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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Storm Eta lashes Cuba, brings rains to Florida

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Storm Eta lashes Cuba, brings rains to Florida
Storm Eta lashes Cuba, brings rains to Florida

Tropical storm Eta pounded central Cuba with torrential rain on Sunday, bursting the banks of rivers and causing flash flooding as it churns its way to the Florida keys.

Gloria Tso reports.

As tropical storm Eta churns its way to the Florida Keys, it lashed central Cuba with torrential rains on Sunday (November 8).

State-run media showed video of locals wading knee-deep through flooded streets, and damaged homes sitting submerged.

Tens of thousands were evacuated ahead of Eta's landfall early Sunday after the storm killed dozens in flooding and landslides across Central America over the weekend.

In Guatemala, rescue workers clambered over treacherous roads buried in mud and rubble -- to reach stranded residents in a remote mountain village.

Gloria Cac was one of them: "I lost my mom, I lost my dad, brothers.

Twenty two members of my family died.

I'm the only survivor." And in Honduras, around a million people have been displaced by high winds and heavy rains, according to local officials.

Residents like Francisco Rodriguez were forced to take cover in shelters.

"The river overflowed and flooded the houses of 25 families and many more.

We lost all our belongings in the flood, we are adrift with nothing." The U.S. National Hurricane Center says waves of heavy rain are now spreading across South Florida and the Florida Keys, and has issued a hurricane and storm surge warning for the region.


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