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Monday, January 25, 2021

Andrew Harrison

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Andrew Harrison
Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison talks about his bout with Covid-19 that has kept him away from the anchor desk for the last 3 weeks.

Many of you have probably been wondering where my co- anchor, andrew harrison, has been over these past three weeks.

No, i didn't scare him off - i don't think.

He's been dealing with something worse - the coronavirus.

The good news is, he's joining us on the show tonight.

First of all, how are you?

How are you feeling?

As covid case surge across the area, there is still a lot we patrick core >> it's gonna take some muscle weakness in the ver next morning was tuesday morning i went to the doctor and got one rapid sure not back positive cobra 19 so i just took it easy total isolation for 10 days a lot television and sleeping like gatorade and then about a week later i just illustrates only returning and was such a good feeling ... to be the menu bar i can share several liens cannot be dealing with the sentencing anymore you your symptoms are mild in any energy i think has your pretty active here and going to begin almost every day for that and really weird feeling i being able to even left at checking anger is as good as it was all that is will you start you to type these lines that will stop the house at all the walls after a while it is frustrating it takes a long time to get over the long you just resume your life as normal again as part of august post important not to have the bad symptoms is to do the right things take away from everybody and do your very best not get anybody else and what is your advice for anyone who does happen to delegate the virus even after trying to take that proper precautions as was doing the consumer is tedious sneak i there on your don't beat yourself up don't feel guilty you didn't do anything wrong you can save from their isolation so ... do what you cannot get anybody else it will be back to the lan of


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