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Monday, January 18, 2021

Restaurants, gyms “roll with the punches” as 2-week freeze approaches

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Restaurants, gyms “roll with the punches” as 2-week freeze approaches
Restaurants, gyms “roll with the punches” as 2-week freeze approaches

The two-week freeze begins Wednesday and lasts until December 2.

However, for some counties, the freeze will most likely be extended even longer.

Reported 34.

The past 10 days have been oregon's ten highest daily case counts yet -- averaging 910 cases per day.

Thats why -- governor brown put the entire state on a*two week freeze -- starting on wednesday.

Some of the biggest takeaways are -- restaurants and bars will have takeout orders*only.

And several other businesses like gyms -- have closed entirely.

For all that 20-20 has brought restaurant and gym owners -- this is*definitely not the news they wanted to hear.

These new restrictions come just before the holidays -- and now -- many employees will soon be out of a job.

As kezi 9 news reporter kennedy dendy shows us -- this*could*be what shuts some of them down -- for*good.

Coty: "we have members who are also uncertain and want answers that we don't have."

Sherri: "whatever it takes...i just want us to get back to a sense of normalcy."

It's a two week freeze that could absolutely*shutter local businesses who continue to be hit hard by the pandemic.

Catherine: "it's stressful.

It takes a lot of time and energy to decide how to operate, how to move forward, how to provide a safe space for our members."

Catherine richardson -- owns fitness 1440 in eugene -- with her sister coty.

They're worried this freeze will cause them to close their doors for good.

Catherine: "just going through closures has set us behind in a lot of bills we pay every month."

For the gym, the road ahead is uncertain--to say the least.

Coty: "we've powered through it, and we will continue to power through it.

That's just our mentality and that's who we are."

Bridge: unlike the 2- week pause that many oregon counties had to face, this 2-week freeze applies to all oregonians.

Sherri: "i've really just had to roll with the punches."

Park street cafe in eugene was forced to shut down in march until given the green light to reopen.

Sherri: "i just want covid to go away.

So if having everyone stay home for 2 weeks, i'd like to believe that i think that will solve some problems but im not sure."

Recently -- they haven't had many people dine-in.

She wants to stress the importance of supporting your local businesses right now.

Sherri: "whenever you can, place an order through the restaurant and go pick it up."

The oregon restaurant and lodging association says that these new restrictions will most likely cause numerous restauarnts to close permanently.

Reporting in eugene kennedy dendy kezi 9 news some of the other new restrictions include -- social gatherings being limited to six people -- from*no more than two households.

Grocery stores and retailers must limit*capacity --- churches have to limit*attendance -- businesses need to mandate working from home as*much as possible.

And*indoor visits at long term care


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