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Monday, June 14, 2021

Political analyst Howie Morgan on set

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Political analyst Howie Morgan on set
Political analyst Howie Morgan on set
Political analyst Howie Morgan discusses the 2020 presidential election.

- joining me live in studio is- political analyst howie morgan.- howie has worked nationwide on- campaigns with- presidential contenders governo- mike huckabee,- governor rick perry and u.s.- senator rick santorum.- howie, thanks for joining us, - what are your thoughts on - what we are seeing in the - presidential race tonight?- - - - - wxxv >> we all thought biden should have at least ... 30 points ... coming other county would ... push across in florida didn't happen at all from a tremendous inroads ... among latino votes.

In fact, the result also last week nine points is all that biden had so that held the biden back entire night ... as your note was most election day.

Later on ... , as the western part of state function when the spray call to get.

I predict that is ... a good night for a in florida that members want this, we are different and was watching all all members of ... changing rapidly ... because of the way the states chains are tied relation.

If some states like florida ... nor q1 arizona ... .

Actually, early votes ... last week's polls close opens up and left numbers ... with the only democratic members ... as democrats ... overwhelmingly actually voted early partnership ... because the way the pandemic hits push by trump to ... push his worst election.

The so when the ... carburetor election day those numbers on the subject ... changes vast republican, but ... that the difference however in wisconsin, michiganandpennsylvania ethicallyoppositethereactua... vingthedayofvoting ... knowsandcomesup ... republican dominated ... and as they start kind about which will take several days about idle people have done ... in the first or friday.

Official results is pretty close yet so we have baseboard go ... think were not 3wxxv >> i suppl correct.

We have more space to go have a call for you to call dr. lonnie at ohio state.

The balance arizona as well ... so we still have some more states with ... the intention to ... openness assemblies to be a very long night a very long week ... .

Anything else that we need to be asked ... for the presidential election.

You know it's it's some it's very interesting to see how ... the enthusiasm really alternate taxes had boat earlier but all last year with the numbers are still the same ( ... changes when the boats rolled out ... over crazy ... seesaw back and forth as a counterbalance still the proces is good ... reports of this as we go forward, but also your call, dial the savings on facebook internet site is crazy or to recollection you know getting used to.

You having a ... result of inattention.

I ... that's okay your county elections.

The right but if your lobby seats and melodic states you see things ... to her three days was baltimore's arizona took three days richly the public winning two days later ... , the democrat will so it takes longer to get the charges ... crazy people relish things your local friends or neighbors, your grandma's grandpas retirees directly helping about work clerk shortly free for election ... as they love america are doing the best to eventually have a result, when a good results.



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