Revitalization of Foster Park Virtual Auction

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Revitalization of Foster Park Virtual Auction
Revitalization of Foster Park Virtual Auction

We have.

Some artwork from victoria lane.

We have lots of gift baskets from.

Agave we have can't cookers from you no new news and science.

At here we go somewhere sports jerseys we have this wonderful fiddle.

From charlie daniels.

View sign sign authenticate we have lots of artwork.

We have a- a football back there for me well u.


Football cutting boards.

More jerseys.

And then we have you know lots more gift basket in.

Your cards.

Yes i know it.

We have this beautiful palace on.

Right it's a wonderful and then i mean of course your voice.

Yeah and then we have- one more jersey here these beautiful chairs and table came from sunrise coffee.

Beautiful all.

We have a customer a- yes.

Well the importance of it is that right now that part is the heart of youngsville and it needs to work it needs work you know there's children that are going over there and playing.

And we really.

Need to bring the equipment to children with dissidia dog area which- we need.

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