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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Chico Unified School District to discuss possible change in learning model

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Chico Unified School District to discuss possible change in learning model
Chico Unified School District to discuss possible change in learning model

The Chico Unified School District will meet Wednesday night, among the topics are how to move forward after Butte County landed back in the purple tier.

Whatever the district decides... it*wil* have impacts for hundreds of families.

Action news now reporter kristian lopez is live in chico... to share one story of struggle.

I spoke with a parent here at shasta elementary school who says her first grader hasn't been able to experience a regular school year - first he was impacted by the camp fire and now the pandemic.... nats footsteps for a month now, first grader - william henderson has been adjusting to his new school schedule at shasta elementary.

But could that change?

Nats walking into classroom... it's up to school officials to decide if kids will be able to continue with their split schedule or return to online only.

Briana henderson/ william's mom: it's not fair to the kids, they don't deserve that.

William's mom briana says the last few months have felt like a rollercoaster.

Briana: they don't deserve to have their school career affected, especially for kids like him that were impacted by the fire and now the coronavirus.

He goes to school at 8 am and he says they don't get to do much because he's in first grade and there's a lot of messing around and the teachers have to remind them to sit down and stop playing just like they should at that age, and he's out at 10:30 so it's a lot of rushing.

Nats of teacher saying bye to student henderson has to go into work early to be able to pick her son up and take him to childcare.

Briana: it's pointless to take them to school for two hours it's more detrimental for our lives and our jobs.

In his case he goes to the boys and girls club, they try to help him with his school work but they are not teachers they did not go to school to be teachers so they do what they can but it's not enough for him.

Briana: if i didn't have boys and girls club i wouldn't have childcare and i would have to quit my job.

Kids deserve to have a good education because they are going to be the government when we are old."

The school board will be meeting tonight at 6 and even if there is a change made to the learning model in chico, school officials tell me it would not take effect until after thanksgiving break.

The school board meeting will be livestreamed we have a link on our website action news now dot com just click on


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