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Saturday, March 6, 2021


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Good evening.

I'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 11.

Andrew has the night off.

Election day 20-20 is nearly here and, amid historic turnout numbers, both presidential candidates spent the day making their final pitch to swing-state voters, with a particular emphasis on pennsylvania.

Natalie brand has the details, as we cover the nation.

With election day just hours away, president trump and democratic presidential nominee joe biden are still out on the campaign trail.

"tomorrow, we can end the presidency that has divided this nation."

On monday, the two candidates fanned across five battleground states.

The president hit four states with five rallies.

"tomorrow, we are going to win this state - and we are going to win four more years in the white house!"

Joe biden began the day with an unexpected stop in cleveland before moving on to pennsylvania.

He was joined by lady gaga in pittsburgh.

"folks, i have a feeling we're coming together for a big win tomorrow!"

President trump also stopped in the keystone state.while in scrantonjoe-biden's birth-place, he acknowledged that he's trailing biden in several polls.

"i have foreign leaders calling me saying, are they serious?

I say one of them called me and said i see that you are down a little bit in a poll... i said, can you believe this could happen to me?"

President trump denied a report that said he plans to declare victory on tuesday night if he's ahead.

But with the president is also hinting at a legal fight... on twitter, the president referenced a recent ruling by the supreme court on counting mail- in ballots in pennsylvannia--cl aiming it will allow unchecked cheating.

And saying it will induce violence in the streets.... biden's running mate, senator kamala harris, accused the president of trying to undermine pennsylvania voters faith in their electoral system.

"he's doing it to distract from the fact that he actually has no record to run on."

More than 97-million people have already voted.

That's the biggest-ever early vote total - and nearly two-thirds of all the ballots that were cast in 2016.

Natalie brand, cbs news, washington.

Back here in tennessee, voters have numerous races to decide tomorrow, including the u-s senate.

News 12's dorothy sherman has more from the candidates.

Dorothy sherman: "as time dwindles down, u.s. senate candidates find themselves giving their final push before election day to encourage their voters to go to the polls."

Bill hagerty: "i'm feeling very good about where we're positioned for election day here, but i'm not taking anything for granted.

I'm getting out and working hard for every single vote i can earn here in tennessee."

Republican u.s. senate candidate bill hagerty spends monday in west tennessee then over to east tennessee campaigning with u.s. senator marsha blackburn.

U.s. sen.

Marsha blackburn: "we're making certain that every possible vote gets in that ballot box."

Hagerty beat out dr. sethi manny in the republican primary and was endorsed by president trump early on.

The businessman is former u.s. ambassador to japan in the trump administration.

Bill hagerty: "are we going to be for the freedoms that have made our nation the most exceptional nation in the world?

Are we going to allow to allow our nation to be pushed to socialism?

Tennesseans clearly are moving in the direction of freedom and opportunity.

That's what my message has been all about."

The democratic senate candidate running against hagerty is marquita bradshaw.

Bradshaw made a stop in chattanooga over the weekend.

She is an activist with an environmental justice background and has received endorsements for folks including bernie sanders and elizabeth warren.

Manager ken taylor: "most people thought that she didn't have a chance with that.

She definitely won that and i think even when she won the primary and moved into the general there was still a lot of people who said 'you know what, she can't win.'

But i think that her efforts, the strongest field game that this state has seen from a progressive and modern times that tennessee is a battle ground state.

Once again people are going to wake the day after election day to a huge surprise with marquita bradshaw being the winner."

The two are vying for republican senator lamar alexander's seat, who is not seeking re-election.

Dorothy sherman: "in hamilton county, dorothy sherman, news 12 now."

In the run up to tomorrow's presidential election, many are worried about the possibility of civil unrest.

But members of the national council on election integriy are warning that we might not find out who the winner of the election is, until days after.

Council member and former u-s representative zach wamp is urging candidates to not declare an early victory on election night.

He says it could ignite violence in many american cities.

"there's tremendous interest in this election, that's the good news.

The bad news is we're very tribal and there's almost a tinder box out there that could be ignited that we're concerned about, you know, violence."

The council will be holding optional daily meetings starting tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock eastern, on zoom.

With mounting concerns over the possibility of post-election violence, the georgia department of public safety issued a statement, saying, quote, "election time is always a heavy concern for the department of public safety, and it is even more concerning during these most recent times of civil unrest around the state.

A primary goal of d-p-s is the safety of those exercising their constitutional rights, whether it be during the election process or engaging in first amendment right activities."

"d-p-s has prevention and response measures in place for concerns of extremist violence.

D-p-s will not share those prevention and response measures in advance of the upcoming election, as it would compromise strategic planning, and the safety of the troopers and officers involved."

The georgia department of health is updating its protocols for isolation and quarantine, allowing people to vote in person on election day.

Georgia voters who are quarantining tomorrow can be at polling sites, but they're encouraged to take the proper steps to protect poll workers and fellow voters.

They include wearing a mask, staying six feet away from others, and frequently sanitizing and hand washing.

Officials say voting equipment will be sanitized throughout the day.

If you're considered a case, the health department says you should inform your registered polling location.

We want to make sure that the poll that you're going to knows that you a contact or a case so they can help facilitate your activities at the poll site themselves.

Georgia officials say you cannot be turned away from voting at any polling location, just because you're not wearing a mask.

Georgia officials say more than 400 thousand georgians requested their absentee ballots online.

And more than 100 thousand signed up for ballot tracking services for for updates on their absentee status.

Gabriel sterling explains what you can do if you have not received your absentee ballot yet.

Theres two things theycan do: they can wait for today, see if the ballot comes in, vote it and then drop it in the drop box but the main thing that they're probably going to have to do is go to their polling location, tell the poll worker and poll manager they need to cancel their ballot, get that caneled and then they'll be able to vote in person.

Sterling says data suggest about a 20 minute wait time at each polling location in georgia.

In tennessee, more than half of registered voters have already cast their ballots early in-person, or absentee by mail.

Secrety of state tre hargett suggests arriving at polling sites at non peak times, like mid-morning or afternoon.

Hargett also says polling sites will also follow c-d-c guidelines.

We are doing everything we can to make those polling sites safe and secure but we also ask voters to do their part.

We want voters to wear a face covering, we want them to social distance, be respectful of one another.

They're going to notice that election officials have done a great job of making it a clean environment and reducing the number of touch points so that voters can come in and not touch multiple things that other people have touched.

Hargett says you should contact your local election commission about voting sites that accommodate voters who have the coronavirus.

One of those locations in hamilton county, for those with the virus or quarantining, is at the election commission office.

It's at 700 river terminal road, and will be open from 8 to 8.

If you have covid-19, election officials recommend you call the number you see on your screen ahead of time, before coming in to vote.

The hamilton county sheriff's office is investigating a school bus crash on signal mountain this afternoon.

It happened around 4:30 in the 17-hundred block of timesville road.

Investigators say the bus and another car were taking a sharp curve, when they hit each other.

No one was hurt.

19 children were on board the hamilton county school bus.

No other information was released.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, tomorrow's storm team 12 forecast.

When we come back, we head across the state line to learn about how one school is taking the classroom outdoors.

It's another example of what's right with our schools.

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But scam artists are capitalizing on this new way to buy a car.

Kristine lazar explains, in our consumer news.

Facebook marketplace is where carolyn bui thought she found a great car for her son in college.

A 20-12 honda accord for just 2- thousand dollars.

"i was a little doubtful that a 2012 could be 2000 dollars."

But the seller told bui the car was discounted for a quick sale because her husband died and she was leaving for the military.

Bui asked to see the car, but was told it was in storage and would be delivered instead.

" i received another email from the ebay that the car is shipping to my son."

She received a contract that appeared to be run through ebay.

So bui sent the seller 2-thousand dollars in gift cards.

"i just really believed it was coming from ebay."

But the email was a fake and the whole thing turned out to be a scam.

The car never arrived and the gift cards were drained.

"if you paid via gift card or wire, it's unlikely you'll get your money back."

Steve mcfarland with the better business bureau has seen a rise in car delivery scam reports during the pandemic.

The b-b-b projects it will receive more than 450 complaints this year with those victims losing over 1 million dollars.

And that's just people they've heard from.... the group believes thousands of americans have been taken by the scam.

Experts say there are warnings signs to look for.

A car priced well below market value.

The seller says they are leaving for the military or there's been a death in the family.

Bui's scammer mentioned both.

They won't meet in person, often citing covid as the reason.

And the scammers ask to be paid via wire transfer or gift cards.

"and they want you to do this transaction very quickly."

Bui says after she was scammed she found the same ad but with a different seller's name back on facebook.

"i want people to see that this person is still out there scamming people."

Authorities say the con artists are often overseas... making it very difficult to catch them.

Kristine lazar, cbs news, los angeles.

We'll be right back.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

The titans have lost their last two games because their defense can't get off the field, and they can't pressure the quarterback.

The bengals joe burrow had been sacked 28 times this season, but the titans never sacked him in sunday's 31-20 loss.

When teams face third down against tennessee, they have the titans right where they want them.

The titans have the worst third down defense in the nfl.

And when teams get in the red zone against tennessee, 80 percent of the time, they score a touchdown every single time.

Reporter:"you've always said it's about the players when it's good, and it's about the coaches when it's bad.

Is that the case?"


Put it all on me paul.

I mean that's my job."

Vrabel decided in the off-season not to hire a defensive coordinator to replace dean pees.

It's now a committee approach.

Vrabel:"i guess that you guys are just assuming that we're in dissaray.

We all meet as a collaberative effort.

Just like it was last year."

Too bad the defense can't meet up in the offensive backfield.

The titans have only seven sacks this year.

And new pass rushers jadeveon clowney and vic beasley each have zero.

Reporter:"does vic beasley play with the level of effort that you've expected from every guy that you've brought through since you've been here?

Or does 9.5 million dollars and saving face dictate that he be out there on the field even if he doesn't."

Vrabel:"again he showed us in practice."

Reporter:"i'd rather know about games than practice mike."

Vrabel:"who has got the next follow up?"

The changes have started.

The titans cut former moc isaiah mack, and traded for chargers defensive back desmond king.

Vrabel:"a player that we felt like could help us and come in and play db.

Has been disruptive.

Has been an effective blitzer."

The s-e-c has fined florida coach dan mullen 25- thousand-dollars for violating the league's sportsmanship policy.

Following a brawl at the end of the first half between florida and missouri, mullen ran back on the field insighting the crowd.

The gators play rival georgia saturday.

Dawgs defensive back richard lecounte spent time in the i-c-u over the weekend after he was injured in a motorcycle crash saturday., but georgia coach kirby smart said monday that lecounte is no longer in the i- c-u.

Not many people expected the vols and arkansas to have the same 2-3 record heading into their match-up saturday.

The razorbacks had the worst defense in the s-e-c by far last year, but it's a different animal this season with a new staff, including a new coordinator.

Pruitt:"barry odom i think has done a fantastic job.

They've created a lot of different looks in the secondary.

Created a lot of turnovers.

I believe they lead the country in interceptions.

Very opportunistic there."

Howard's season is over after a positive covid test forced them to cancel their playoff opener.

Cosby had to cancel with meigs county because of covid, so the tigers have advanced to the second round.

The signal mountain girls won their third consecutive state soccer title monday, while east hamilton lost in their bid for a state championship.

That's it for sports.

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