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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Playoffs Round 1 Part 1

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Playoffs Round 1 Part 1
Playoffs Round 1 Part 1
Scores and highlights

Its round one of the playoffs, you don't wanna see me, you want to see some football, lets get striaght to the highlights.

Starting off the first round of playoffs and the game of the week is the james clemens jets hosting the hewitt- trussville huskies huskies start with the ball but are quickly taken down on a run by jets ryan creehan huskies qb cade ott carruth with the snap and a deep pass to a wide open sean jackson who takes it all the way into the endzone to put the first points on the board with the huskies leading 6 to 0 jets have to punt on 4th down and it is recieved by huskies sam washington iii who weaves around the jets defense and runs straight past the rest all the way down the field and into the endzone for another touchdown for the huskies huskies on the 40 yard line going in and run a trick play that confuses the camera man as much as the defense as connor thomas takes it down the sideline and into the endzone for one more touchdown before half hewitt trussville takes it over james clemens 55 - 12 its the first round of playoffs and the homewood patriots travel over to athens to take on the golden eagles.

In the first drive of the game patriots qb brode susce throws a pass to the reciever but it is intercepted by golden eagle tylin suggs giving them ball close to the red zone right on the one yard line the ball goes to golden eagles jaylen gilbert as he shoves it past the line of scrimamge and into the endzone for the first touch down of the night to put 7 points on the board patriots susce with the ball again and this time the pass goes deep and into the endzone where randall irvine is able to catch it and give the patriots their first touchdown to tie up the game 7 to 7 homewood 34 athens 31 homewood secures the victory over athens 34-31 to madison academy we go where the mustangs are taking on the dora bulldogs... active first half.

Mustangs up 14-7 bulldogs knocking on the goal line's door qb gonna keep this one..

Garrett hogland makes the right call runs righ tot us there.

Dora ties it up.

Kendrick rogers jr is going to make sure madison academy gets back out in front... he takes the kick off... nearly for a touchdown.

Mustangs in the red zone... it's williams stokes who punches it in... madison academy back up 21-14..

Mustangs move on... 49-14 final.

Anchor intro: mars hill has a lot to cheer about they're up 21 to nothing in the first half.

Mars hill ball- qb griffin handson hands it off to justice mcdaniel and he takes it right down the sideline and makes it look like a breeze to the endzone for a touchdown.

Panthers now up 28 to 0.

Lamar county ball- qb braxton hathcock looks for someone open and goes to make a pass but the ball is batted down by panthers sam williams. lamar count 18 mars hill 63 panthers cruise into round two.

Tonight at madison county, a toss up between two evenly matched teams. the tigers took on oneota's redskins and defense was in the wings ready to go from the jump.

You could feel how much neither team was willing to give up any ground, trying to get further in the playoff one sack at a time.

After redskins went up two touchdowns early, madison county put up a relatively conservative offense.

But good news, it worked!

Qb ramiro towers doesen't like his options and says "if you want something done right, do it yourself".

He goes airborne and tumbles right into the endzone.

Extra point after this and that's 7 for the tigersit was down to the wire.

Ultimately- onenota wins 27 to 24.

Muscle shoals- 7 mountain brook- 38 final hayden-3 guntersville-62 final lawrence county- 20 ramsay- 56 final fairfield- 20 ramsay-56 final boaz-14 leeds-41 final we'll


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