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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


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We will talk about warmer weather coming up in a few minute japan today is election day.

Many elections to talk about both nationally, statewide and locally.

President trump and former vice president joe biden preparing what could be a protracting battle ahead.

>> leah: pundits still scratching their heads and as doug luzader reports from just outside the white house this morning, this is an election day unlike anything we have ever seen.

>> reporter: after the final votes are taft today, president trump and former vice president joe biden address the nation.

Biden from delaware and president trump from the white house, place he is hoping to hold on to the next four years.

>> we made history together four years ago and tomorrow we are going to make history once again.

>> reporter: president trump ended his campaign last night in grand rapids, michigan.

Same place four years ago when he carried the pivotal state.

>> these does not look like a second place finish.

>> reporter: the trump campaign hopes the final rallies will create a huge surge of in person votes today.

>> it is time for donald trump to pack his bags and go home.

>> reporter: the biden campaign thinks the support they have banked through early voting will carry the former vice president to victory and say there's no way the president can claim a win today.

Either way a number of cities are bracing for possible violence.

Despite exhaustive polling the outcome may be anyone's guess.

>> this huge surge in turnout and where it is coming from is adding level of uncertainty in the process so i want to see where the votes are comes from.

>> reporter: among the things to watch, early results from florida, georgia, north carolina.

>> if biden winds any of the sun belt states, very good sign for democrats across the board, especially joe biden.

>> reporter: still there's pennsylvania and reason why both campaigns spent so much time there.

>> if this comes down to pennsylvania which it very well may, it may be the end of the week.

>> reporter: that's because they plan to count votes friday and joe biden will spend campaigning in pennsylvania.

In washington, doug luzader, fox news.

>> leah: president trump won in our state and recent poll shows the president ahead by average of 7%.

Nationally though the poll says joe biden is favored to win the overall election.

>> jon: also keeping eye on state and local raises.

Who will represent you in washington?

>> leah: perhaps no race more contentious in the state than the first congressional district.

Congressman joe cunningham squaring off with republican challenger nancy mace.

We caught up with the congressman on monday saying that choice is clear.

>> i think that as long as you're honest with people and transparent and fulfill the promises, whether it be passing a bill, banning offshore drilling, accountable to people in the lowcountry that's exactly what we have done.

As long as you have done that and honest and transparent then folks will send you back.

We have done everything we can and feeling very optimistic.

>> leah: nancy mace is up to the challenge.

We caught up with her yesterday as well while she canvassed.

>> we are out here door knocking in final election.

I knocked on 1,000 doors.

We got to turn out tomorrow.

>> leah: most recent polls in the race have produced vastly different results.

Strategic gave mace 47-45.

Meanwhile a poll last month gave cunningham advantage 55-42.

Both of those polls surveyed voters in early october.

>> jon: u.s. senate race in our area getting attention.

Lindsey graham trying to keep the seat he held for 18 years.

The senator running against jaime harrison.

Bill bledsoe with drew enforcing senator graham.

Graham held a few events monday here in the state when he spoke to voters and upstate tone quite optimistic.

>> i really do believe i'm going back to the senate and that sign is okay.

I'm going back to the senate for a purpose.

I never wanted to be back in the senate more than i do today.

I have seen what's possible, good and bad.

I have seen what they are willing to do to our country.

I want to go back up and be a breach.

I want to stand on that wall.

I want to make sure they don't come over that wall.

I want to be your voice.

>> jon: meantime jaime harrison had few events speaking in orangeburg on monday.

Take a listen.

>> i lived the american dream and my job is to make sure that every other kid in this country in this state get the opportunity to live their american dream.

I'm running against a man who i used to respect, who i thought that's what the values that he had.

But what we have come to find out with lindsey graham that it isn't the case.

Only thing that lindsey graham cares about is lindsey graham.

But it is time that south carolina has a senator that cares about south carolina.

That is what i will do each and everyday, fight for the people of south carolina.

>> jon: race is close.

According to the latest poll shows senator graham with two-point lead 46% to 44%.

Brooke schwieters is speaking with voters.

Look chilly but not let the weather stop them from exercising their constitutional rights.

>> brooke: that's exactly right, jon.

You know, we have already seen the lines pile up a little bit heading into the building here but starting to move pretty quickly.

Actually that


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