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Friday, January 22, 2021

Friday Night Football Round 2 Part 2

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Friday Night Football Round 2 Part 2
Friday Night Football Round 2 Part 2
Scores and higlights

Ok ok we've already paid a trip to fyffe but lets go back out to the corner of our state to higdon... where north sand mountain is hosting addison.

Out in jackson county it's the 2-a region champs north sand mountain hosting addison.... in the first its fernando luna on the carry -- he makes a few nice cuts as he bring the ball near midfield to get the bison rolling early.

Just a few plays later -- quarterback lake bell fakes the handoff and waits for jakob kirby to get free before hitting him to set up a first and goal for the bison... then bell decides he can handles this one himself -- finds a hole and he's in for six -- north sand mountain is on the board first... now its the bulldogs turn -- christian roberts taking this one -- it doesn't look like much but it's good enough for a first down... later in the drive -- addison facing a third down and its roberts again -- he can't convert this time...the bison would force a turnover on downs the next play..

North sand mountain survives and advances 32-24.

Tonight the pickens county tornados traveled to take on the decatur heritage eagles for round 2 of playoffs eagles qb brayden kyle takes the ball down the field but is taken down byt the tornados but the ball is knocked loose and recovered by tornados jaylon jones to give them the ball tornados qb javion belle with the snap and the pass is caught by kajevion byrd he takes the ball and weaves through the defense and all the way into the endzone for a tornado touchdown following up the snap is high but the two point conversion is good putting pickens county up 28 to 0 belle with the ball againa nd the pass goes deep down the field and its recieved by jacoris barnes in the endzone with no one near him for another tornado touchdown pickens county moves on to the next round with a 48-28 win over decatur heritage.

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