West Lafayette Firefighter Honored As Hometown Hero

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West Lafayette Firefighter Honored As Hometown Hero
News 18 This Morning wants to welcome a new segment.

Know somebody recognized something that i didn't even recognize."

News 18 this morning want to welcome you to a new segment.

It's called hometown heroes.

The goal is to highlight someone in community who is creating an impact.

News 18's marvin bills join us now in studio to introduce us to our first hometown hero winner.

Good morning, marvin.

Good morning, marlee.

We are excited about this new segment here at wlfi.

There's no better time than now to recognize people in our community for all they do to help others.

Thanks to our sponsor for this segment..

Westminster..this morning we are recognizing adam arnold.

Arnold grew up in greater lafayette and graduated from harrison high school.

He is a 4th generation firefighter with the west lafayette fire department.

After moving to fisher's for a little while adam didn't think he'd be a firefighter.

He told me it was kind of a shot in the dark but one of the best decisions he's made.

Adam says he strives to give it his all when doing his job that includes positively impacting every person he encounters.

"i don't want to present it that we are out looking for gratification, that's not what this is, that's not why i do this job, it's not why any of the guys i work with do this job and i truly feel thati can speak for them when i say that, that being said it's just nice to know that people appreciate it."

Adam received a $100 dollar gift card to spend wherever and however he wishes.

Congratulations to adam.

We all know someone in our community that's going above and beyond to make a difference.

Let westminster and wlfi help you recognize that person for all they do.

If you have someone you'd like to see recognized visit this story on our website at wlfi dot com.

Marvin bills, news 18.

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