formal charges against silgan, and are awaiting court proceedings.we are waiting right now for the nlrb to rule on those charges, and then that will determine where we go.

Ron johnson kq2 news>> the 109 silgan workers have been on strike at the plant since mid

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