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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Boys & Girls Club of Fort Wayne going to solar power

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Boys & Girls Club of Fort Wayne going to solar power
Boys & Girls Club of Fort Wayne going to solar power

The Boys & Girls Club of Fort Wayne is now the largest solar energy powered system in the City of Fort Wayne, thanks to the 216 solar panels that now sits on their roof, collecting energy.

The pandemic.

The boys and girls club here in fort wayne will now be able to do more for kids in our comm all thanks to the sun, and a bit of money from caleb ox 55 saylor is live outside the boys and girls club and has the etails from today announcement.the boys & girls club fort wayne is now home to the largest solar panel energy system in the city after teaming up with a local renewable energy company.

Boys and girls club says a 140- thousand dollar grant from i&m will go a long way in helping build up the young kids in our community.

216 solar panels on top of the boys and girls club fort wayne building will help deliver a portion of the energy needed to run the building.

Joe jordan with the boys & girls club say think dn something like this was possible for the building, but says the right move for the future and sets a good example for the next generation.

S we look at environment and the things we have done, and have not done, that caused our environment to be in kind of jeopardy.

I thought that it was just the right project.

To te saving t, they up to 40% on the electricity bill.

Doug ahlfeld with renewable energy systems in avilla approached jordan about the idea to go after the i&m grant.

He says their ultimate goal is to double the club savings e looking at the benefactors who normally serve with boys & girls club to expand this in the future so they can do up to ninety to ninety five percent of their bill using solar.

Jordan says that savings will go right back into the community they serve.

Tility costs is a huge for any entity, particularly a building of forty three thousand square foot size, so this cost savings will help us focus more of our finances towards kids, towards programming, towards making sure that we are enhancing the pportunity to build kids.,3 ?the program will also have an education component to it, giving kids the chance to learn about how solar energy works and mayor henry was on hand this afternoon and mentioned how he wants to try and do what boys & girls club has done, to try and move government buildings to renewable energy.

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