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Monday, January 25, 2021

Iowa couple shares their story of surviving Covid-19

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Iowa couple shares their story of surviving Covid-19
Iowa couple shares their story of surviving Covid-19
Ten days in the hospital. We're hearing a Covid-19 survivor's story.

Tonight we're hearing from a man who spent 10 days in the hospital ... fighting off covid?


Kimt news three's nick kruszalnicki joins us live from mason city with his story.


George and katie ?

"* it all started with a slight cough for ken andrews and a few days later things got worse, ken was taken here to mercy one north iowa, where he required treatment to fight off the coronavirus.

Ken andrews and his wife both contracted covid?

"*19 towards the end of september.

Her symptoms were mild ?

"* but kens were more severe ?

"* and his health continued to deteriorate.

"they put me in the emergency room.

My oxygen was down to 77 percent."

Ken says the hospital stay was lonely without his wife and family, but the mercy one staff were excellent at keeping his spirits up.

"they were so encouraging, so positive and they always were telling me i was doing good.

Always encouraging me to more and what i could do best to get my oxygen level up."

Andrews spent ten days in the hospital battling the virus, which took a toll on his body.

"i lost 30 pounds during this ordeal and i gained 18 back so far, thanks to my wife's cooking and she's taking excellent care of me."

Several months later ?

"* the lingering effects of the virus still make every day tasks a little bit harder for ken.

"i still get tired after i do things.

If i'm working outside i do get tired a lot quicker than i used to."

Andrews says covid?

"*19 is no joke.

He and his wife have decided to stick to themselves this thanksgiving ?

"* and not host family from out of town.

"i would encourage people not to get together for thanksgiving when andrews was in the hospital ?

"* he was able to spend some time with his wife on her birthday ?

"* with a facetime call.

Live in mason city, nick kruszalnicki, kimt news 3.

Thanks nick.

Andrews also said he encourages everyone out there to take covid seriously ?

"* and keep


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