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Friday, March 5, 2021

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10am dlkghlghslguhsl
10am dlkghlghslguhsl
10am dlkghlghslguhsl

And i'm chip chapman..

Welcome to let's chatt the tn valley's premiere show focusing welcome to let's chatt.

I'm jess raby..

And i'm chip chapman..

Welcome to let's chatt the tn valley's premiere show focusing on lifestyle and entertainment.

With jess raby and chip chapman bringing you smart shopping tips, community events and the newest trends.

Now let's chatt!

If you went out and voted yesterday on election day, you if you went out and voted yesterday on election day, you probably had to stand in some pretty long lines.

Music is always a good way to pass the time and that's exactly what voters got in los angeles.

Voters that were heading out to dodger stadium to cast their ballot were greeted by a mariachi band.

The mariachi band was brought in to celebrate the dodger fans.

We've made it through halloween, and in london they're moving past thanksgiving and moving straight on to christmas.

Halloween, and in london they're moving past thanksgiving and moving straight on to christmas.

On oxford street all of their festive light have been turned on.

Many of these lights are in tribute to those who have helped others during the pandemic.

England is going into their 2nd national lockdown to help prevent the spread of covid- 19 and many of these lights display messages of love and hope for the city.

A group of california breweries have teamed up to help out firefighters.

They joined forces to create a special beer.

It's called the fire brigade craft beer.

Each can has a big purpose..

To it's called the fire brigade breweries have teamed up to help out firefighters.

They joined forces to create a special beer.

It's called the fire brigade craft beer.

Each can has a big purpose..

To help those impacted by the devastating creek fire, which is still burning.

100 percent of all sales will go to fire relief.

Despite all the breweries being hit hard themselves with restaurants and more being closed, they still wanted to do something to help out the state's firefighters.

A young kentucky girl has been honored with a a young kentucky girl has been honored with a bravery award for saving her mother's life.

Meet addy kremer.

Addy's mom has had breast cancer for the last 6 and a half years.

One afternoon her mom started having a seizure.


One afternoon her mom started having a seizure.

Addy knew exactly what to do.

She put a pillow under her head and made sure she was on her side.

Firefighters were so amazed with addy's heroic action that they honored with an award with addy's heroic action that they honored with an award at a city council meeting.

The fire department created the certificate of bravery award specifically for addy.

Mandy williamson: today on mom to mom, we're going to make something to help calm your kid's senses at bedtime.

Our kids go through local raises a tight race between the senate.

The senator district 10 residents when gardenhire and glenn scruggs last night, can down to the end but at the end of the day.

I think it just came down to bradley county boats being tallied up and i was feeling just a dozen district where democrats have to how to be aggressive bradley county because hamilton county is almost that single democratic county surrounded by other republican counties and citizens, so it is a firm wind or should i say confirmed with four senator todd guard are right and i know at least i think you had is a little time with glenn scruggs ... to cover that during noon broadcaster later on today starting what else were you on it and covering less so.

I really focus on the voter turnout.

I was over at the bethlehem sensor and also at the avondale center and it really was a steady line was not long it was about some photos that he took fifteenth in 15 minutes is to get in get out.

Which in a long time in a long time ago an actually officials say the average wait time at all posing state were 30 minutes.

Overall the chattanooga did would like a three hour wait time.

While one location, but overall it was pretty video smooth operation now final question and i know a lot of people in our phone lines, emails, text messages and load up this morning what is the latest on the race or the white house so you have states like a wisconsin ranger georgia north carolina this again these are all tall tall so for now, and i believe george is going t make a difference in terms of the senate, not and also i feel like and joe biden is able to capture the georgia state ardsley trump has been dominant until the south even southeastern states right but if giovanni is able to capture out the goods us build a newsroom last of the last official count the we got was the electoral vote college, which is what it all boils down to 238 four biden 13 for president trial together was a battleground states that you mentioned are still, we haven't heard those complete totals as of hopefully will still talk to ... us updated on ... in the see the results and wanted to talk about as related to the political race but good job last night talking to or i'll get up and go.

I want you to show your non-stick around.

We have much more on much chats will be back for short coming up in a moment i saw the landing except it's not on the landing will explain what we come smile enterprise you by 10 shown, smiling like katrina and smile taken to europe.

What makes you smile and send it to i thought it was for chart guide for chart by carla.

Did you change the pronunciation on your name and why wasn't i told you hard in between either.

I carl, i am not sure if we have hard out here were not.

I think we do ... so of minutes.

Okay, i got ... david rowe, david david david it's just ... we continue on, let's chat.

It is wednesday and time to bring back is turned into a annual chattanooga tradition that is ice on the landing except is not on the landing carl is here to talk all about that carload during the break i found out that some of us around here, maybe me had been mispronouncing her name all these years, so carla charred, correct that the county everyone.

It is in english anyway were glad to.

I remember back when you were carla watson, so will will leave that when i long ago what i i the landing it's glad to see it i what i heard ice on the landing zone the landing of the ... we need to find out and you know we knew that we started out with the reagan 2014 the name and after we were there for two years.

We need to the garden behind the chattanooga choo-cho tractor really people setting and wonderfully for this activity and no and that train industry for total career made it the at where it is cute.

He was technically on train landing net with the call train landing no.

I left the name of i know you get to the nuts olds about your opening winter closing pricing all that i got asked you a question that seemingly we have do with every one we talked i know you're taking the appropriate social distancing, cautions, but tell me what those are ... i we have an will be making we don't get me this year is limiting capacity on the rake anyone time and that is to be any type on the i which is happening that will actually be a more pleasant, enjoyable transfer to the skating in a constant and will also be part of and which will be fantastic services regularly.

Patient and around on but again that the pt are logistics will be set up a little differently.

The weight where you walk up and left time in so just making adjustments like that different in the limitation people on the high meaning i know you put extensive thoughts into this going through your mind each an every possible scenario of note is going to be most enjoyable family experience that you and your team can possibly make it so back to the nuts and bolts.

When do things open up for ice on the landing we think novembe 13 next friday at be clean.

We are working hard on the site right now getting a lot of different answer here in the layers in place that enable us to have that lasers laser level surface and start building the right you for artist to get tha good foundation in and we can withstand the person making my way to hundred back on and you were looking for to night on friday the thirteenth and on a long season this year going through january 20.

One thing that it seems like i know we went to this every year.

I don't think we dwell on it in the this is suitable for all levels of skating skill and even have classes for folks who have never put on a pair of skates or who are basic skaters us correct correct outstanding morning pages in a shell in our we officially open to the list.

If you you can on take a lesson that certainly any time you don't know what you're doing but doubt that came to david an unique in and we do still have we call i buddy right you can rent for a few dollars in the bank you can hang on ceiling around like a walker.

I that really gives you the night my dear uncomfortable at first, very badly.

I got a coach on here, but one thing the staff wanted me to ask is are you going to bring back skillet curling like you had last year.

I know you did a lot folks from large manufacturing hopefully you will have some's gillett curling but maybe even those of us who can't escape carla think so.

As always for your time and got more of check out the that's because of wearing the is that problematic ... yeah i ... hi julia, gloria martin, how ar you are will be with your estimate ... let's just ... a number of time is over the years, zero let's chat and our other podcasts.

We talked about the austin hatcher validation for pediatric want to grab ... your you need to be aware of what's going on with them and how you can help.

Julia is joining us now julia becker is the development manager and julia we say good morning to yo and thank you for joining us, give us the a quick overview as to what the austin hatcher validation ... the really the foundation mentioned it to eric the quality of life for those in the county that by providing different service.

She'll children and even her grandparents, her caregiver you look at the child and they okay.

You're going to pediatric cancer.

What you need you on letter counterclaim and occupational therapy were there for the family.

On the and i see that you are teaming up with amazon and the amazon wish list program which obviously opens u a whole plethora of ideas as it comes to helping out the youngsters and their tell me how the nuts and bolts of this work you also hatcher foundation teaming up with amazon wish list ... absolutely love the amazon wish that actually is a great way fo you donations about people having to glop at their home.

You purchase items that we need for the kid.

I mean i hatcher foundation at oregon and let the needy.

There are many different meaning for our wedding that glitter for our here where i know keeper for tutoring paper here and a little later we can and items that we need from the community and really get out.

Seems like a lot of times people think going to step up to the plate and help out a great program like the austin hatcher probation.

You have limitless pockets and multiple zeros can but that is not shared ... i really relate to make it different and i feel like family to let their kids in all and i tangible item.

It may not cost as much at a big donation but when kenny mentioned in an directly, arthur.

What about the volunteer aspect of the austin you all in need of volunteers all throughout the year or especially here at the holiday ... we really are you allowed creating a highly dating balcon place very patiently.

I volunteered to donate their tim to decorate our 30 day and so much to tina typing you and large with patient coming in person.

He was with the debt know people green and others only a labor volunteered to them in our folks want to go and complete the entire circle as far as helping out with what you're doing at the office hatcher probation when the items need to be back at the participating stores might cut you short, we only got about 20 seconds.

I had a full and needy.

I think back here backed by the sounds good julia becker that you so much for joining us and we wish you a very happy holiday season and a very merry christmas.

I'm sure we'll be talking to you between now and find out more about the work they're doing at the austin hatcher foundation the website hatcher hatcher foundation.we got a run to see becker today produced 12 now it get up get moving get some physical activity.

How do you d that yes, sometimes it's easier said than done, but computers here in june of course, with the ut extension agent's office.

It is always june's got an idea ho to help us out.

June you all have an event coming up called move around the region.

What is that why in week program geared for people all the care counties in a region sponsoring it.

Anybody can join in and will track their waiting for an emai link and you can get brand name.

If you and the lincoln you can register the why's it so for stay during the colder ... well you decreed in our long seasonal depression, along in the much and on different menta health plan cholesterol pressure.

She will wash you have a chance to really meet goodies here that you got placed along the counter what we have ... .

Some of the well you have to read a and 100 dollars and and long detonated for itching all across united and then people get to the gift card shop shopping and then they donated 20 accessory t-shirt.

We have thermal shopping bags full cooking.

We register and ... in the beautiful things june mentioned not only you have physical ... she will be emotional and the mental ... benefits of doing this and gets a really neat stuff.

Now the hard-core part of this moving around very going on november ninth through the fourteenth, and again you can sign up regardless of age.

June gives the website were folks can get in touch be easy tension in bradley hamilton stop by your office.

Strive june, you would always ... so much involved in schools around the region kicks off

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